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Main Stage Keynotes

Driving Cultural Change to Re-imagine the UPS Brand

Kevin_Warren// CMO, UPS

Creating Emotional Connections One Experience at a Time

Ed_Bastian// CEO, Delta Airlines

Thriving in Disruption — Re-imagining the Future of Work for Everyone

Cheryl_Grise// Head of Americas Industry, EY

Surviving and Thriving After the Great Reset

Johnny_Taylor// CEO, SHRM

Helping Clients Become the Next Best Version of Themselves

Jill_Kramer// Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Accenture

Winning on Fan Experience at The Utah Jazz

Ryan_Smith// Owner, Utah Jazz

X4 Summit 2023 On-demand Sessions

Watch a limited release of our breakout sessions that were showcased during X4 Summit 2023 in Salt Lake City.
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HR 3.0: What to Prepare for Next

Shannon Costigan // Head of Culture, Leadership & Enterprise Development, Bank of Montreal

David Futrell // Senior Director, Organizational Performance, Walmart

Don Roach // Vice President, Understanding What Matters, Liberty Mutual

Dr. Steve Hunt // Chief Expert, Technology & Work, SAP

Join HR leaders from some of the world’s top employers for a 50-minute discussion into what comes next for them, their employees, and how they work. They’ll open up about their approaches to the future of work as well as look to what’s on the horizon beyond 2023.

A New Operating Model for Customer Care

Rob_Swain // Global Chief Operating Officer, KFC

Kate_Hodgins // Head of Product Marketing, XM for Customer Frontline, Qualtrics

Shivani_Parikh // Product Marketing Manager, Qualtrics

Fabrice_Martin // Chief Product Officer, Qualtrics

Manisha_Powar // Director of Product Management, Qualtrics

Explore the new innovations and operating models that are helping companies make their frontline teams a key tool in keeping customers happy, and hear how KFC is tuning in to what customers are saying and using actionable insights to empower their frontline teams.

Creating More Human Customer Experiences

Roel_de Vries // Chief Executive, Manchester City

Scott_Cutler // CEO, StockX

Michel_Feaster // Director of Product Marketing, Qualtrics

Allison_Windon // Head of CX Solution Strategy, Qualtrics

Uncover the new innovations helping companies reduce their cost of acquisition, engage customers at every stage in the journey, and reduce churn through world-class support. Plus, hear from StockX CEO Scott Cutler, and Manchester City's Chief Executive Roel De Vries about how they're using XM to grow their brands.

The Challenges & Technologies Redefining Employee Experience in 2023

Karl_Niemann // VP Human Resources, Kroger

Whitney_Eichinger// Senior VP of Culture & Communiactions, Southwest Airlines

Julia_Anas // Chief People Officer, Qualtrics

Wojtek_Kubik // Head of Product Management, Qualtrics

Farren_Roper// Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Qualtrics

From the greatest challenges to the technologies transforming employee experience in 2023, learn from our EX leaders as they highlight the way forward, and hear how HR leaders at Southwest Airlines and Kroger are redefining employee experiences.

Getting Closer to Your Customers in 2023

Greg_Dzurik // VP, Marketing & Innovation Strategy, Yum! Brands

Jess_Skelton-Oliveros // Head of Product Marketing, Research & Brand, Qualtrics

Jill_Larson // Chief Product Officer, Qualtrics

Ali_Henriques // Head of US Research Experts, Qualtrics

See the new technologies and new approaches for research that will help you get closer to your customers, and design new experiences to drive growth beyond 2023, plus hear how Yum! Brands is taking a fresh approach to research to tackle the 'inspiration recession' to uncover what consumers need next.

Steering Your Brand Through Uncertainty

Charlie_Frankievich // Directory Consumer Insights, Shake Shack

Melody_Wu // User Research Manager, Qualtrics

Ruth_Moss // Director, BX Solution Strategy, Qualtrics

Frank_Zinni, Ph.D // Principal XM Scientist, Qualtrics

Hear from the Qualtrics Brand Experience team how a new approach to brand management can help you quickly seize new opportunities and respond efficiently to changing market conditions, plus hear how Shake Shack is using insights to expand its footprint acros the country.

The Power of Human Connection in Digital

Gerry_Gaerlan// Senior Vice President | CX/EX Systems Leader, US Bank

Sachin_Goregaoker// Director, Product Management, Qualtrics

Ray_Gerber// Distinguished Researcher, XM Science, Qualtrics

LiLi_Wong// Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Qualtrics

In these trying times, all eyes are on digital leaders to be their company’s saviors. During this session, Qualtrics' digital experience experts will be joined by leaders from Dish, U.S. Bank, and more to explore how you can deliver more human experiences at scale.

Reimagining Careers at Coca-Cola

Tapaswee_Chandele // Global VP, Talent + Development, Coca-Cola

Keeping an eye on the future of work and a listening ear to the pulse of their organization, hear how Coca-Cola created a vision for multidirectional career growth that empowers their workforce to create unique careers and make their business future-ready.

Adding Color to Critical Decisions

Andrea_Hutson // Senior Manager, Consumer Insights, Crayola

Go behind the scenes of two of the brand’s most successful product launches— Colors of the World and Color Chemistry — to hear how Crayola puts kids’ and parents’ experience at the heart of its mission to unlock creativity for every child.

Storytelling with Data

JD_Schramm // Author, Communicate with Mastery, JD SCHRAMM COMMUNICATIONS

Join research guru and TED Talk veteran JD Schramm as he uncovers how you can drive action in your organization using data. He'll explore how tailoring your research to your audience can help drive action at every level of the organization.

Happy Employees. Happy Customers. Even Happier CFO.

Leonie_Brown // XM Advisor, Qualtrics

Cecelia_Herbert // Principal XM Catalyst, XM Institute

It’s no secret that a more engaged frontline means a better customer experience, but most companies struggle to realize the true value of a combined approach. We’ll explain how to connect the dots, so you can keep your employees engaged and customers happy for maximum impact on the bottom line.

Designing Digital Experiences that Resonate at a Human Level

Juliana_Holterhaus, Ph.D // XM Advisor, Qualtrics

Isabelle_Zdatny // XM Catalyst, XM Institute

In the rush to digitize everything and drive operational efficiency, many companies are creating digital experiences that don't really resonate with or meet the expectations of those they serve. We'll unveil our latest research to give you the lowdown on what your consumers want and how digital leaders are meeting the challenge.

Listening Beyond Employee Surveys

Antonio_Pangallo // XM Advisor, Qualtrics

Matthew_Evans // XM Advisor, Qualtrics

Your engagement surveys tell you what your people think – but how do they really feel? Learn how to uncover a new approach to employee listening that builds on your employee surveys, and brings in new data sources that help you get ahead of issues, and take action before start walking out the door.

The CX Goldmine Hidden in Your Contact Center

Shorit_Ghosh// XM Advisor, Qualtrics

Make sense of mountains of data collected in the contact center to deliver breakthrough results in every corner of the organization. We'll show you how to make the most of every call, chat, text and email, and automatically share out real-time insights with every team and department to level up the experience for customers across the board.

Balancing Bandwidth in the Contact Center

Ellen_Loeshelle // Director, Product Management, Qualtrics

Maximize the value of your contact center by giving your agents the tools and the time to do what they do best – look after your customers. Find out how to use AI and automation to your advantage so your agents are able to deliver a personalized service experience every time.

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