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    In just one year, Qualtrics has helped us to make huge improvements in customer satisfaction. Our NPS improvements are through the ceiling because now our customer service staff feel responsible for the customer's experience.


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    Customer Care Impact Calculator

    Input a few details about your operations to calculate the impact that going from customer care to customer experience can have on your company


    Tell us about your operations

    Tell us a few details about your contact center operations


    Discover the value of improving customer care

    Tell us how much you’re looking to improve across these key areas below.


    Your value from improving customer experience

    Based on industry averages and results we’ve seen with other customers, here’s what you might be able to save by focusing on experience over a 18-24 month period


    Impact of operational improvements


    Staff training efficiency impact


    Total impact

    The numbers above give an indication as to how contact center efficiencies can help you to deliver a better experience throughout the business – for customers, employees and product too.

    Please note: Qualtrics does not take responsibility for your savings outlined in the Customer Care Calculator. The numbers given in the Customer Care Calculator are estimates only and not guaranteed. Qualtrics does not save or retain any data from this form.

    Join a consultation call with one of our customer care experts to understand how experience management could work in your contact centre.

    Your CX Journey Assessment

    By understanding how mature your CX program is, you can take steps to bring it to the next level. Take the CX Program Maturity Assessment now.

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    Dealing with a crisis you couldn’t plan for

    Many Customer Care Centers are not ready to deal with a surge in demand. Would you be able to cope? How do you know? Take the following steps to make sure customers don’t suffer.

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    Take action with CustomerXM

    Check out how CustomerXM can help you deliver meaningful experiences that increase customer loyalty, spend – and elevate the whole business.

    Unlock the value of your customer experience data

    Diagnose the health of your customer relationships, identify root causes of broken experiences, and inform macro-level focus areas that can serve as the foundation for your XM program. With actionable insights and clear, prescriptive direction, you’ll know exactly where to focus your efforts to maximize business impact.

    Deliver digital experiences with impact

    Capture customer feedback across any digital touchpoint, automatically apply intelligent analytics and take immediate actions to turn insights into results.

    From understanding website or app user experience to improving conversion and optimizing digital marketing and support content, CustomerXM for Digital is your single system of action for every digital interaction.

    Turn customer contact into customer loyalty

    Transform your contact center and field services into an experience that delights customers, reduces the cost to serve, and retains top talent.

    Stay connected with the voice of your customers on inbound and outbound calls, IVR surveys, voice-activated devices, chatbots, and social messengers, and bring it all together alongside your operational data into a single system of action.

    Get started with your personalised 1:1 consultation

    Complete the form to get in touch with one of our experts to see our XM platform in action. We’ll show you how you can use Qualtrics to build a culture of action of continuously hunting down and eliminating poor experiences across your line of business.