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MainStage Keynotes

Driving Cultural Change to Re-imagine the UPS Brand

Kevin_Warren// CMO, UPS

Creating Emotional Connections One Experience at a Time

Ed_Bastian// CEO, Delta Airlines

Thriving in Disruption — Re-imagining the Future of Work for Everyone

Cheryl_Grise// Head of Americas Industry, EY

Surviving and Thriving After the Great Reset

Johnny_Taylor// CEO, SHRM

Helping Clients Become the Next Best Version of Themselves

Jill_Kramer// Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Accenture

Winning on Fan Experience at The Utah Jazz

Ryan_Smith// Owner, Utah Jazz

Making Business More Human

Zig_Serrafin// CEO, Qualtrics

XM Platform: How AI is powering XM for the Frontlines

Brad_Anderson// President of Products + Services, Qualtrics

On-demand Breakout Sessions

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HR 3.0:What to Prepare for Next

Shannon_Costigan // Head, Culture, Leadership & Enterprise Development, Bank of Montreal

David_Futrell // Senior Director, Organizational Performance, Walmart

Donald_Roach // Vice President, Understanding What Matters, Liberty Mutual

Dr. Steve_Hunt // Chief Expert, Technology & Work, SAP SuccessFactors

Learn from HR leaders from some of the world’s top employers for a 50-minute discussion into what comes next for them, their employees, and how they work. They’ll open up about their approaches to the future of work as well as look to what’s on the horizon beyond 2023.

A New Operating Model for Customer Care

Rob_Swain // Global Chief Operating Officer, KFC

Kate_Hodgins // Product Marketing Manager, Qualtrics

Shivani_Parikh // Product Marketing Manager, Qualtrics

Fabrice_Martin // Chief Product Officer, Qualtrics

Manisha_Powar // Director of Product Management, Qualtrics

Explore the new innovations and operating models that are helping companies make their frontline teams a key tool in keeping customers happy, and hear how KFC is tuning in to what customers are saying and using actionable insights to empower their frontline teams.

Creating More Human Customer Experiences

Roel_de Vries // Chief Executive, Manchester City

Scott_Cutler // CEO, StockX

Michel_Feaster // Director of Product Marketing, Qualtrics

Allison_Windon // Head of CX Solution Strategy, Qualtrics

Uncover the new innovations helping companies reduce their cost of acquisition, engage customers at every stage in the journey, and reduce churn through world-class support. Plus, hear from StockX CEO Scott Cutler, and Manchester City's Chief Executive Roel De Vries about how they're using XM to grow their brands.

The Challenges & Technologies Redefining Employee Experience in 2023

Karl_Niemann // VP Human Resources, Kroger

Whitney_Eichinger// Senior VP of Culture & Communiactions, Southwest Airlines

Julia_Anas // Chief People Officer, Qualtrics

Wojtek_Kubik // Head of Product Management, Qualtrics

Farren_Roper// Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Qualtrics

From the greatest challenges to the technologies transforming employee experience in 2023, learn from our EX leaders as they highlight the way forward, and hear how HR leaders at Southwest Airlines and Kroger are redefining employee experiences.

Getting Closer to Your Customers in 2023

Greg_Dzurik // VP, Marketing & Innovation Strategy, Yum! Brands

Jess_Skelton-Oliveros // Head of Product Marketing, Research & Brand, Qualtrics

Jill_Larson // Chief Product Officer, Qualtrics

Ali_Henriques // Head of US Research Experts, Qualtrics

See the new technologies and new approaches for research that will help you get closer to your customers, and design new experiences to drive growth beyond 2023, plus hear how Yum! Brands are taking a fresh approach to research to tackle the 'inspiration recession' to uncover what consumers need next.

Steering Your Brand Through Uncertainty

Charlie_Frankievich // Directory Consumer Insights, Shake Shack

Melody_Wu // User Research Manager, Qualtrics

Ruth_Moss // Director, BX Solution Strategy, Qualtrics

Frank_Zinni, Ph.D // Principal XM Scientist, Qualtrics

Hear from the Qualtrics Brand Experience team how a new approach to brand management can help you quickly seize new opportunities and respond efficiently to changing market conditions, plus hear how Shake Shack is using insights to expand its footprint acros the country.

