February 16-19     Salt Lake City


Malcolm Gladwell

Best-selling Author, Blink

Kim Scott

Formerly Apple/Google

Ryan Smith

CEO and Founder, Qualtrics

Stephen J. Dubner

Best-selling Author, Freakonomics

Timothy Ferriss

Best-selling Author, The 4-Hour Work Week

Liz Wiseman

Top 10 Leadership Thinker

Captain Phillips

Former Captain of Maersk Alabama

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy


Jon M. Huntsman, Sr.

Huntsman Cancer Institute

Tonya Del Rosario

American Airlines

Brian Tilzer


Chip Heath

Best-selling Author, Made To Stick

Dr. Dyann Daley

Cook Children's

Rob Markey

Bain & Co.

Tia Maurer

Procter & Gamble

Ben Babcock


Jeff Hawley


Apryl Pilolli

Cox Media

David Kocher

General Electric

Susanne Blazek

Korn Ferry

Shelly Wymer

University of Minnesota


Stanford University

Diane Magers


Luke Williams


Jennifer Freyd

University of Oregon

Leanne Buehler


Eric Hieger


Diane Lee

Stanford University

Tom Osmond


JoAnne Bunnage

Oregon State University

Stacy Dvergsdal

Denver Public Schools

Alec Smidt

University of Oregon

Ken Hubbell

Ingersoll Rand

Kerry McLorg

Ontario Medical Association

David Ebmeier

Molina Healthcare

Cory Davison

SMART Technologies

Neil Wieloch


Ryan Begin


Tawnya Means

University of Florida

Mitchell Aasted

Molina Healthcare

Richard Schwien


Orlando Leon

Fresno State

Erica Ruyle


Kathleen Chaballa

University of Denver

Kyle Groff


Robin Carew


TJ McLarty

Cox Media

Nate Smith


Kirk Baetens


Anthony Abbatiello


Steve Wexler


Dave Vannette


Jonathan Levav


Allison Windon


Nuria Ramsay Colon

Universal Orlando

Emil Janssens


Jonathan Bush


Steven Snell


Additional speakers will be added regularly. Check this page for updates.


Keynotes From The Best

Summit Mainstage is back and it’s going to be bigger than ever. We’ve got innovators, adventurers, and business luminaries from nearly every industry. Freakonomics author, Steven J. Dubner and Captain Phillips will be kicking things off in 2016—stay tuned for the full lineup.

Breakout Sessions From Every Brand

With 50+ expert breakout sessions from brands like Jet.com, Yamaha, and Stanford University, you’ll leave Summit with the principles and tactical knowledge you need to achieve more and do your job better.

First-Ever Qualtrics Certification Program

Leave Summit with a credential that tells everyone you’re a Qualtrics expert. Choose from three different certification tracks and get a day of hands-on product training and on-site testing. Click here for more information.

Personal Connections With Your Peers

Share insights, ideas and best practices with the brightest individuals from the most innovative organizations around the globe. Summit is the place to connect with more than 2,500 insights seekers and Qualtrics users.

Private Concert With Steven Tyler

Don’t miss the pinnacle of the party on Wednesday night where you’ll have the chance to rock out with Steven Tyler, the iconic songwriter and prolific voice of the best-selling American rock band, Aerosmith. We want you there singing along to every lyric from the man Rolling Stone cited as “one of the greatest singers of all time.

Greatest Snow on Earth

Stick around on Friday so you can continue networking on the slopes of America’s largest ski resort. Your summit pass includes a full-day ski pass, transportation to and from the hotel and lunch to enjoy with other attendees. Come experience “the greatest snow on earth.”

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The Grand America Hotel is the official 2016 Qualtrics Insight Summit partner hotel and conference location. Space is limited and rooms are available on a first come basis, so don't wait until the last minute. Your travel and accommodations are not included in the conference cost. Once you register for the conference, you will be able to register for the discounted rates listed below.


$224 / NIGHT + TAXES

As Salt Lake City’s premier five-diamond hotel, The Grand America stands in the heart of downtown, offering incredible views of the Wasatch and Oquirrh Mountain Ranges. Guests will find themselves just a short walk away from Salt Lake’s finest restaurants, and a short drive to Utah’s world-class ski resorts.


$175 / NIGHT + TAXES

We’ve also partnered with The Grand America’s sister hotel, The Little America. Located just across the street, The Little America is one of Salt Lake’s most luxurious four-diamond hotels.


3-DAY $999


  • Keynote and General Sessions
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Networking Events
  • Meals
  • Entertainment
  • Ski Day
  • Q-Swag!




