Panel Sample

About Panel Samples

A Panel Sample is a group of participants from your panel to which you can send surveys. You can sample randomly, or you can select participants with a specific characteristic.

Creating a New Sample

  1. Open the Samples page on the Panels tab.
  2. Click the Create New Sample button.
  3. Type your Sample Name.
  4. Select your Max Sample Size.
  5. If desired, use the Sample Size Calculator to determine the appropriate sample size.
  6. If needed, click Add a Sample Condition to specify which panel members are eligible to be in the sample. To create your Condition:
    1. Choose whether the condition will be based on Embedded Data, Recipient History, or Recipient Sample Membership.
    2. If you chose Embedded Data, select the Field Name from the list of your survey’s Embedded Data fields. Then choose the Field Value from the list of values for that Embedded Data field.
    3. If you chose Recipient History, choose whether to base your logic upon the Last Survey Taken or the Last Email Invitation Date, and specify a date.
    4. If you chose Recipient Sample Membership, specify the sample that you will base your logic on and whether new sample members should be a member or not a member of that sample.
  7. To add multiple conditions, click the blue plus sign on the right of your condition.
  8. Use the Sample Randomness slider to control how fast and how randomly the sample is calculated. “More Random (Slow)” is the default.
  9. Click Generate Sample.
  10. When you are satisfied with your sample, click Close.

More Information

  • To export the list of sample members, click the Export Sample button next to the sample on the Samples page.
  • If your sample is taking a long time to generate (maybe it is a large panel or there is a lot of logic required to generate your sample), you can leave the page and continue working in another area of the tool. Your sample will continue generating in the background. Just come back to the Samples page later to check on it.
  • Large samples will need some time to export. These exports work in the background, so feel free to leave the page and work on something else while the sample export is generated.