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You’re the insights expert. We’re the technology experts.

Qualtrics Site Intercept is all about capturing value from your website visitors with targeted, engaging messages. Whether you want to improve visitor experience with website feedback surveys or increase conversion – we’ve got you covered. The best part? All this without the help of IT.

“We use Qualtrics to understand how to improve click-through rates and turn millions of site visits into valuable insights that improve site usability, grow NPS and accelerate conversion of targeted behaviors. Before Qualtrics, SAP surveys were inefficient and suffered from historically low response rates. With Qualtrics, SAP was able to create surveys that yielded 20X higher click throughs in 80% less time! And the process feels effortless. And the insights are resulting in real business outcomes like increased online visitor satisfaction driven by 66% fewer popups, increased NPS, increased conversion rates, and incremental revenue streams.”

Easy to use

Point-and-click interface

Qualtrics Site Intercept software makes targeting specific website visitors simple with an intuitive point-and-click interface. No need for a computer science degree here. Create and launch branded web messages in hours versus weeks.
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Right message, right time

Complete control over branding and message

Your website visitors are valuable. Qualtrics Site Intercept software gives you the tools and ability to get the right message in front of your visitors to access hard-to-reach insights and increase key conversion metrics. Having this control gives you the ability to improve site usability, track NPS®, or even offer a promotion.

Sophisticated targeting

Target the right people in the right way

Every website visit is a chance to engage with customers. Not every customer is the same, so giving the same treatment to all visitors would be a mistake. Qualtrics Site Intercept website feedback software allows you to pinpoint the right visitors with over 20 behavioral, location, and device-type variables.

Pinpoint your ideal audience

  • +Time on site
  • +Adobe analytics variables
  • +Geo-location
  • +Device type
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Flexibility and control

Handle your projects with confidence

With Qualtrics Site Intercept, you can run your website feedback surveys, targeted online promotions, and visitor satisfaction surveys all through a single, easy to use platform. The best part of it all is that you don’t have to wait on your web team to make changes for you. Worried about a rogue employee damaging your brand? No need to worry, managing publishing permissions and approvals is just a few check boxes away.

Organisation-wide scalability

All your data in one place

No data silos here. Your data should be transparent and actionable. Standardising on a single platform makes delivering insights to the right people seamless. Qualtrics Research Suite allows you to easily integrate with existing systems and collaborate across functional departments. Whether you’ve got a small team or cross-functional global team, Qualtrics Research Suite is built to scale. You’ll never outgrow it — guaranteed.

Award-winning training and support

When you join the Qualtrics family, we take care of you. From live trainings and online resources to our amazing customer support team, we want you to be successful.