4-DAY $1299


  • Keynote and General Sessions
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Networking Events
  • Meals
  • Entertainment
  • Ski Day
  • Full-day of In-Product Training
  • 1-on-1 Consulting Session 
    with a Qualtrics Expert
  • New Qualtrics Q-Qualified Training  and Certification Program (optional)
  • Q-Swag!
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6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Registration Open

7:00 am – 5:00 pm

Registration Open

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Certified Delegate training sessions (for Certified Delegates only)

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Certification testing hour (for Certified Delegates only)

7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Welcome Reception

7:30 am – 8:30 am


8:30 am – 10:00 am

Keynote addresses

10:00 am – 10:30 am


10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Keynote addresses

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Networking Lunch

1:30 pm – 2:20 pm

Winning the Battle for Share of Wallet: Turning Customer Satisfaction Metrics Into Financial Gain

+ Details

Join Luke Williams, New York Times best-selling author and vice president of customer care at AECOM, as he shares his wealth of expertise in converting customer satisfaction and loyalty into increased share of wallet.

Interactive Panel with Under Armour and the Utah Jazz

+ Details


Reignite Your VoC Program by Connecting Data Across Your Enterprise

+ Details

If your organization doesn't have a comprehensive and agile VoC program, see how easy it is to develop one, even when changing your organization's direction is like trying to turn the Titanic on a dime. In this session, you'll learn tips that everyone can use to achieve success.

7 Secrets to Creating Professional-Grade Surveys

+ Details

Join Qualtrics experts as we dive into the DNA of building powerful, engaging surveys that you, your boss, and your customers will love.

Catalyzing Understanding: The New Role for Insights

+ Details

While everyone else is busy watching their KPIs, who is taking care of the people? The insights team at 1-800 CONTACTS describes how they have transformed their role and now act as a driving force within their organization for generating and amplifying intense positive human energy.

A Little Help From Our Friends: How to Use the Qualtrics Partner and Customer Community to Your Advantage

+ Details

Come learn how our strategic partnerships allow you to do even more with Qualtrics. Whether you need to add phone surveys, create and manage an online community, or integrate with analytics and marketing tools, our Partner Ecosystem offers solutions that seamlessly extend the Qualtrics platform.

Using Qualtrics to Help Build a People Analytics Function at BlackRock: Insights and Lessons Learned

+ Details

Tom Osmond, managing director and global head of HR platform and analytics, will recount BlackRock's journey to insource their Employee Opinion Survey using Qualtrics. This change was part of a broader effort to build a People Analytics function within BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager. Tom will share the approach HR took, how they worked with their internal clients on the change, and lessons learned so far. He'll also discuss the pros and cons of creating an Analytics function within a data-driven organization.

Governing Survey Activity at a Research University

+ Details

You have Qualtrics, now what? Many fear that a self-service enterprise tool will only add to the chaos of administering surveys. Take control of your organization's surveys.

Digital Experience Roundtable: The Future of Digital Optimization

+ Details

Experts from a variety of industries discuss the technologies, priorities, and strategies that will typify the next generation of digital optimization programs. Learn what the global experts think and meet peers at this highly interactive roundtable discussion.

2:20 pm – 2:40 pm


2:40 pm – 3:30 pm

How to Drive Big Innovation With the Smallest of Insights

+ Details

With a global portfolio of billion-dollar brands, P&G products make everyday life better in small but meaningful ways. Getting it wrong can cost millions. Learn how P&G uses Qualtrics to get it right.

Building an Agile Research Data Machine in an Entertainment Environment

+ Details

Come learn how the research team at Universal Orlando uses Qualtrics to collect omnichannel feedback and converts massive data sets into meaningful, actionable insights.

Little-Known Qualtrics Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

+ Details

Have you ever had one of those moments where you thought to yourself, "How did I not know this before?" Join us for a fast-paced session as we uncover some of our favorite features to help you make a bigger impact in less time.

Solving the Puzzle: Leveraging Journey Mapping, Advanced Analytics & Qualtrics for Deeper Insights & Better Performance

+ Details

Knowing the complete picture has always been the Holy Grail. Learn best practices for creating holistic solutions via the merger of qualitative research, advanced statistics, and Qualtrics to drive operational performance, product development, and brand positioning, resulting in a better understanding of customers and the marketplace.

Why Salesforce Customers Are Asking for Qualtrics

+ Details

Did you know that surveys are Salesforce customers' number-one most requested app? Join speakers from Salesforce and Qualtrics for a discussion about why and how companies are integrating Qualtrics with Salesforce at every stage of the customer journey.

