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EX PRODUCT KEYNOTE // Your Workforce is Changing—Are you Ready For It?

julie larson-green Chief Experience Officer, Qualtrics

jeff james Vice President, Disney Institute

The workforce has experienced drastic changes and continues its transformation. Come learn about the employee breakthrough insights that are driving workforce change across every industry, and leave with the tools and strategies to get ahead so you can effectively attract, engage, retain your best employees. You’ll hear from Qualtrics Chief Experience Officer, Julie Larson-Green and The Disney Institute's VP and President, Jeff James. You'll also get a sneak peek at the latest Qualtrics product innovations to help you drive your employee experience strategy forward.

CX PRODUCT KEYNOTE // Breaking Down CX Breakthroughs: The Future of Transformational Customer Experiences

David Neeleman Founder, Azul, JetBlue, WestJet

Webb Stevens VP of CX, Qualtrics

Customer experience is increasingly becoming the competitive battleground for brands around the world. But delivering differentiated experiences that lead to measurable impact can be a challenge. In this session, learn how David Neeleman, founder of JetBlue, Azul and Morris Airlines, drove continuous breakthrough in a nearly 100 year old aviation industry. In addition to hearing from a transformational CX leader, get a first look at the latest innovations to the Qualtrics CX platform that will help you achieve customer experience breakthroughs in your own organizations.

Measuring Growth: The Breakthrough Helping GoDaddy Increase Profitability by Closing Experience Gaps

Mike McLaughlin Chief Customer Officer, GoDaddy

When GoDaddy was founded, it was about serving a community of entrepreneurs to enable them to launch their business online and receive the same support experience as the biggest companies. Years later, they emerged as the world's largest cloud platform dedicated to small ventures under one premise: provide the best customer and product experience. Period. Part of that radical evolution was closing key experience gaps, including brining essential product and customer experiences under Mike McLaughlin and tying business results to experiences.

Listen and Act: How AMEX Pairs Listening & Insights to Bring the Voice of the Customer to Life

luis angel-lalanne VP, Customer Listening, American Express

To be truly customer-centric you need to empower people at all levels of your organization to listen to the customer and act on the insights. With an emphasis on customer listening from call center to the C-suite you’ll find new ways to learn from your customers. Find out how American Express employs a broad spectrum of approaches (from call listening to advanced modeling) to empower employees and uncover meaningful insights to create world-class Customer Experiences.

How Data Drives Zillow Group's Culture: Improving Engagement, Inclusion, and Development Amid Growth

dan spaulding Chief People Officer, Zillow Group

Culture is at the cornerstone of Zillow Group’s business and it’s one of the main drivers behind yet another year on Glassdoor’s “Best Places to Work” list. But creating and evolving a strong, inclusive, and thriving culture isn’t easy in a high-growth company that competes for top tech talent. Learn how Zillow Group leadership depends on experience data to not only help build culture, attract talent, and drive engagement, and also how they empower managers to do the same within every team.

The Future of Experience Management in Government

chelsie bright Citizen XM Scientist , Qualtrics

nick sinai Former U.S. Deputy CTO, United States

matt broffman Director, Digital Platforms, City of Orlando

Marcy Jacobs Executive Director, Department of Veterans Affairs, Digital Service

For the first time in history, technology makes it possible for governments to engage people in real-time, across demographics, in the moments that matter most. How do we build a future where feedback from government customers and employees is used to create experiences that work for everyone? From shared services to digital engagement to human centered design, what is government doing well now, and what is the future of experience management in government?

Making magic from the mundane: how Google uses experience design to re-imagine the G-Suite

amy lokey VP, User Experience, Google

Google’s products are designed to be smart and personal by leveraging Google’s vast investment in AI. Learn about the research, stories, and outcomes that have helped G-Suite evolve to become a massively personal and scalable product experience. Within G Suite, our goal is to elevate human accomplishment, so we focus on how we can use AI in a way that is both personal, and helps people accomplish their most important tasks more quickly and easily.

How to Maximize Security in Experience Management

adam marrè Head of Security Ops , Qualtrics

Security today falls not only to the professionals but to every data professional. Former FBI Cyber Special Agent Adam Marrè outlines how to guard against avoidable incidents, increase security awareness across the organization, and explores security feature value for researchers and experience managers.

Measuring the Immeasurable: How Challenging Norms Leads to Richer Student Experiences

shira good Director, Service Standards, Bloomfield Hills Schools

Learn how Bloomfield Hills Schools is revolutionizing public education by challenging traditional student success metrics. See how finding new opportunities to measure modern workplace skills like critical thinking and grit is changing the conversation around education and how to apply these new ideas in your own district.

