Employee Lifecycle Feedback: Understanding the Moments That Matter Most to Your Employees

Learn how to get started with a lifecycle approach to employee experience that uses employee feedback at key stages in their journey with the organization to understand, and improve, the moments that matter most.

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In this eBook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify which moments matter most to you and your employees
  • Map different feedback mechanisms to each stage of the employee journey
  • Turn data into actions at each stage to improve the employee experience

The world’s leading employers are increasingly moving towards a new approach to employee feedback that focuses effort and investment on the moments in an employee’s journey that are the most impactful, both for the employer, and the employee.

Find out how you can understand the key actions to take at every stage of the lifecycle, from formalized stages like recruitment, training, onboarding and exit as well as more personalized moments, such as when employees return from parental leave.

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