Improving Student Learning: Qualtrics & Canvas for Education

+ Details

In this combined session, Stanford and Florida will share unique ways to use Qualtrics for enhancing teaching and learning. Some methods that will be discussed include delivering educational materials, student interaction, and collecting student input on learning activities in real-time.

Professional Survey Methodology: Questionnaire Design Theory and Best Practices

+ Details

Writing methodologically sound survey questions is far from intuitive. This session will provide guidance on best practices for question and questionnaire design based on empirical research. After attending, you will have a better idea of how to write surveys optimized for collecting valid and reliable data.

Product Tour: The Future of Employee Insights Technology

+ Details

Join us as we show how leading organizations are using Qualtrics Employee Engagement and Qualtrics 360 to engage and develop their employees.

Voice of the Customer Interactive Roundtable Discussion: Innovation in a Customer-Driven World

+ Details

Join Kyle Groff, principal consultant of customer experience at Qualtrics and former leader of JetBlue's award-winning customer experience program, as he hosts a roundtable discussion centered around the hottest topics in VoC. Come learn from Qualtrics and your peers as we discuss the future of data collection, charting, dashboarding, text analytics, data analysis, and driving action in your organization.

3:30 pm – 3:50 pm


3:50 pm – 4:40 pm

It's Personal: How CVS Health Is Creating a Connected Health Experience for Its Customers

+ Details

In this session, Brian Tilzer, senior vice president and chief digital officer for CVS Health, will explain how the company uses technology tools to fuel its patient-centric approach to innovation, recognizing that each individual’s healthcare journey is personal. Brian will discuss the company’s digital strategy and specific digital tools they've developed to help each customer save time and money, and stay healthy.

Corporate Culture: The Hunt For Workforce Heart and Mind

+ Details

According to Deloitte’s 2015 Human Capital Trends Report, culture and engagement are the top talent issues organizations face today, and organizations need to understand that the motivations of employees have changed. People, especially millennials, are driven by purpose and experience more than career ambitions. This is creating a growing disconnect between organizational goals and employee behaviors. With the understanding that emotional connectedness is an essential part of even the most mundane decision-making, Anthony Abbatiello, Principal in Deloitte’s Human Capital practice, will speak to how Deloitte is approaching measuring culture and what is needed to move the needle to close the gap between behavior and desired business outcomes.

Finding Clarity in VoC Chaos: Driving Meaningful Change With Customer Feedback

+ Details

Learn how the world's largest airline is using Qualtrics to streamline their Voice of the Customer program and drive meaningful change around the globe.

Connected Data: Pulling Data From ERP and HR Systems Into Salesforce, And Then to Qualtrics

+ Details

Join AECOM to learn how they turned their disparate but core enterprise technologies - including Qualtrics, Salesforce, ERP and HR systems - into a seamless system with all parts in sync.

5 Ways to Stop Annoying Your Survey Respondents

+ Details

Maintaining strong relationships with respondents is critical to doing good research, but your survey audience is inundated by emails every day—so how do you stand out and ensure that you aren’t annoying your respondents each time you contact them?

Streamlining Your Voice of the Customer Program: Automating Survey Follow-ups, Panel Updates, and Reports

+ Details

How do you use personalization, mobile optimization, and automation to increase survey takers’ engagement when completing program evaluations? Learn from Korn Ferry’s journey from 8+ survey platforms and 15+ types of program evaluations to a single, powerful evaluation approach that takes advantage of all of Qualtrics’ strengths, including dashboarding and benchmarking.

Telling the Student Course Evaluation Story with Qualtrics

+ Details

Students are the lifeblood of education and each has a story to tell! Are you listening? With Qualtrics, insights from student course evaluations are dynamic and actionable. Qualtrics, together with Brigham Young University-Idaho, will demonstrate and discuss the Qualtrics Course Evaluation Solution. It's a great story!

Using Qualtrics to Recruit, Screen, Schedule, and Organize In-Person Focus Groups and User Testing Participants

+ Details

Creating focus groups the old way can be time-consuming and costly. Join us as we use technology to rethink the way focus groups are created and managed. In this applied session, we'll create a focus group recruiting tool using Qualtrics features like panels, quotas, display logic, survey flow, and triggers.

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop (Extended Session)

+ Details


4:40 pm - 7:15 pm

Night in the City

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Concert with Steven Tyler and the Loving Mary Band

8:00 am – 9:00 am


9:00 am – 11:00 am

Keynote addresses

11:00 am – 11:30 am


11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Keynote addresses

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

Networking Lunch

2:00 pm – 2:50 pm

Democratizing Customer Insights and Rapid Innovation

+ Details

Discover how Jet.com is creating a culture of transparent customer research to empower their team to drive user centered innovation. You'll leave with best practices for democratizing business metrics, customer experience metrics and data analytics to help your colleagues understand, take ownership, and improve the customer experience across the entire customer lifecycle.