Would You Do That to Your Mother? 5 Steps to Accelerate CX and Earn Admirable Growth

Jeanne Bliss Founder and CEO, CustomerBliss

Jeanne Bliss, an international architect of the customer experience movement, pushes us out of the mechanics of experience to what must exist to truly change a company to earn admirable growth. This is creating an insistence on what our behavioral model must be, and what we won’t tolerate it to be. It is choosing our non-negotiables about how we will and will not grow. It is how intent and motivation for helping customers and employees achieve their goals must translate to how we operate, guide people and elevate them to bring the best version of themselves to work. In this session, Bliss provides a template for reviewing our lives as customers and our customers lives – offering 4 dimensions where we must behave admirably in our actions, with our people, and in how we choose to run our business. Her 5th is a new simple quiz to use throughout your organization that will clear the path for action, and simplify what we must and must not do – to guide our leaders our organizations to earn admirable growth.

B2B CX Is Different - Your Strategy Should Be Too!

Steve Walker Chairman and CEO, Walker

Customer experience initiatives in B2B companies are widely seen as trailing the progress being made by B2C organizations. Complicated purchasing rituals, long supply chains, account-level relationships and a number of other factors make B2B CX challenging and complex. CX icon Steve Walker will host an enlightening discussion with CX leaders from three prominent companies in three very different industries. He’ll break down the key challenges and provide practical advice, resources, and motivation to help CX leaders develop effective strategies for CX success.

Latest Insight: The Changing Drivers of Customer Experience and Channel Success

Mark Miller Practice Leader, Customer Service Solutions, J.D. Power

In this session, J.D. Power shares data and insights that point to big changes in what customers want, and what it takes to meet those expectations across self-service and assisted channels. J.D. Power will share cross-industry data from over 1,000 companies, plus delve into what verified top performers are doing to drive higher satisfaction at lower total operating cost even as consumer preferences, your workforce, and your competitive environment changes. Attendees will walk away with specific strategies, tactics and benchmarks to help your organization succeed now and in the future.

Enabling Agile CX in the Latin American financial industry

alma aguilar Director, Voice of Customer, Banco Santander Mexico

jorge-arturo lara-quintero Gerente de Cumplimiento, CredibanCo S.A.

Organizations in emerging markets are transforming their organizational cultures with customer centricity, with practical examples of financial organizations from Colombia and Mexico. (Session will be conducted in Spanish)

Challenge Accepted! Design and Implement your Customer Experience Management System the Right Way

Christine Winchester Senior Technical Consultant, Ugam

Elsa Yan Customer Experience Solutions Leader, McKinsey & Company

What are successful CXM programs doing right? How did they get there? Join Elsa Yan from McKinsey & Company and Christine Winchester from Ugam in this interactive discussion as they guide you by sharing stories in addressing common challenges across industries and best practices to avoid common pitfalls. Let’s take your CXM to the next level!

XM PLATFORM DEEP DIVE // Research to Drive Product and Brand Experience Breakthroughs

kelly waldher VP, BX, Qualtrics

jay choi VP, Research Core, Qualtrics

Maria Voronina Product & Brand Research, Chobani

Paul Long VP, Enterprise Customer Experience, UnitedHealth Group

Josh Sarpen Customer Insights Manager, Kum & Go

What does it take to get breakthrough insights? Come listen to some of the biggest brands in the world, including: Chobani: how they’ve built the #1 yogurt brand internationally UnitedHealth Group: how a 300K employee organization is revolutionizing end-to-end customer experience by centralizing insights across the organization Kum & Go: how one small insights team is taking on the breakfast giants Whether you’re a customer, product, brand, or employee insights professional, we’ll show you how to leverage the Qualtrics XM Platform to lead your industries in innovation, scale research across your entire organization, and integrate automation and machine learning into your research workflow to get breakthrough insights.

Simple Changes to Create the Future of Contact Centers

luke williams Head of CX Strategy, Qualtrics

The contact center is often the low point of a customer’s experience with a brand. But if they're calling, then the stakes are high. With the right approach and tools, you can turn their pain into an opportunity for a lasting positive experience and improved loyalty. In this session, you’ll learn how to meet your customer's needs and delight them in the process.

The Product Experience That Changed the World: An Insider's Story of Building the iPhone

ken kocienda Former Principal Engineer, Apple

During some of the most transformative years at Apple, Ken Kocienda was demo-ing top-secret products to Steve Jobs and penning his name with only 23 others - including Steve Jobs - on the original iPhone patent, a product that has revolutionized the way we communicate, work, and play. Learn how Ken and the Apple team built the iPhone from the ground-up at the direction of Steve Jobs' creative genius, and created one of the most renowned product experiences of our time.

