Meet the Master of Mobile, the Oracle of Offline, the Sultan of SMS. Meet Qualtrics.

Qualtrics Mobile delivers the features and benefits of Qualtrics Research Suite to smartphones and tablets. You increase response rates and capture valuable insight – your customers receive a clean, consistent and branded mobile survey experience, every time. It's a win-win.

Qualtrics SMS

Capture pocket feedback, via text message, at the right time and the right place on a device nearly everyone has. Want to interact with your customers in the same way they interact with a friend? Now you’re just a text message away.

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Featured Mobile Market Research App

Qualtrics Offline

Capture face-to-face feedback on your tablet or smartphone without an internet connection. Perfect for use in the field and anywhere your team interacts with customers. Collecting in-person feedback has never been easier.

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The below features are included in your Qualtrics Research Suite license:

Introducing the New Matrix Question Type

We have revolutionized the Matrix Question Type for mobile devices!

Instead of constantly scrolling to view every statement and choice, respondents can now use our collapsible sections feature.

Responsive Themes

Create custom online survey experiences with templates that adapt to the platform your respondent is using. Desktop, tablet or smartphone – it all works brilliantly.

Mobile Survey Platforms

Mobile Compatibility Advisor

Ensure a seamless experience for your mobile respondents by optimizing your mobile surveys before distribution. Don’t tell them you are compatible – show them!

Device Detection

Customization on cruise control. Automatically display or hide questions and adjust the survey flow based on the platform used in the survey response. You create one survey and your respondents receive a custom mobile survey based on the device they are using – sweet right?