Make Your Boss Happy and Your Customers Even Happier: Salesforce-Integrated, VoC Feedback Programs for B2B

+ Details

Sometimes you have questions that can only be answered by another practitioner. Go on a B2B VoC adventure with Autodesk and GE Digital to explore attendee-defined topics, including survey design, journey mapping, Salesforce integration, closed-loop follow-up, metrics/reporting, and analytics/insights. You’ll leave with best practices and benchmarks from two leading B2B organizations.

Taking Stock of Your Net Promoter System®

+ Details

Thousands of companies use Net Promoter in some form or fashion, but do you knowhow well your Company uses the Net Promoter System? Bain & Company has developed the Net Promoter System Assessment to help you compare your efforts to best-in-class performers, find areas for improvement, and avoid the most common pitfalls. Bain Partner Rob Markey will share the latest insights from this new tool.

Getting Personal: Pioneering Strategies that Deliver the Right Content at the Right Time to Digital Consumers

+ Details

An explosion of content and social media consumption patterns have altered the media landscape. Cox Media Group will present the strategies they've pursued and the technology that has enabled them to achieve dramatic increases in social and content engagement metrics.

Building a State-Of-The-Art Voice of the Customer Program With Qualtrics Vocalize

+ Details

Join us as we dive into the characteristics of world-class VoC programs and take an in-depth look at the technology they are using to propel their organizations and increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue.

Methodology: Upping Your Game in Survey Data Analytics

+ Details

Summarizing your data into impactful and easily comprehensible insights can be daunting, and researchers often fail to extract the maximum value from their data. This session will provide applied tools to improve your ability to analyze and present your survey data.

Effective Ways to Use Qualtrics as a Tool for Employee Retention

+ Details


Employee Insights for Academia

+ Details

Case Study: Learn how to use Qualtrics Employee Engagement and 360 to uncover pockets of engagement and disengagement at your university. With the use of hierarchical reporting and real-time, dynamic dashboards, these systems help capture and improve the overall engagement of your faculty and staff.

Roundtable Discussion: The Future of Market Research

+ Details

Join industry experts and Qualtrics as we host a roundtable discussion centered around the hottest topics in market research. Come learn from Qualtrics and your peers as we discuss the future of data collection, improving response rates, driving change in your organization, and survey methodology.

2:50 pm – 3:05 pm


3:05 pm – 3:55 pm

7 Secrets to Storytelling Success With Statistics (Back by Popular Demand)

+ Details

Analyzing your survey data is just the beginning. How do you communicate your data to the people who can act on it? Stanford's J.D. Schramm will provide participants a simple, seven-step method for effective storytelling. Learn best practices for speaking, writing, and illustrating your data so you can create change inside your organization.

Qualtrics and Tableau—Better Than Peanut Butter and Chocolate

+ Details

Learn how to use Qualtrics’ new Tableau connector and how to best visualize survey data using Tableau. This session will cover best practices for setting up your data in Qualtrics, visualizing likert and NPS questions, showing sentiment over time, visual ranking within a category, and real-time benchmarking and jitterplots.

Introduction to Conjoint Analysis and MaxDiff: How JetBlue Uses Advanced Techniques to Understand What Passengers Really Care About

+ Details

Ready to elevate your research? Join us for an introductory course and learn how JetBlue uses conjoint Analysis and MaxDiff to understand what passengers care about most.

Why Purpose Matters Most

+ Details

For organizations, purpose has proven to be the single most powerful tool to drive top and bottom line growth. In this entertaining and informative session, Louis Effron, a global thought leader will define organizational purpose and discuss how it's best utilized in today's competitive environment.

The Future of Voice of the Student for Universities

+ Details

Fresno State's pilot Voice of the Student iniative utilized the DISCOVERe "tablet" iniative to distrupt the teaching and learning space with innovative technology. In this presentation, Fresno State will share how they used Qualtrics' Voice of the Customer (VoC) platform to tune into student insights and complement their Qualtrics/Tableau quantitative analytics dashboards with qualitative analytics.

Advanced Segmentation: Building Rich Profiles and Targeting the Right Audience

+ Details

Can you identify your most valuable customers? In this session you'll learn how to build rich consumer profiles and segment your survey respondents in ways that improve the quality and usefulness of your data and insights. We'll cover several case studies that highlight our best practices in action.