The Why Behind the What: Using Analytics to Improve Customer Retention

rachel richter VP, Customer Insights, Dun & Bradstreet

Retaining a customer is less expensive and often leads to higher lifetime value than acquiring new ones, but it’s easier said than done. Many B2B companies lean heavily on financial data and firmographics to study retention patterns – profiling patterns across industries and company sizes. In this session, you’ll learn how to augment your approach with experience data and other operational data to not only understand the key drivers of attrition but identify actions to take before it’s too late, so you can retain your most valuable customers.

How to Connect Candidate, Employee, & Alumni Experiences to Build a World-Class Talent Brand

shaunda zilich Head of Talent Branding, Qualtrics

jennifer carpenter VP of Talent Acquisition, Delta

john meyer CEO, Lemonly

kristen weirick Vice President, Talent Acquisition and Diversity & Inclusion, Abbvie

More than ever, recruiting and talent leaders are focused on creating experiences that drive world-class talent brands but it's past time to think about the attraction of talent as something that recruiting owns. Join this session and see how leaders use always-on feedback, leadership 360s, and weave EX data into program decisions to create world-class workforces that attract top talent, create brand ambassadors, and drive the organization's mission forward.

Redefining the health care experience…One person at a time

tami reller CMO / CXO, UnitedHealthcare

Health care spending is higher than ever, yet chronic diseases are increasing and life expectancy is declining. We are spending more but people aren't getting healthier. It is time for a transformation. This session will give you a peek at what the future of health care looks like, and how we are working to drastically reshape the consumer experience.

Keeping the Government Customer at the Center of Digital Services

jack madans Digital Services, Judicial Branch of California

rick delappe Program Manager, National Park Service

Jon Booth Director, Website & New Media Group, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Sam Bronson Digital Analytics Manager, Health and Human Services

Mike Sarasti CIO / Director of Innovation & Technology, City of Miami

People engage with government online more than any other channel. These digital touchpoints, across platforms (mobile, tablet, or desktop) and across industries are setting high expectations for government services. How do we provide simple, accessible, experiences online and ensure that the customers are at the center of digital services strategy?

Marrying O-Data And X-Data To Save Taxpayer Dollars

anahita reilly Chief Customer Officer, U.S. GSA

GSA is the "B2B" agency of the federal government, delivering value and savings in real estate, acquisition, technology, and other mission-support services across government. Through this session, we will share examples of how we are using an enterprise-wide Voice of the Customer program (via Qualtrics) to align feedback (X-data) from both agency customers and industry partners with operational data, informing how we design our products and services. We will also touch on the governance structure set in place to enable self-service feedback collection processes while adhering to a consistent enterprise-wide brand that minimizes survey burden to the customer.

Culture + Engagement: How Sephora Leverages the Intrinsic Link to Drive Purpose and Inclusion

karalyn smith CHRO, Sephora

At Sephora, bringing your whole self to work is not just lip service—it drives company culture. In this session you’ll learn from how the leading beauty retailer inspires purpose, inclusion, and measurable results in the lives of their employees by linking employee engagement data with company culture. You’ll leave with tips and strategies for humanizing HR and driving measurable business impact.

The Path to Mastering XM Across Your Enterprise

bruce temkin Head of XM Institute, Qualtrics

The XM Institute surveyed hundreds of executives to understand their XM efforts and aspirations.. During this session, you’ll hear results from the study, “The State of XM,” which will help you chart your path to becoming an XM leader. The session will cover the ROI, maturity levels, and insights about what separates XM leaders from their peers.

Uncovering User Truth: Fusing Data Science and User Research at Spotify

peter gilks Director, Product Insights, Spotify

kristie savage Data Science, Spotify

colette kolenda User Research, Spotify

Spotify’s product insights team combines user research and data science to gain rich insights that fuel product decisions. This talk uses a case study of combining a qualitative diary study (administered through Qualtrics) and a behavioral data dashboard. This mixed methods approach drives a holistic understanding of both when and, more importantly, why people engaged with a new ads feature.

Creating Porsche Passion with a little magic from Disney!

jeff james Vice President, Disney Institute

andrew pine Global Director, Excite!, Porsche Cars North America

For 70 years Porsche has designed, engineered and built the best sports cars anywhere — but in the ever-evolving world of the automotive industry, great product alone will not be enough to win the hearts and minds of customers. Come learn how Porsche made the decision to create a culture by design by not only focusing on their customers, but also by focusing on their people first. Learn how they worked alongside leaders from Disney Institute to transform their organization using time-tested principles Disney uses every day and adapting them for a global program Porsche calls excite! Hear from Andrew Pine, Global Director, excite!, and Jeff James, the Vice President and General Manager of Disney Institute.