The Power of Human Connection in Digital

Christina_Sansone// VP CX Transformation, Dish

Gerry_Gaerlan// Senior Vice President | CX/EX Systems Leader, US Bank

Sachin_Goregaoker// Director, Product Management, Qualtrics

Ray_Gerber// Distinguished Researcher, XM Science, Qualtrics

LiLi_Wong// Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Qualtrics

In these trying times, all eyes are on digital leaders to be their company’s saviors. During this session, Qualtrics' digital experience experts will be joined by leaders from Dish, U.S. Bank, and more to explore how you can deliver more human experiences at scale.

Reimagining Careers at Coca-Cola

Tapaswee_Chandele // Global VP, Talent + Development, Coca-Cola

Keeping an eye on the future of work and a listening ear to the pulse of their organization, hear how Coca-Cola created a vision for multidirectional career growth that empowers their workforce to create unique careers and make their business future-ready.

Adding Color to Critical Decisions

Andrea_Hutson // Senior Manager, Consumer Insights, Crayola

Go behind the scenes of two of the brand’s most successful product launches— Colors of the World and Color Chemistry — to hear how Crayola puts kids’ and parents’ experience at the heart of its mission to unlock creativity for every child.

Storytelling with Data

JD_Schramm // Author, Communicate with Mastery, JD SCHRAMM COMMUNICATIONS

Join research guru and TED Talk veteran JD Schramm as he uncovers how you can drive action in your organization using data. He'll explore how tailoring your research to your audience can help drive action at every level of the organization.

Happy Employees. Happy Customers. Even Happier CFO.

Leonie_Brown // XM Advisor, Qualtrics

Cecelia_Herbert // Principal XM Catalyst, XM Institute

It’s no secret that a more engaged frontline means a better customer experience, but most companies struggle to realize the true value of a combined approach. We’ll explain how to connect the dots, so you can keep your employees engaged and customers happy for maximum impact on the bottom line.

Designing Digital Experiences that Resonate at a Human Level

Juliana_Holterhaus, Ph.D // XM Advisor, Qualtrics

Isabelle_Zdatny // XM Catalyst, XM Institute

In the rush to digitize everything and drive operational efficiency, many companies are creating digital experiences that don't really resonate with or meet the expectations of those they serve. We'll unveil our latest research to give you the lowdown on what your consumers want and how digital leaders are meeting the challenge.

Listening Beyond Employee Surveys

Antonio_Pangallo // XM Advisor, Qualtrics

Matthew_Evans // XM Advisor, Qualtrics

Your engagement surveys tell you what your people think – but how do they really feel? Learn how to uncover a new approach to employee listening that builds on your employee surveys, and brings in new data sources that help you get ahead of issues, and take action before start walking out the door.

The CX Goldmine Hidden in Your Contact Center

Shorit_Ghosh// XM Advisor, Qualtrics

Make sense of mountains of data collected in the contact center to deliver breakthrough results in every corner of the organization. We'll show you how to make the most of every call, chat, text and email, and automatically share out real-time insights with every team and department to level up the experience for customers across the board.

Balancing Bandwidth in the Contact Center

Ellen_Loeshelle // Director, Product Management, Qualtrics

Maximize the value of your contact center by giving your agents the tools and the time to do what they do best – look after your customers. Find out how to use AI and automation to your advantage so your agents are able to deliver a personalized service experience every time.

Transforming Education with XM

Lee_Perlis // VP, Higher Education, Qualtrics

Joshua_Sine // VP, Higher Education Strategy, Qualtrics

Katie_Johnson // VP, K-12 Education, Qualtrics

Carlos_Bortoni // Head of Research, Education, Qualtrics

Learn from the Qualtrics education team as well as experts from Utah Valley University, Butler University, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools as they explore the experience transformation happening in the education sector with XM.

Death to 'Consumers'

Rick_Mochulsky // VP, Business Insights, Liquid Death

Melissa_Harrington // Human Insights Manager, Liquid Death

The word ‘consumer’ is a dirty word at Liquid Death. Why? Because they focus on humans. Hear how the human insights department started, and how insights have become a part of the creative engine to connect with humans.

Connecting Frontline Employees to Customers

Alexander_Grensing // Global Director Digital Store Platforms, Adidas

Dr. Sebastian_Projahn, PhD // Senior Director, People Insights and Analytics, adidas

As its slogan proclaims, ‘Impossible is nothing’. Hear how for the first time adidas is able access automated insights that explain how employee, customer, and brand experiences all impact each other in order to make every customer interaction more memorable.