Workshop: Building an Online Learning Platform with Qualtrics

+ Details

Many organizations use Qualtrics strictly for data-gathering surveys and analytics. In this demonstration, we will explore using Qualtrics to author dynamic e-learning courses -- all it takes is a little custom HTML and CSS. Bring your laptops and share the experience.

Go Digital: Characteristics of the Most Innovative Digital Optimization Programs

+ Details

Learn how the world's most innovative companies execute digital optimization programs built on website / mobile site feedback and customer engagement. Understand specific ways to increase loyalty, engagement, and conversion across your digital assets.

Employee Engagement Roundtable: Strategizing Beyond Surveys

+ Details

"Simply doing a survey and publishing the results is not the same as an engagement strategy." This was the key finding of research commissioned by the UK government. 5 years later, it's still a headline concern for HR teams around the world seeking to get more from their engagement programs. Join Sarah Marrs from Qualtrics as she hosts a roundtable discussion centered around driving action and getting better outcomes from your engagement survey data through the use of pulse surveys, real-time data analysis, and manager dashboarding.

3:55 pm – 4:10 pm


4:10 pm – 5:00 pm

Building True Customer Centricity – How to Deliver Success within a Complex Global Organization

+ Details

Join Allison Windon, Global Practice Director, Allianz with Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE (AGCS), and Brian Stucki, Head of Client Success at Qualtrics as they share their successful approach to engaging an organization to build an effective Customer Experience Program. Learn about understanding and managing the different needs of multiple stakeholders and applying these in a complex B2B2B market. You'll leave with tips and a better understanding of the tools needed to gain buy-in while setting yourself up for success.

Discover What's New in Qualtrics

+ Details

Join the Qualtrics Product Management Team as they discuss the latest and greatest product enhancements shared in the General Session this morning. Come ask questions and dive deeper into the future of the Qualtrics.

The ROI of Customer Experience

+ Details

On average, happy customers are five times more likely to repurchase a product or service – and loyal customers can make or break your company's bottom line. So how do you show company leaders the ROI of your program in the most effective way? Join Qualtrics' principal consultant of customer experience, Kyle Groff, as he shares his secrets for magnifying the impact of your work.

Panel Management: The Secret to Higher Response Rates and Faster Turnaround Times

+ Details

Tired of high costs and slow turnaround times on your projects? Not getting the response rates you need? It's time to recruit and build your own research panel. A well-managed research panel allows you to quickly and easily get answers to key questions at a fraction of the cost of other research methods. Learn how to recruit, engage, and reward your own panel of survey respondents.

How Innovative Companies Are Using Adobe Analytics and Qualtrics to Revolutionize Digital Conversion and Engagement

+ Details

In an increasingly digital world, the customer experience almost invariably begins online. The world's most innovative companies are integrating their analytics platforms with other technology layers to engage online and mobile visitors based on profile and behavioral criteria. Learn how these innovators employ highly targeted strategies to drive greater conversion and customer loyalty.

Voice of the Customer – Turn Research Into Action

+ Details

Are you having trouble making research results relevant to your organization? Do you want to improve your Voice of the Customer efforts? In this case study, you'll learn how SMART Technologies – a leader in interactive technology – went from inert research reporting to nimble results that engage the organization in an action-oriented Voice of the Customer program.

Lessons From the Employee Engagement Plan That Inspired Excellence in Denver's Public Schools

+ Details

Employee engagement is most powerful when it's connected to an organization’s mission and strategy. In this session, hear how Denver Public Schools improved its culture by implementing shared core values and aligning employee engagement to the organization’s mission. Learn simple methods for implementing strategic employee engagement in your organization.

Expert Panel: Driving Impact with Qualtrics on Campus

+ Details

Qualtrics is enthusiastically used at thousands of universities, yet academic users often do not fully utilize all its powerful features and use cases. Learn from three top users the ways they use Qualtrics on campus and how they make an impact at their universities.

How Qualtrics Ensures Security and Privacy of Data, and How You Can, Too

+ Details

As researchers collect more confidential and personal data, it’s imperative to keep that data secure. This session explains (at a high level) the security controls Qualtrics uses to protect survey data, as well as useful tips for survey creators on how to protect their data. In addition, we’ll discuss privacy issues as they relate to research data (EU rulings, HIPAA, data protection acts).

5:15 pm – 6:00 pm

The Qualtrics Basics: Building and Distributing

+ Details

​Join our experts and learn how simple it is to collect insights with Qualtrics. They'll guide you through the basics of creating, distributing, and customizing surveys. If you're new to Qualtrics, don't miss this!

Advanced Building and Distributing in Qualtrics

+ Details

Join Qualtrics experts and learn how to become a Qualtrics master. They'll teach you features such as survey logic options, randomization, embedded data, piped text, and so much more to help you gather even more insights.

