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Smarter quality
management and agent performance monitoring

Move beyond spotty and subjective quality assurance. Qualtrics AI-powered quality management solution scores every interaction in real time so you know how every agent is doing, and know every lever to pull to improve the experience for your customers while reducing operational costs.

Scores provided for compliance, issue resolution, and and agent knowledge

100% scoring on every channel

Old-school call sampling only shows you a snapshot of what’s happening — our platform shows you everything. Every call, mention, post, chat, text, or any other interaction is automatically analysed and scored. In over 20 languages.

And because there’s no need to listen in to calls, or manually sift through chat logs, you’ll save time and money while ensuring a better experience for your customers.

100% of interactions scored across 401 calls, 300 chats, 15 tweets, and more 100% of interactions scored across 401 calls, 300 chats, 15 tweets, and more

Intelligent, objective scoring tailored to your business

Tell our software what high quality customer service looks like for your business and then let it do its thing. Qualtrics uses AI and natural language processing to analyse everything from agent knowledge and empathy to script compliance and customer sentiment with an out-of-the-box, customisable scorecard builder. The result? Objective, transparent scoring that benefits both your agents and your customers.

Performance score of 76 for agent Sally Johnson

Know exactly where your agents can improve

Help your agents grow in their careers and deliver better, more effective service to your customer. With personalised dashboards for agents and managers, Qualtrics curates tailored coaching recommendations and surfaces the traits and behaviors behind your best agents, so you can raise everyone’s game.

Agents can track their own performance and flag evaluations they don’t think are fair, helping to foster a culture of transparency and continuous improvement.

Notification displayed that agent John Davies needs additional training Notification displayed that agent John Davies needs additional training

Get the best of human and machine

Combine the power of AI with easy-to-use survey tools to create a holistic understanding of agent and team performance. Our solution brings together automated scores, post-interactions customer surveys, and quality analyst assessments all in one place.

Team performance of 78 using CSAT, AI, and quality analyst score

Take the risk out of compliance management

Qualtrics works in the background 24/7, poring over every word of every interaction. So when a call breaks protocols or strays the wrong side of any regulations, it immediately spots it and triggers an alert to notify the right people.

Notification displayed that there is an increase in script compliance violations Notification displayed that there is an increase in script compliance violations

Ready to take your contact centre experience to the next level?

Enterprise Grade

One platform –
safe, secure, and trusted

  • FedRAMP, HITRUST, and ISO 27001 certified + robust governance controls, GDPR compliance, and data privacy features
  • Comply with GDPR and other privacy laws by easily enforcing what customer data is collected, stored, or deleted to ensure your customers’ privacy is never compromised
  • Easily connect to your existing technology with 100+ pre-built connectors for seamless data integrations
  • Get all the support you need to become an experience leader with our expert team of XM scientists, implementation, engineering, and support specialists

Quality management FAQs

Call centre quality assurance is a technique used in many contact centres to improve performance and improve the customer experience.

Traditional call centre monitoring involves recording a sample of each agent’s calls, and then using them as part of a training or coaching program. This approach however is gradually falling out of favor as its scoring mechanism is subjective, the process is time-consuming and it’s also inaccurate as it only uses a select few calls.

Modern quality management tools use technology like artificial intelligence and conversational analytics to analyse every interaction happening in the contact centre, whether it’s a phone call, SMS chat, or digital communications like chatbots and email. They transcribe every script and then analyse the conversation to understand everything from the customer’s intent, the topic of the conversation, and their emotions throughout.

As calls are analysed, key topics, sentiment, agent behaviors, and even customer outcomes are aggregated in real-time to give you a view of exactly what each agent is doing, and how it impacts customer behavior. As a result, contact centre leaders can then identify the key drivers of customer outcomes like loyalty, churn, upsell, satisfaction, and more and use it to create a ‘quality score’

Contact centre leaders and coaches then use the insights from each agent to tailor coaching plans as they have an accurate picture of how well each agent is doing, which areas they excel at, and which ones they need support with.

Learn more about call centre quality assurance
Quality assurance is one of the most effective levers customer service leaders have to be able to improve the experience for customers. By understanding performance at the individual agent level, and knowing exactly what behaviors each agent needs to improve on, they’re able to tailor development and coaching programs to upskill their teams and ultimately have a bigger impact on the customer experience.
To improve your quality assurance,look to use new technologies like AI and conversational analytics to give you a more detailed understanding of what a high quality call is. Rather than subjective assessments of a handful of calls, by expanding your monitoring to include every call and then using an objective scoring system based on customer outcomes, you get a much more accurate picture of where you need to improve the service levels in your contact centre.
Quality assurance software is a tool used to perform call monitoring and scoring for the purposes of service improvement. The software solutions range from simple call recording software to more sophisticated tools that include artificial intelligence and conversational analytics.

Call recording software relies on more manual processes to listen to calls, conclude what could be improved and then feed that back to an agent. The best quality assurance software uses new technologies to automate everything from analysing the call, assigning a score, and recommending areas for improvement. These tools are a more scalable, and also more effective, way to manage service quality as they rely far less on manual resources and are able to be objective in their scoring criteria.
Agent performance monitoring is a technique used by contact centres to understand how agents are performing, and identify areas where they could improve the service delivered to customers. It typically involves a scoring system, applied to either a sample of calls or (in more modern, tech-driven contact centres), every interaction agents are having with customers. It aims to look at experience indicators such as behavior of an agent as well as the behavior and sentiment of the customer, alongside operational metrics like First Contact Resolution, Average Handling Time or customer retention to identify which agent behaviors are most likely to lead to positive customer outcomes like repeat purchase or high satisfaction. Performance monitoring gives contact centre leaders the tools to understand how agents are doing at both a team and individual level, and get granular insights and recommendations into which behaviors can be improved to have a bigger impact on the customer.