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Better the in-person experience.
Better the return.

From your first location to your 101st, create an exceptional in-person experience every time and reap the rewards. Because we all want more revenue and lasting loyalty. XM for Frontline Locations helps you capture and analyse location-level insights, empowering your teams to tailor experiences that build loyalty in every store, simultaneously.

Frontline location ticket customer service


Understand and manage your online reputation

Build consistent brand perceptions and experiences by easily and publicly closing the loop on reviews directly in your dashboard with AI-generated responses.

  • AI response suggestions help your team quickly resolve issues, freeing them to build stronger relationships
  • Boost customer happiness with personalised, emotionally attuned support for thoughtful, unique interactions
  • AI streamlines feedback handling, speeding up ticket resolution and online response times to meet customer expectations
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frontline feedback

Optimise employee coaching to deliver world-class customer service

Turn your frontline teams into CX champions by creating a culture of empowerment and recognition.

  • Surface insights from location-specific feedback so local teams understand drivers of loyalty and churn
  • Understand the connection between local team engagement and customer satisfaction and prioritise what action to take via CrossXM
  • Enable managers to deliver CX improvements at scale with a personalised dashboard – track local performance, coach your teams and reward employees instantly
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Design breakthrough customer experiences
in location-based businesses

Learn how to understand how each channel impacts the experience your customers have. Design experiences that go beyond just the physical location to drive footfall, loyalty, and revenue with our 3-step guide to implementing a world-class customer experience program for location-based businesses.

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Proactive Service Recovery

Turn negative feedback
into customer loyalty

Empower your frontline teams to make every location experience seamless.

  • Deliver real-time product and services insights directly to local teams. Use your mobile app so team members can personally follow up and pre-empt problems for customers before they become an issue
  • Diagnose the root cause of problems with advanced AI and natural language processing. You’ll get AI that detects human sentiment, effort, and intent from every interaction
  • Automatically surface emerging trends at an individual location. Predict problems and proactively make improvements before customers churn
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Customer Journey optimisation

Create a seamless customer experience

Moving between digital and in-person experiences need to be seamless. Connect your experience, operational and behavioral data to a complete view of your customer journey – no matter how complex – for an individual customer, by segment, or across all of your customers.

Use these insights to curate dynamic customer profiles, and craft personalised, connected experiences that meet customer needs—and increase loyalty and spend.

  • Understand how every customer interaction impacts overall customer satisfaction and frequency of return
  • Identify loyalty drivers and churn indicators across all segments
  • Maximise the touchpoints in the customer journey that have the highest impact on your business
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Upgrade your programs simply with flexible, scalable pricing plans

More about location based experience

The in-store, retail customer experience refers to the overall atmosphere, interactions, and sensory elements that customers encounter while visiting a physical retail location. It encompasses factors such as store layout, visual merchandising, product availability, customer service, and the overall ambiance. The goal is to create a positive and engaging environment that enhances the customer's shopping journey, encourages purchases, and fosters a sense of connection with the brand or retailer.

In-person customer experience refers to the interactions and overall impression a customer has when engaging with a business or brand in a physical setting, such as a retail store, restaurant, or office. It encompasses all aspects of the customer's experience, including the physical environment, staff interactions, product or service presentation, and the overall atmosphere. In-person customer experience focuses on creating positive and memorable encounters that meet or exceed customer expectations, foster customer satisfaction and loyalty, and contribute to the overall brand perception. It involves aspects such as personalised service, attentive staff, efficient operations, and a welcoming and comfortable environment.