Visualizing Your Data in Qualtrics: Responses, Results, and Reports

+ Details

Great insights deserve to be presented in a compelling manner. Join Qualtrics experts to learn how to visualize and share your insights. They'll guide you through the basics of creating, distributing, and customizing reports. Even if you've used Qualtrics for years, you don't want to miss this!

7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Casino de Rio

8:00 am – 11:00 am

Transportation buses leave from hotel to ski resort

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Qualtrics Ski Day

1:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Buses return to Grand America

Additional agenda information will be added regularly. Check this page for updates.


The new Qualtrics Certification Program gives you the credential you need to show your bosses – present and future – that you know your way around the world’s leading enterprise research platform. At Summit, you’ll gain access to 10+ hours of valuable certification, course material, a day of hands-on product training, and on-site certification testing.

We’ve built three levels of product certification so that whether you’re a novice or an expert, you can complete the right certification and become your organization’s designated Qualtrics guru. Click here for more information.

  • Basic and intermediate survey building
  • Basic reporting and analytics
  • Basic distribution
  • Basic project design and implementation theory
  • Survey best-practices
  • Advanced survey building
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Advanced distribution and panel management
  • Advanced project design and implementation theory
  • Survey best-practices
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Custom CSS and JavaScript
  • Survey Methodology
  • Administration
  • Master survey building
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Advanced distribution and panel management
  • Advanced project design and implementation theory
  • Survey best-practices
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Advanced CSS and JavaScript
  • Survey Methodology
  • Administration
  • Conjoint and MaxDiff
  • APIs and Integrations


And The Loving Mary Band


Don’t miss the pinnacle of the party on Wednesday night where you’ll have the chance to rock out with Steven Tyler, the iconic songwriter and prolific voice of the best-selling American rock band, Aerosmith. We want you there singing along to every lyric from the man Rolling Stone cited as “one of the greatest singers of all time.


At Summit we know that some of the best connections are made and the innovative ideas are found when you’re having a great time. So we have a full lineup of entertainment and networking options to choose from.

Welcome Reception

Kick off your Summit experience at the Welcome Reception. Enjoy fine food and drinks as you network with thousands of industry leaders and Qualtrics experts.

Networking Lunches

Take advantage of the opportunity to swap stories and learn what other industry leaders are doing to innovate and tackle hard problems. We promise good eats, new ideas and valuable connections.

Qualtrics Arcade & Lounge

Eat, drink, and network in Qualtrics’ Arcade and Lounge. We’re filling the lounge with snacks, games, and plush couches so you can unwind and relax with your peers.

Happy Hours

Join us for Qualtrics happy hours after the breakout sessions. You bring the great conversation and we’ll take care of the libations.

Casino Night

Try your luck on the final evening of the conference with poker, roulette, blackjack and other games of chance. And don’t worry about losing your shirt—chips are provided and prizes are free.

Coffee Chats

Meet up for quick 15-20 minute coffee chats with individuals in similar roles or industries. Simply sign up, and we’ll organize your meetup so you can forge lasting professional connections.

Register Now


Where is the 2016 Qualtrics Insight Summit?

The 2016 Qualtrics Insight Summit will take place at the five-diamond Grand America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City. Some breakout sessions and other activities will be held at the four-diamond Little America Hotel across the street.

What are the conference dates?

The conference begins Tuesday evening, February 16, 2016 and continues through Thursday evening, February 18, 2016. There is an optional Qualtrics Ski Day on Friday, February 19, 2016 included at no additional cost for attendees if you’d like to join other Qualtrics users on the mountain.

When should I arrive for the conference?

Check in for the conference begins Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 8 a.m. If you are a certified delegate, the first class begins on Tuesday, February 16 @ 10:00 a.m. The opening reception for all attendees begins that evening at 7:00 p.m.

What is the registration cost for the Qualtrics Insight Summit?

The full conference rate is $999. To be a Certified Delegate attendee, the rate is $1,299.

How do I register?

Please register for the 2016 Qualtrics Insight Summit at www.qualtrics.com/summit

How do I pay?

Please register and pay for the Qualtrics Insight Summit www.qualtrics.com/summit.When you register you can pay by credit, debit, money order or bank transfer.

What if I would like to register but need to pay in another form other than credit card?

Please contact insightsummit@qualtrics.com, if you require a different payment method than invoice, credit or debit card.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

All event registration cancellations must be received in writing. Email your cancellation request to insightsummit@qualtrics.com.

