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Identify and close digital experience gaps

Increase conversions and reduce cost-to-serve by monitoring and acting on every digital movement your customers make while maintaining customer privacy.


Deepen understanding and enable empathy at scale

Turn every visitor session into an opportunity to improve the customer experience – without asking a single question.

  • Watch replays of visitor sessions to identify the root cause of frustrations, errors, and negative trending engagement metrics
  • Enrich customer profiles with digital behavior data for deeper insights and downstream actioning
  • Supplement survey data by monitoring digital behavior and identifying friction points


Quantify business impact of digital friction

Visualise behavioral, experiential, and operational data to see the full picture of online user behavior and customer sentiment and understand how it affects your bottom line.

  • Uncover issues and opportunities by combining your experience data with third-party operational data – like Google and Adobe Analytics – all on a single dashboard
  • Improve customer acquisition and conversion rates with a macro-level view of customer behavior across your digital properties


Three steps to turn CX insights into business impact

We’ll walk you through a three-step process to investigate, collaborate, and validate what the 2024 consumer trends mean for your business – and outline what to do next to truly transform your customer experience.


Give your customers peace of mind

Put your customers in control with the ability for them to opt-out of session recordings if personally identifiable information (PII) is captured.

  • Automatically hide or remove PII data points from being recorded and delete session recordings at any time
  • Qualtrics Digital Experience Analytics is GDPR and Fedramp certified with data hosted in data centres in your region and country

Upgrade your programs simply with flexible, scalable pricing plans

More about digital experience analytics

Digital experience analytics is a tool used to understand consumer behavior, intent and sentiment across any digital property and generating insights that digital teams can act upon. It’s about gathering quantifiable data on what consumers want and what will generate the greatest ROI.

Learn more about measuring customer and digital experience.

Digital experience analytics tools often complement web and product analytics tools, and provide diagnostic insights into visitor activity on web and mobile apps. They include advanced analytics, session replays and heat map technology, helping brands to improve digital experiences and journeys.

Session replay is the technology that enables brands to visually reproduce a visitor’s journey on websites and mobile applications. With this visualisation, brands can capture behavioral heuristics (like rage and dead clicks) to understand the “what” and the “why” of customer behavior on digital channels.