Thriving During Uncertainty : Agility and Humanity

Bruce_Temkin // Head of the XM Institute, XM Institute

To thrive in today’s environment, you need build both agility and empathy. Learn from industry visionary Bruce Temkin to learn how you can tap into Experience Management to build resilience and outpace your competitors during fast-changing times.

The Metrics of Lovability

Amanda_Peterson // Head of Brand and Product Marketing, Google Fiber

Hear how Google Fiber moved from ‘speeds and feeds’ advertising to customer stories and testimonials thanks to its fresh approach to brand experience. Find out how the team uses data to test theories, plan media spend, and persuade internal stakeholders.

Multiplying Culture to Drive Sustainable Results

Natalia_Mileo // Senior Director, Culture & Experience, Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre, a world's best workplace, has exponentially scaled from a tech start-up to the e-commerce and fintech leader in Latin America. Part of its success has been to leverage on a consistent and impactful cultural journey empowering every single leader. How have they achieved this? They’ve walked the talk.

The Journey to Transforming the Associate Experience

Kyle_Arnold // Chief HR Services Officer, Bon Secours Mercy Health

Joe_Filigno // VP of HR Strategy and Associate Experience, Bon Secours Mercy Health

Shelley_Ries // Manager, strategic workforce research, Bon Secours Mercy Health

Delivering on patient expectations requires a workforce that's engaged and supported in what is one of the toughest jobs out there. Learn how Bon Secours Mercy Health is combining engagement and experience data to help close the loop and drive improvements.

Embracing Experience Innovation to Nurture Customer Passion

Dr. Martin_Einhorn // Head of Market Research, Porsche

Dr Elizabeth_ErkenBrack, Ph.D // Head of CX Solution Strategy, Qualtrics

Explore how Porsche leverages innovation and best practices in XM methods to create and define their signature transformative experiences for their customers. Learn how their customer focus enables expansive evolution from one of the most iconic brands on the planet.

Taking a Holiday from Metrics to Focus on People

Raj_Sivasubramanian // VOC Programs, Airbnb

Hear innovative new approaches to customer research that have added more focus on the people behind the data and have driven actions to improve the Airbnb customer experience.

Disruption Through Segmentation

Garrett_Celestin // Senior Manager, Corporate Strategy, Goodrx

Elisa_Vitalo // VP, Consumer Insights, Good RX

GoodRX is on a mission to disrupt a major part of the healthcare industry in the US, and today is trusted by tens of millions of Americans. Learn how they stay ahead of what consumers need, using insights to develop new product offerings, and to deliver frictionless digital experiences.

5 Mistakes You've Been Making with Your Brand Tracking

Frank_Zinni, Ph.D // XM Advisor, Qualtrics

Get a handle on how well your brand is weathering these uncertain times with a straightforward, easy-to-understand approach. In this session we'll outline how to build a healthy brand tracker, so you can move quickly to seize market opportunities before they are gone.

Becoming the Most-Loved Ticket Marketplace

Tess_Levy // Senior Manager, Consumer Insights, SeatGeek

In a market where the biggest players are household names, SeatGeek turned to brand tracking to increase awareness. Hear how they're using brand insights to identify key drivers of awareness, and taking action on it to increase performance of their marketing and promotions.

Getting the Most Mileage out of Your Brand Tracker

Amie_Lindaas // Director, research & insights,

For its 25th anniversary, was in need of a tune-up – hear how they used brand tracking to understand their customers, their competitors, and their market, and then used those insights to refine everything from their marketing messaging to their brand identity to ensure they continue to resonate with car buyers.

Supercharging Your Research & Brand Intelligence to Deliver Better Value

Karen_Goldstein // Principal Product Scientist, DesignXM, Qualtrics

Franck_Sarrazit, Ph.D // Principal XM Scientist, Qualtrics

Hear from our product scientists as they delve into revolutionary ways to manage your research and brand with deeper and more actionable insights, enabling you to massively increase the ROI on every one of your initiatives.

Maximize ROI from Your Brand Research

Wilfred_de Guzman // Brand Experience Lead, Qualtrics

Learn how to use the most powerful and valuable components of Qualtrics BrandXM, as well as how visionary customers are leveraging its advanced analytical tools to drive incredible business results.

