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We help organisations stay ahead of competition by making it easy to incorporate feedback into every product decision, prioritise product features, and build a data-driven product roadmap - all on a single platform. Read More

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Qualtrics makes understanding what your customers really want simple and repeatable:


Measure & Baseline

Measure and baseline product experience from target customer segments throughout the entire product lifecycle.


prioritise & Predict

prioritise and Predict key drivers of product experiences, including product designs, feature preferences, messaging effectiveness, promotions, pricing, etc.


Act & Optimise

Track product experience against baselines and competition to identify where to invest for continuous product improvements, new market opportunities, brand extensions and new product offerings

Product feedback at every stage of the lifecycle

From concept testing to pricing research to user experience, only Qualtrics delivers the professional grade power you need to capture feedback at every stage of development and allocate your product resources with confidence.

Product prioritisation. Automatically.

Spend less time programming regression variables and more time innovating. Qualtrics predictive intelligence technology eliminates tedious manual analysis and helps you identify trending feature ideas, prioritise key product features and build a data-driven product roadmap.

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Advanced statistics

Qualtrics automatically relates dozens of variables and identifies statistically significant relationships so you know which product features drive willingness to pay, repeat purchase, purchase frequency, etc. so you can build a data-driven product roadmap.

Product regression

Qualtrics helps you make the right changes to your products by automatically prioritising product experience drivers such as key features, price, product quality, service, etc, so you know where to focus your product efforts and investments.

Intelligent text

Oftentimes, the deepest insights about what people love - or hate - come from open text responses in their own words. Qualtrics automatically suggests trending topics about your product and assigns sentiment scores to each comment so you can sort through positive and negative comments with a single click.

Product feedback in the digital age

Digital has changed all aspects of business. From how companies engage with customers to how they design and deliver products. We have all witnessed the digitisation of videos, books, and music. Now, we’re witnessing companies digitise new parts of their business by building “internet of things” connectivity directly inside their products. Measuring, understanding, and improving products in today’s digital age is harder than ever. Fortunately, Qualtrics provides the ability to target the right users in the right moments so you can glean the insights you need to engage your users and optimise their in-product experiences.

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Optimise the in-app experience with targeted forms built to match your exact look and feel of your app and engage users based on your specific criteria
Leverage 100+ question types, embedded data, advanced branching and display logic, quotas, email triggers, and every advanced feature you need
  • Understand and improve the website experience with sophisticated digital targeting using over 20 behavioural, location, and device variables
  • Instantly conduct website usability testing with intuitive forms that allow users to experience your site and provide immediate insight
  • Build a multi-dimensional view of online preferences and activity by combining customer feedback with website behaviour and account detail

Building and managing your respondent panel: Easy

Product feedback can lead you down the wrong path if you get it from the wrong people. However, getting targeted and relevant feedback from the right people, at the right time can be slow, laborious, and extremely expensive. Fortunately, Qualtrics makes it easy to build and manage your own respondent panel of exactly who you want so you can get deep, rich product feedback fast.

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Start building rich profiles in a database that you own and that's as easy to use as email.
  • Target the right respondents for your product based on profile information, past survey responses, and key statistics.
  • Control contact frequency and manage global opt-outs.
  • Manage incentives automatically by delivering incentives as panel members earn them.
  • Capture niche audiences with full-service targeted panels.

Analyse and share product insights the minute you get them

To truly improve product experience requires ubiquitous access to product feedback and ensuring the right insights get to the right people at the right time. It takes collaboration and compelling evidence to convince executives to make critical product investments. So whether you are recommending improving product features, changing price, or increasing support hours, Qualtrics best-in-class reporting makes it easy to collaborate and share brand insights across the organisation.

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  • Create, share, and collaborate on custom online reports with your engineering, product, marketing, and sales teams all at the same time.
  • Schedule reports to be automatically sent to peers, clients, managers, and others.
Easily format and customise beautiful graphs and charts in just a few clicks—all from within the platform and with drag and drop ease.

Improving the Product ExperienceTM for more than 9,000 brands

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Qualtrics Product ExperienceTM is the difference between success and failure. It’s just that simple.

Being a SaaS company, we’re constantly developing our product by adding in new features. Before Qualtrics, decisions around what features to develop next were made internally based on what we thought was most valuable to our customers. This was not an ideal scenario since new product features should meet the needs of customers. With Qualtrics, we’re able to make data-driven decisions based on real-time customer feedback. The feedback we’ve received has resulted in drastic improvements, including changes to 60% of our product development roadmap. In some cases, what we thought were desirable features turned out to be the least requested. We’re now able to give customers a voice and act on customer insights to improve business operations and increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

Welcome to the Experience Management PlatformTM

Four applications to manage the four key experiences of business

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