  • Full Refund: Cancellation must be received by 11:59 p.m. (PST) on Friday, January 15, 2015
  • 50% Return: Cancellations must be received between 12:00 a.m. (PST) on Saturday, January 16, 2016 and 11:59 p.m. (PST) on Monday, February 8, 2016
  • No refunds will be given after 11:59 p.m. (PST) on Monday, February 9, 2015
Can I substitute delegate passes if I am unable to attend?

If you are unable to attend the 2016 Qualtrics Insight Summit, you may transfer your registration to another person by sending an email with the new attendee's name and contact information to insightsummit@qualtrics.com by Friday, February 12, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. (PST). Substitution requests after this date may be subject to a US $100 transaction fee.

If I cancel my attendee registration, can I transfer my hotel reservation to another attendee?

Registration for the conference and reservations for the hotel are separate transactions. All hotel reservations are made directly with The Grand America. If you will be using a new credit card during the substitution, the substituting attendee will need to complete a new hotel reservation through the hotel reservation process and submit the new credit card to secure the reservation.

If you are just changing the name on a reservation and not the credit card, you are welcome to make this change directly with The Grand America Hotel by calling (801) 258-6000

Can I bring a guest?

Guests are not permitted to attend most activities including keynotes, general sessions, breakouts and meals. However if you have a guest that would like to take advantage of the ski day transportation bust or attend the concert with you, please contact insightsummit@qualtrics.com. These requests may be accommodated on a first come first serve basis. There are many opportunities for attractions for guests to take advantage of in the Salt Lake area during the day, while you are attending the conference. Please visit www.visitsaltlake.com

Will I be able to register and pay for the conference onsite?

If the conference has not reached the capacity by the start of the event, you can pay onsite. This fee for onsite registration will be $1,699. You can contact the event team to check on availability beforehand by emailing insightsummit@qualtrics.com.

Are there special conference hotel rates?

You can take advantage of special conference delegate room rates at the five-diamond Grand America Hotel; $224 for a premier king, double queen, or executive suite.

We have also negotiated rates at The Grand America’s sister hotel, the Little America across, the street for $175 per night.

How do I book a hotel for the Qualtrics Insight Summit?

The easiest way to book your hotel room is to reserve your room at the same time you register for the conference. Once you register and pay for your delegate pass, you will receive an email confirmation. Follow the instructions in that email to select your desired hotel room.

I have already registered for Qualtrics Insight Summit. How can I add a hotel reservation to my registration or make changes to my existing hotel reservation?

If you do not reserve your hotel upon registration, please email insightsummit@qualtrics.com. We will send you a link to reserve a room and take advantage of the special conference pricing. Changes to existing registrations should be made directly with The Grand America Hotel at (801) 258-6000 or jeff@evsg.com.

What is the hotel room cancellation policy?

Cancellations for a hotel room or suite reservation must be received with 48 hours before the day of arrival or the hotel will charge your credit card for one night’s accommodation.

If I cancel my registration, can I transfer my hotel reservation to another attendee?

If you will be using a new credit card during the substitution, the substituting attendee will need to complete a new hotel reservation through the reservation process and submit the new credit card to secure the reservation. If you are just changing the name on a reservation and not the credit card, you are welcome to make this change directly with The Grand America Hotel.

What if I don’t check in on my scheduled arrival date?

The hotel will charge for one night’s accommodation and cancel the reservation.

Can I make a hotel reservation through the Qualtrics Insight Summit Registration and Housing without a credit card to guarantee my reservation?

No, the hotel requires a credit card on file to make a hotel reservation.

Where do I find transportation information to get to and from my hotel?

Taxi cabs are available at the airport when you arrive. The hotel is a 10 minute drive from the airport and the one-way cab fare will be approximately $22-$25 USD and are the easiest form of transportation if you are not renting a car.

The Grand America Hotel does not offer complimentary shuttles from the Salt Lake City International Airport, but partners with a transportation company, Premier Transportation, and the concierge can assist with reservations: (801) 258-6703. At the airport, you can find shuttles at the All Resort (Premier) kiosk located across from baggage claim 4 in Terminal 1 and baggage claim 8 in Terminal 2. You may visit the website for rates and reservations: http://www.premier-transportation.com/

You can also use the new “Green Line” on Trax (Salt Lake City’s light rail system) that runs to and from the airport. The Grand America is located half a block south from the Courthouse stop. A one-way fare from the airport is $2.50.

What are other hotel options in Salt Lake City?

Salt Lake City has many hotel options, but only the Grand America Hotel and Little America offer a special discounted room rate for conference attendees. You can book other hotels on your own, rather than through the conference registration site.

Is hotel included in the conference fee?

No, the conference fee does not include hotel room fees and transportation costs. The conference fee includes all conference materials, sessions, meals, entertainment and promotional items.