Building and Scaling a Comprehensive and Impactful CX Program With Limited Resources

Rob_Holloway // Senior Business Solutions Owner, HCSC

Great CX is important to your organization’s success. Learn how Health Care Service Corporation, a member-owned health insurance company, has used the combination of people, processes, and technology to build and scale an impactful CX program with limited resources.

Navigating the Ever-Evolving Nature of Work

Benjamin_Granger // Chief Workplace Psychologist, Qualtrics

As you think about designing the workplace experience of the future, understanding what will motivate and retain your employees should be your north star. We'll unveil our latest research into exactly what employees want, so you can move forward with confidence.

The Power of Unstructured EX Feedback

Sarah_Condiff // Head of Employee Experience, Navistar

Open text employee feedback is a insights goldmine. But the volume of data can be daunting. Hear how the team at Navistar embraced the power of natural language processing to uncover critical insights to transform their employee experience program.

Humanizing the Student Experience

Tanya_Johnson // Director, Student Supports Operations, Johns Hopkins University

See how Johns Hopkins University is breaking down departmental silos and delivering personal experiences for more than 32,000 students //

Improving the Frontline to impact the Bottom Line

Brian_Clancy// Head of Performance Improvement, AARP

Discover how AARP has improved customer satisfaction and almost doubled conversion rate, all while reducing agent attrition by 40%. Hear how the team is using contact center analytics to improve service quality management through automation and agent coaching.

Improving Frontline Customer Experience with XM

Leonie_Brown // XM Advisor, Qualtrics

Aaron_Bowen // Director, Product Management, Qualtrics

Learn from our product manager and XM scientist for an in-depth view into new innovations that will help you meet the ever-changing demands of customers while equipping your frontline staff with the right tools for success.

Building an XM Center of Excellence

Greg_Chase // XM Catalyst, XM Institute

Explore how organizations are establishing Centers of Excellence as they mature their employee and customer experience programs and get best-practice advice on how to design an effective COE structure for your organization

Transforming B2B Through Customer Experience

James_Bampos // Lead B2B CX Strategist, Qualtrics

Most B2B CX programs have many foundational similarities with B2C programs – in this session we'll explore the big differences, and where you need to focus to make CX an integral part of your company’s transformation.

Removing Friction for Customers

Moira_Dorsey // Principal XM Catalyst, XM Institute

Customer journeys are more complex than ever, but understanding and improving them doesn’t have to be. We'll guide you through the essentials so you can create journeys that your customers actually want – not what you think they want – and keep them coming back for more.

CX Lessons to Take from Abercrombie & Fitch Co.’s Transformation

Josie_Hurst // Customer Insights Analyst, Abercrombie + Fitch

Tom_Burnett // Voice of the Customer, Senior Analyst, Abercrombie + Fitch

In this session, you will learn how Abercrombie & Fitch Co. shifted their mindset from capturing customer feedback at only a few isolated touchpoints to consistently leveraging signals at every touchpoint to better predict and respond to their customers' needs and wants – and ultimately, drive better business outcomes.

Blazing a Trail for CX Innovation

Eric_Soelberg // VP Customer Marketing & Analytics, L.L.Bean

L.L.Bean has endured as an outdoor brand for over a century and has grown a loyal following by meeting customer’s needs through an innovative approach of proactive listening and action. Hear about their strategy to make sure their customer's needs are continuously met in this ever-changing industry.

Delivering Continuous Value Through XM

Moira_Dorsey // Principal XM Catalyst, XM Institute

Experience management efforts exist to deliver value and they need to demonstrate that value continuously; not just periodically. We’ll take you through the essentials required to plan, deliver, and measure value delivered through experience management efforts to gain ongoing investment and buy-in.

Beyond the Survey: Finding the Real Student Voice

Sarah_Ball // AVP, Learner Experience, National University

Soliciting feedback has always been critical, but for National University surveys weren't able to tell the whole story. Learn how National is putting unstructured data at the forefront of delivering the experiences that satisfy each unique student.

Real-Time Results, Real-Time Action

Scott_Kerwien // Executive Director, Student Success, Spokane Public Schools

Discover how Spokane Public Schools is leveraging the flexibility of the Qualtrics platform to deliver real-time results to principles, increase response rates, and streamline processes – all to provide better student experiences and outcomes.

