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Employee Journey Analytics

Connect the dots across the full employee journey

Break down silos by combining your employee listening programs with Employee Journey Analytics and quickly identify where, and when, to take action to improve critical employee experiences.

Employee journey analytics chart with key insight

Connected Listening

See how every moment
is connected, across
the lifecycle

More listening doesn’t automatically surface more insights. Employee Journey Analytics brings all of your feedback together to uncover how each moment in an employee’s journey — from onboarding to technology experiences and everything in between — impacts one another. So now you know the precise experiences that have the biggest influence on key metrics like engagement and retention.

Onboarding perception across departments bubble chart
Table showing employee sentiment by topic and department

Holistic View

Take action at scale to improve the experience
for every individual

Automatically identify trends and risks amongst similar employee segments , at different stages in the journey. Then know how to take the right action at the right stage to improve their unique experiences, keep employees engaged, and retain your best people.

Break down silos

Partner across the organisation to build
a better place to work

See the connective tissue between different teams and initiatives, and see how each one impacts the other. Now every team knows which activities, across the business, impact their work so you can prioritise resources to focus on the activities that have the biggest impact across the system.

Employee lifecycle chart
Engagement, onboarding, dei and benefits in one place

Easy Setup

Visualise your data quickly and easily

The Employee Journey Analytics setup wizard walks you through setup step-by-step, so no extra implementation is required. Connect your data sets without ever leaving Qualtrics or exporting or importing a file.

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