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Rapidly collect, analyse and act on business insights at scale

Through a suite of best-in-class analytics tools and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, empower everyone in your organisation to run holistic market research projects and generate high-quality insights faster than ever.

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Increase confidence in your data

Increase confidence in your data

  • Leverage AI-powered analytics and embedded machine learning to mine structured and unstructured data
  • Maximise respondent data quality and vet methodologies with built-in survey intelligence
  • Construct professional-quality research studies with pre-built survey templates designed by industry experts
Decrease your research costs

Decrease your research costs

  • Bring more research in-house and leverage technology to complete feedback initiatives
  • Consolidate research and centralise insights with one platform — no need to jump between software
  • Enterprise-grade security to mitigate liability and minimise costs associated with data breaches
Improve research productivity

Improve research productivity

  • Enable everyone in the organisation to carry out research with our easy-to-use survey tool
  • Get research off the ground faster with pre-built survey templates
  • Complete research projects in-house and reduce reliance on slow, outsourced vendors


Fast and flexible research that
empowers everyone

With pre-built survey templates designed by industry experts, flexible research services and unmatched integrations that work with your existing systems, Qualtrics CoreXM equips your teams to adapt research to the needs of the project, budget or organisation.

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Make complicated processes simple
and effective

Whether it's sophisticated statistical analysis like describe, relate or regression, Stats iQ — our AI-powered point-and-click solution — makes it all easy. Plus, with Text iQ, machine learning does the heavy lifting for you, automatically analysing open-text feedback to give you deeper insights into how your respondents actually think.

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Manage and protect information with
end-to-end security

Mitigate risk exposure with unbeatable enterprise grade security, compliance and governance through industry-leading certificates, including GDPR, ISO270001, Privacy Shield and more. Build confidence in your data with built-in survey methodology, survey quality checks, and world-class analytics.

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CoreXM dashboard on tablet

Choose the product
that's right for you

Great for
Key features

Free Account

Great for

  • Simple Feedback

Key features

  • 8 question types
  • 4 survey themes
  • 500 responses


Great for

  • Insights

Key features

  • 22 question types
  • Unlimited survey themes
  • 1,000+ responses
  • Skip, display, and branch logic
  • Basic Stats iQ
  • Basic Text iQ


Great for

  • Advanced Research

Key features

  • All of CoreXM plus:
  • Advanced Stats iQ
  • Advanced Text iQ
  • 20+ XM Solutions (including Concept testing, Driver analysis, Conjoint with MaxDiff)
  • Video Feedback
  • Role-based Dashboards
  • Audience Management

Loved by analysts. Adored by customers.

G2 leader summer 2019
Grit 2019 to 50 innovative company
Trust Radius top rated 2019

Loved by analysts. Adored by customers.

Expert-designed projects that scale across the organisation

Below you'll find a selection of expert-designed survey and questionnaire templates. Suitable for every situation, you can access your survey at the click of a button, adapt as needed, or deploy as designed with minimal fuss.

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey

The customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey is invaluable to understand how people feel about their experience with you. This template keeps it simple, but ensures you're getting the right data to make important decisions that improve loyalty and retention.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey

The NPS survey is a valuable part of any relationship management program. Take the right steps to improve loyalty by getting a gauge on how likely your customers are to recommend you, or not.

Event signup, planning and feedback

How did your most recent event go? How do you know? With our free event survey, organisers can easily manage the signup, planning and post-event feedback so you can constantly improve.

Store & online purchase feedback

Improve every customer experience, whether in-store or online, by collecting in-the-moment feedback across any channel with this survey.

Employee satisfaction survey

Create a positive employee experience and thriving work environment with this survey.

Employee engagement

Drive revenue, productivity, and workforce creativity by better understanding what you can do to improve their experience.

New hire onboarding

Get the employee experience right from day 1. Understand the needs of your employees so they are empowered to succeed.

Candidate experience survey feedback

Interviewing a candidate is a two-way process. Make sure you're giving every candidate the best chance of success with this survey.

Manager feedback

Your manager is a valuable asset to your career progression and day to day success. Help them, help you with a manager feedback survey.

IT help desk

With remote work more common than ever, the IT help desk is a vital part of the employee experience. Give your people the tools to highlight flaws in the process, or communicate their appreciation for saving the day.

Product satisfaction

Find out how users feel about your product, why they use it, and what their goals are – so you can better meet their needs.

Early access feedback

The key to any good product is constant iteration. Early access feedback is an important component of that process.

New product idea

You have a new product idea, but how well does it really solve the needs of your audience? Ask them – so you know what steps to take next.

Pricing study

When launching a product, leave nothing to chance. Especially the price. Understand the expectations of your audience through our free survey, so you can price it right.

Product naming & package testing

There's only one way to have confidence in your product name and packaging – by testing it out with your audience. Hear their thoughts and act accordingly.

Brand awareness and performance

Understand what people think of your brand, analyse your performance and track your progress.

Creative & A/B testing

Collect customer feedback using creative testing and optimize performance so you can go to market with confidence.

Demographic poll

Learn more about your audience so you can understand what influences their behaviours, interests and opinions.

Faculty satisfaction

Make sure every faculty member is providing a satisfactory experience. Understand what works well, target areas of improvement, and make an action plan to rectify them.

Informed consent form

Make administrative processes easier by quickly collecting student consent with this survey.

Student recruitment

Understand the difference between a student choosing you, or not – so you know what areas you need to improve.

Student satisfaction

Hear what students think and understand how they feel about every aspect of their experience with this survey.