Personalizing Student Care, Automatically

Jace_Dallman // Research Data Scientist, Omaha Public Schools

From improved accuracy for unverified absences, to centralizing counselor records for suicide prevention, hear how Omaha Public Schools is building the data infrastructure for a more personalized education experience for its students.

Innovations Making Employee Experiences Human

Phillip_Presnell// Product Management, EX, Qualtrics

Quinn_Underwood// Product Management, EX, Qualtrics

From cross-channel listening and prescriptive manager insights to behavioral, operational and experience data analytics, see the latest innovations on Qualtrics EmployeeXM.

Modernizing Employee Experience Management

Cecelia_Herbert // Principal XM Catalyst, XM Institute

Traditional EX programs deliver great value, but are they evolving fast enough? Learn from Dr Herbert as we explore the features and practices of modern EX management that drive enterprise-wide transformation.

Best Practices For Maximizing EX Usage & Value

Kelli_Dillon// Corp HR Insight Strategist, Kroger

Phillip_Presnell// Principal Product Manager, QUALTRICS

Hilary_Neal// Customer Strategy & Operations, QUALTRICS

Supercharge your Qualtrics EX program with best-practice advice and insights from our experts. In this session, get an overview of key EX features that drive maximum value, as well as how they can help you build a culture of action that promotes meaningful change for employees.

Helping Every Manager Improve Engagement

Rick_Fountain // Director, Employee Experience, The Hartford

Improving the experience for 18,000+ people takes a village — a village of empowered managers that is. Hear how The Hartford is keeping managers across the organization focused on where they can improve things for their people, helping to drive change at scale.

Driving Customer and Business Outcomes Through VOC

Sri_Sankar // VP, Customer Experience, Nationwide

Learn how Nationwide is equipping everyone in the company, from frontline agents to digital product and service teams, with the right tools help them better understand each customer and deliver faster, frictionless interactions at every touchpoint.

Taking Action on the Employee IT Experience

Colt_Whittall // CXO, US Air Force

Faced with an employee campaign to #fixmycomputer going viral, leaders at the USAF knew they needed to take action. Their solution has not only boosted overall satisfaction by 30 points, but has led to an overall mindset shift in the organization.

Bringing Citizens and Governments Closer

Spencer_Cox // Governor of Utah, State of Utah

Rich_Saunders // CIO, State of Utah

Camille_Tucker // Acting Chief Customer Officer, GSA

Chelsie_Bright // Global Head of Public Sector, Qualtrics

Kunal_Modi // McKinsey Partner, McKinsey

Sydney_Heimbrock, Ph.D // Head of Industry Advisory, Qualtrics

Steven_Gethard // Solution Engineer, Public Sector, Qualtrics

Learn from the Qualtrics Government team, as well as special guests, to find out how public sector organizations are transforming the way they operate, focusing on the employee and customer experience to bridge the gap between citizens and the governments that serve them.

Government Built by the People, for the People

Chris_McMasters// CIO, City of Corona

Kyle_Edgeworth// Deputy, CIO, City of Corona

The City of Corona used customer and employee feedback to take the right actions for every resident, instead of just a small group of 'squeaky-wheel' residents. Its system of action is now earning the trust of their residents and improving employees' sense of fulfillment.

Missouri’s CX Journey: A Guide to Statewide Programs

Rebecca_Moyers // Director of Operational Excellence, State of Missouri

Kayla_Kueckelhan // Deputy Strategy & Performance Director, Missouri Department of Economic Development

Building a statewide CX program and getting all of the necessary stakeholders on board can feel like an impossible task. But that’s exactly the journey the State of Missouri has embarked on. Hear how Missouri took a big customer-centric vision and made it real with smart, tactical strategies.

Listening Deeply During Disaster and Emergency

Phil_Bland // XM Government Advisor, Qualtrics

Sydney_Heimbrock, Ph.D // Chief Industry Advisor, Qualtrics

Cydney_Miller // Senior Solution Engineer, Qualtrics

See how XM played a key role in helping government agencies and humanitarian services respond to disaster and war. Learn how Qualtrics was deployed for critical insights during fire and flood disasters in Australia plus how Qualtrics is providing valuable refugee and volunteer insights in Ukraine.

