Wouldn’t it be neat if you could take a survey and only see the questions that are relevant to you? Display Logic is the key to creating a survey that is applicable to each respondent.

When a specific question or answer choice only pertains to certain respondents, Display Logic can be used to display it conditionally, based on previous information.

Qtip: Display Logic is ideal for conditionally displaying answer choices or single questions. If you have a group of questions that you want to have the same logic, consider using Branch Logic instead.

Setting Display Logic on Questions

While editing your survey, follow these steps to add Display Logic to a question.

  1. Select the question that you want to display conditionally. DisplayLogic1_Final
  2. Click the purple gear box to the left and then select Add Display Logic. DisplayLogic2
  3. Set the condition that must be met for the question to display. The condition can be based on any of the following:
    • Previous Question: Display a question only if the respondent chose a specific answer to a previous question.
    • Embedded Data: Use any other information you have stored about the respondent to determine whether or not a question is shown. For example, only display a question to those who have an Embedded Data Age field equal to 25.
    • Quota: Once a Quota has been created, you can set a condition based on whether or not the quota has been met.
    • Panel Field: Base the condition on information already stored in a Panel Field, such as First Name, Last Name, or Primary Email. UsingLogic_Question1
  4. For more information on setting logic, see our page on Using Logic.
  5. Optionally, you can select the In-Page box if you want the question to appear immediately once the condition is met, rather than displaying it on the next page of the survey. DisplayLogic_in-page
  6. Qtip: In-Page Display Logic may not be available based on your question configuration, in which case Qualtrics will display a notification.
  7. Click Save to apply the logic. DisplayLogic_Save

Setting Display Logic on Answer Choices

While editing your survey, follow these steps to add Display Logic to an answer choice.

  1. Click the answer choice you would like to display conditionally. DisplayLogic_selectFinal
  2. Click the blue advanced options list and then select Add Display Logic. IMG 2
  3. Set the condition for displaying the answer choice as you would with any logic. For more information on setting logic, see our page on Using Logic.

Editing Display Logic

After applying Display Logic to a question, a blue bar appears on the question. You can edit this by clicking Edit Logic in the blue bar and changing the condition.


After applying Display Logic to an answer choice, a blue arrow appears to the right of the answer choice. To edit Display Logic, click the answer choice, click the blue advanced options list, and then select Edit Display Logic.