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Get more ROI out of every study

Research Hub is an AI-powered repository that stores, shares, and searches all your research and insights. It combs through thousands of past studies and millions of data points to maximise ROI from every study, build on prior research investments, and provide new insights through semantic search. Faster insights mean you can take action in days, not weeks or months.

Leverage your research every time

Access all your research
in seconds

Research Hub allows you to instantly search through all the research your organisation has ever conducted. Access thousands of your brand studies, product insights, customer feedback, and millions of data points directly on the Qualtrics platform.

Data from all sources

Store and manage all
of your research

Research Hub is versatile and not limited to projects conducted on Qualtrics. You can upload and search various types of research or experience data files, including syndicated studies and licensed research. Once uploaded, these files are easily accessible to any other Research Hub user within your organisation.


2024 Market Research Trends

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have dramatically expanded the speed, efficiency, and scale of research capabilities, giving businesses the data they need to make smarter, effective business decisions.

We spoke to more than 3,000 researchers in 14 countries around the world to discover what trends are shaping the year ahead.

Streamlined collaboration

Curate and share insights
with collections

Compile insights into a collection to use as a starting point for your next research project or share it with colleagues to facilitate seamless collaboration across teams. Surface your key insights using various types of widgets such as charts, graphs, PDFs, and more to enhance data visualisation and understanding.

Fast, Precise Insights

Strengthen your narrative
with AI-powered summaries

Extract in-depth insights from all of your research, instantly surfacing key themes and actionable intelligence for quick action. By understanding your intent and the contextual meaning behind your search query, Qualtrics AI provides your most valuable insights. Decrease your overall program costs by reducing your time spent analysing multiple sources of research data.

Upgrade your programs simply with flexible, scalable pricing plans

More about the Research Hub

Research Hub is an all-in-one, AI-powered repository that allows you to store, share, and search all your research and insights in one place. It automatically crawls thousands of past studies and millions of data points using AI to understand your search intent and deliver the most relevant results, including relevant data points within those studies. This means you can find the right insights faster, enabling you to take action in days rather than weeks or months.

Research Hub is designed for organisations looking to centralise and democratise their research and insights, teams who want to collaborate and share research findings more efficiently, researchers who need to quickly find relevant data points and studies, and companies aiming to leverage Qualtrics AI to streamline their research processes and make data-driven decisions faster.

Absolutely. Research Hub is not limited to projects run on Qualtrics. You can upload and search for any research process or IP your organisation may possess, like syndicated studies or licensed research.

Research Hub can store and search an array of research files, including brand studies, product insights, customer feedback, market data, syndicated studies, licensed research, and any other type of research or intellectual property your organisation possesses. It's not limited to projects run on Qualtrics, and all uploaded research can be easily accessed by any other Research Hub user in your organisation.

Research Hub fosters collaboration and insight sharing by making all uploaded research accessible to any Research Hub user in your organisation. Researchers can create collections of insights and share them with colleagues, using various types of widgets, such as charts, graphs, and PDFs, to surface important insights. Teams can use shared collections as starting points for new research topics, simplifying collaboration across the organisation.
Research Hub uses Qualtrics AI to generate research summaries that succinctly outline the main points from uploaded documents, helping users quickly grasp key takeaways from their research. Its contextual search capabilities understand the user's intent and deliver the most relevant results, including relevant data points within studies. Research Hub also provides intuitive tools for managing, previewing, and deleting uploaded files, making it easy for users to work with their research data.


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