Where can I find information on Salt Lake City?

Find more information at www.visitsaltlake.com.

What is the weather like in Salt Lake City in February?

Generally the temperatures in Salt Lake City in February range from the mid 30s to mid 40s degrees Fahrenheit. You can find a history of temperatures at: http://www.wunderground.com/history/airport/KSLC/2013/02/18/DailyHistory.html

Which airport is closest to Salt Lake City?

The nearest and most convenient airport is the Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). It is located just a 10 minute drive from The Grand America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake.

How do I arrange ground transportation?

Transportation to and from the airport is not provided in your conference registration. Taxi time from the airport to the hotel is approximately 10 minutes. The “Green Line” on Trax (Salt Lake City’s light rail system) runs to and from the airport. The Grand America Hotel is located half a block south from the Courthouse stop. A one-way fare from the airport is $2.50.

The hotel does not offer a complimentary shuttle. The Grand America does partner with transportation company, Premier Transportation, and the concierge can assist with reservations. Their direct line is 801-258-6703. At the airport, shuttles can be found at the All Resort (Premier) kiosk located across from baggage claim 4 in Terminal 1 and baggage claim 8 in Terminal 2. Guests can visit the website for rates and reservations if they would prefer. http://www.premier-transportation.com/

Is airfare included in my conference registration?

No, the conference fees do not include airfare or transportation costs. The conference fee does include all conference materials, sessions, meals, entertainment, ski day pass and promotional items.


What types of tracks and sessions can I expect?

More details on the keynote topics, general sessions, and breakout sessions will be coming soon. Make sure to check back often to see the full conference agenda online at www.qualtrics.com/summit

When can I register for breakout sessions?

There is no need to pre-register for breakout sessions in advance. You are free to attend any session you like. All trainings are limited to 40 people and are on a first come, first serve basis and repeated 3 times throughout the day.

Where can I find an agenda for the event?

A more detailed description of the general and breakout sessions will be coming soon. Make sure to check back often to see updates in speakers and sessions at www.qualtrics.com/summit. All future conference agendas, including keynote sessions and breakouts will be available online.

Will conference presentations be made available?

All approved presentations decks will be available online for registrants after the conference. Please note that all speakers have the option to opt-out of sharing their presentations publicly.

When and where is the Qualtrics Ski Day?

The Qualtrics Ski Day will be Friday, February 19, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The contracted Ski Resort will be Park City Mountain Resort.

Will transportation be provided for the Qualtrics Ski Day?

Transportation buses will be provided to and from The Grand America Hotel to the ski resort. Transportation buses will leave The Grand America Hotel beginning at 8:00 a.m. and run every half hour to and from the resort. The last transportation buses will leave the resort at 5:00 p.m.
You are welcome to organize your own transportation, but Qualtrics will not reimburse these costs.

If I do not want to participate in the Qualtrics Ski Day, can I get a discount?

No, there is not a registration discount if you choose not to participate in the optional ski day. This ski-day event is a complimentary gift from Qualtrics for all attendees.

Can I attend the ski day but not ski?

If you do not want to ski or snowboard, you are more than welcome to join Qualtrics and other users for the ski day. You may use the transportation buses to walk through the shops at the Resort. You are also welcome to still use your lift ticket just to ride up and down the mountain and enjoy the scenery.

Will Qualtrics provide rental ski/snowboard equipment?

Qualtrics will not be providing any ski/snowboard equipment as part of the Qualtrics ski day.

Is rental ski/snowboard equipment available for the Qualtrics Ski Day?

Qualtrics will have negotiated rental rates with several rental companies in the downtown Salt Lake City area and at the ski resort for you to take advantage of. More information will be sent on these options to those who sign up for the ski day.

Who should I contact if I have special dietary needs or allergies?

Please specify that you have food allergies while registering. You can also specify dietary needs or allergies by sending an email to: insightsummit@qualtrics.com

What is the recommended attire for the conference?

The recommended attire for the Qualtrics Insight Summit is business casual. The attire for the evening’s entertainment activities on Wednesday and Thursday evening is casual.

Are spouses or children invited to the Qualtrics social activities?

While we do encourage you to bring your family out to visit Utah, spouses and children are not invited to participate in the business or social activities. The only exception is that family and friends are welcome to join the transportation buses to and from the ski resort on Friday, February 20th. If you would like a non-attendee to take advantage of the shuttles, please email insightsummit@qualtrics.com by Monday, February 16th.

What if I still have unanswered questions about the Qualtrics Insight Summit?

Contact us at insightsummit@qualtrics.com with any other questions. We look forward to seeing you in February!

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