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Turn brands into religions

With Qualtrics Brand ExperienceTM, organisations can strengthen brand equity, improve brand perceptions, and optimise your brand and communication strategy—all with software that’s as easy to use as everyday email. Read More

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Qualtrics Brand Experience makes it simple for organisations to obtain an omnichannel view of their brand, measure and track brand perceptions against competition over time, and predict marketing campaign effectiveness by making it drag-and-drop simple to:


Measure & Baseline

Measure and track brand positioning and marketing effectiveness against baselines to optimise performance.


Prioritise & Predict

Predict and prioritise consumer needs and trends. Identify key drivers of brand perceptions in the minds of consumers.


Act & Optimise

Drive continuous brand improvement with stronger, consistent, and motivating brand strategy and communications that influence purchase decisions.

Powerful brand tools for internal teams

Qualtrics delivers professional-grade power that was once only available to outsourced consultants. With powerful solutions for everything from customer segmentation to brand communications optimisation, Qualtrics makes it possible for anyone to handle the most sophisticated brand research with ease.

  • Customer segmentation
  • Targeting and positioning
  • Value proposition development
  • Brand health, engagement, and experience research
  • Brand touchpoint research
  • Attitude, usage, and user profiling research
  • Communications development and evaluative research
  • Brand strategy research

Your brand's vital stats, all in one place

Whether you’ve been in business for 50 years or you’re just starting, building an iconic brand is more challenging than ever and the best organisations relentlessly monitor and improve how their brands are perceived. Qualtrics makes it easy to understand key market trends and improve brand equity over time.


Easily customise brand studies to measure awareness, differentiation or any other brand variable you are interested in.


Monitor corporate and competitive brand perception over time and uncover key market shifts and emerging trends such as product quality, price, etc.


Visualise brand equity and share brand insights quickly and easily with dashboards

Take the emotion out of marketing decisions

Today’s brand professionals need a way to measure whether their marketing, messaging, and advertising is delivering the intended brand experience and outcomes they want. Qualtrics makes it easy to optimise marketing investments by helping organisations test and optimise every element of their marketing strategy.

Launch with confidence

Capture real-time communications feedback before you launch your next major campaign.

Data-driven Decisions

Sophisticated A/B testing, text highlighting, hotspot, and video questions give you the data you need to proceed with confidence.

Prioritise brand preference drivers. Automatically.

Qualtrics predictive intelligence technology eliminates tedious manual analysis and helps organisations understand the effects that many marketing and company actions have on brand equity. With the power to predict brand experience drivers and marketing campaign effectiveness, Qualtrics makes it possible to stay a step ahead of the competition and build an iconic brand.

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Key Drivers

Qualtrics helps you make the right changes to your branding initiatives by automatically prioritising brand experience drivers such as price, product quality, service, support, policies, etc, so you make the right changes to your marketing and branding initiatives.

Intelligent text

Oftentimes, the deepest insights about how people perceive your brand come from open text responses in their own words. Qualtrics automatically suggests trending topics about your brand and assigns sentiment scores to every single comment so you can easily sort through positive and negative comments with one click.

Brand experience in the digital age

You spend countless dollars building a world-class brand experience. This brand experience spans channels in both online and offline environments. Regardless of device, location, or channel, your brand message and experience needs to resonate. Ensuring that this digital brand experience is consistent with all channels will help build your brand and create key competitive differentiation. Qualtrics gives you the ability to gather critical brand insights from your market and customers no matter what device they’re using.

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  • World’s leading digital experience measurement technology that helps you understand your brand experience through your customer’s eyes.
  • Measure online and offline experiences so that you can create consistent brand experiences no matter what channel or where they are engaging.
  • Gain targeted insight from digital visitors with sophisticated website and in-app targeting with over 20 behavioural variables such as geolocation, device type, etc.
  • Complete control over your digital branding while engaging with users online.

Improving the Brand ExperienceTM for more than 9,000 brands

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Qualtrics insights have resulted in successful new product launches, increased revenue, and double-digit increases in awareness—all of which help to position CBS Interactive competitively in the digital marketplace.

With the help of our partnership and the insights we’ve applied to our business, our overall awareness and preference has reached an all time high among those who have never cruised, and we remain the most preferred brand among current cruisers.

Welcome to the Experience Management PlatformTM

Four applications to manage the four key experiences of business

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