Transforming Healthcare with XM

Dan_Liljenquist// Chief Strategy Officer, Intermountain Healthcare

Adrienne_Boissy// Chief Medical Officer, Qualtrics

Nick_Apeland// SVP, Healthcare, Qualtrics

Susan_Ngo// Principal, Healthcare Industry Advisory, Qualtrics

Bryanna_Gallaway// Senior XM Scientist - Healthcare Product, Qualtrics

Learn from the Qualtrics Healthcare Team, plus special guests, for our Healthcare Keynote as they explore the role of XM in transforming the industry, and look at the success stories from some of the industry's biggest names.

Breaking the Norm: Turning the corner on CX in Healthcare

Jeff_Logan // VP, Patient + Market Experience, Providence

Learn how Providence is combining best practices and operational excellence to transform their organization. Understand their journey, lessons learned, and the impact of operationalizing their strategy of breaking the norm and bringing CX to healthcare.

Experience Fueled by Feedback

Brent_Salomon // Stars Member/Patient Experience Strategy Leader, Humana

Hear how Humana is identifying opportunities to better serve members and enhance their experiences through deep listening and fast action. By understanding the WHY behind the data, Humana’s teams are able to deliver real impact at scale.

The Promise of Personalized Care

Angela_McClure // Chief Experience Officer, Fresenius

Namrata_Wadhwa // Senior Director, Customer Experience, Fresenius

Healthcare organizations have an imperative to proactively listen to and engage with patients to create a personalized experience. Learn how Fresenius Medical Care embedded the Voice of the Customer into their culture to strengthen the triad of engagement and drive real action.

Unifying Experience Data to Personalize at Scale

Kathryn_Murphy // VP, Product, Twilio

Customer data is one of your most powerful assets, but it’s often scattered across different systems. Hear how to better connect data to unlock new insights, better understand your customers, and deliver highly personalized experiences – at scale and in real-time.

Unlocking the Power of Nuance in Research

Eddie_Accomando // XM Advisor, Qualtrics

Karen_Goldstein // Principal Product Scientist, DesignXM, Qualtrics

Scaling qualitative research has been a decades-long challenge for researchers – but 2023 is the year that changes. We'll show how new innovations are enabling teams to tap into qualitative research quickly, and at scale, to get richer insights into what people want next.

Best Practices for Maximizing CX Usage & Value




Maximize your Qualtrics CX program post-purchase with best-practice advice and insights from our experts. In this session, get an overview of the XM operating system and how you can use it to drive action and deliver better experiences to your customers.

Using Frontline Insights to Improve Customer Outcomes

James_Scutt // Principal XM Catalyst, Qualtrics

With contact center and in-person frontline becoming critical to organizational success, James Scutt shows how insights from frontline experiences can be translated into a driving force to improve immediate and future customer experiences.

Building a CX Program Roadmap

Isabelle_Zdatny // XM Catalyst, XM Institute

A program roadmap is a critical CX tool that helps teams build alignment with key stakeholders and translate their CX program’s vision and strategy into a set of executable activities. This session will cover the six steps for building your roadmap.

Best Practices For Maximizing Research Usage & Value

Hannah_Springer // Core & DesignXM Growth Program Manager, Qualtrics

Joshua_Dyer // Technical Product Marketing Manager, Research, Qualtrics

One of the main challenges for organizations is getting to the right insights, fast. Learn with us as our experts explore how you can use the latest Core & DesignXM tools to maximize the potency of your research programs and uncover actionable insights.

Developing Closed-Loop Programs That Deliver Business & Customer Value

Sara_Sigmon // XM Scientist, CX, Qualtrics

Learn from us as we share best practices for operating inner, closed-loop programs that drive impact. We’ll cover how to enhance your CX programs, identify opportunities for improvement, and build better relationships with your customers.

Transforming Financial Services with XM



AMEX set the bar that every company tries to reach when it comes to customer service. Setting the bar is one thing — but how does AMEX stay ahead of it to continue to make world-class service a key differentiator?

Designing Frictionless Omni-channel Customer Experiences

Koren_Stucki // Vice President, Strategic Consulting, Omnichannel CX, Qualtrics

Learn how to design an omnichannel listening strategy that leverages solicited and unsolicited feedback to achieve a deeper understanding of the customer journey, as well as what drives customer effort, sentiment and emotion as they engage across different channels.

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