EX Customer Showcase: How Top Organizations Use Qualtrics to Power EX & People Analytics Programs

steve bennetts Head of EX Strategy (APJ), Qualtrics

brooke orr Director of Global Talent & Development, Coca-Cola

kim barnes Senior Manager of Talent & Culture, Nuance

Geoff Ho Director of Research Advisory and Organizational Development, Rogers Communications

Join this "open house" session to get insights into how Coca-Cola, Rogers, and Nuance are building programs that attract talent, measure engagement, create exceptional employee experiences, and ultimately produce measurable business results like lower employee attrition, strong employer brands, etc. After a brief introduction to each organization’s program, we’ll host a Q&A.

Beyond marketing: Experience reimagined

Alex Kelleher Experience Services Practice CMO, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Angel Vaccaro Marketing & Experience Services Practice Leader, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Natalie Groff Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

The new world of marketing is personalized, contextualized, and dynamic. Increasingly, this world is no longer orchestrated by creative agencies, but by chief marketing officers partnering with in-house technology organizations. Together, CMOs and CIOs are building an arsenal of experience-focused marketing tools powered by emerging technology to transform marketing from a hunch-driven exercise to one that is grounded in data. Join us to learn how experiential marketing, analytics and cognitive capabilities, and experience management tools can work together to bring us closer to truly unique engagement with customers.

Taking on Big Tech - the battle for customer experience

Derek White Global Head of Client Solutions, BBVA

With the financial services sector seeing it's revenue streams increasingly encroached on by technologies companies - eager to get their hands on the high value financial data customers generate - one Digital Leader, Derek White, is on the offensive. For White, of BBVA, the battle is about bringing smarter interactions to their customers, ensuring the customer's (yes, the customer's) data is put to best use for them, and for banks becoming a trusted partner in people's lives, supporting their decision making and ultimately enabling them to put their financial lives into cruise control. Hear from him how its done.

Creating Love: How Experiences Take Flight at Alaska Airlines

Travis Gelbrich Managing Director, Guest Experience, Alaska Airlines

Erika Pearson Executive VP, Customer Experience, Kantar

Julie Parker Senior VP, Customer Experience, Kantar

Brands are now being defined by the relationship and experiences they have with customers, and ultimately how they make people feel. As such, brands must define themselves beyond the traditional product offering and must provide experiences that make customers feel good. Join Kantar and Alaska Airlines to learn more about embodying your brand promise with remarkable customer experiences, and how Alaska Airlines is delivering exceptional experiences to be the airline people truly love.

Beyond Satisfaction Scores: The Future of Customer Experience Metrics

Kevin Neher Managing Partner, Denver, McKinsey & Company

Victoria Bough Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

SESSION WILL REPEAT AT 4:30 // How can you use operational metrics, surveys, and predictive analytics to identify and address customer experience issues while they are happening? How can you get beyond a score to concrete actions and financial impact? Join Kevin Neher and Victoria Bough from McKinsey & Company in this interactive discussion of how to use technology to leapfrog to the next level in customer experience metrics.

How Elevating Human Experience Fuels Business Growth

Amelia Dunlop US Customer Strategy & Applied Design Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Do you ever lie awake at night and wonder what all of this disruptive technology and artificial intelligence is doing to our humanity? I can’t think of a company that isn’t trying to become more ‘customer obsessed’ or ‘employee friendly’. But we don’t wake up as customers or employees; we wake up as humans and all of our messy lives. Many of us are starting to distrust the very technologies that are omni-present in our homes, running our cities, and in the palm of our hands. In this talk, Amelia Dunlop, the leader of Deloitte Digital’s Customer Strategy and Applied Design business, will explore new research on the importance of connecting to human values to find new sources of growth at a time when many of us are increasingly demanding that we have not just our functional customer or employee needs met, but also our fundamental human need to feel seen, valued, and heard.

Episode Management – the true path to customer loyalty

Jason Barro Partner, Bain & Company

Simply measuring NPS has never been enough to drive enduring customer loyalty. True loyalty leaders view their business thru the customer’s eyes and use “episodes” as the unit of change. Designing and continuously improving compelling customer experiences requires new metrics, management capabilities and infrastructure, but results in dramatic improvements in customer loyalty. Learn what is required to drive this customer-centric change, and how you can avoid the most common pitfalls.

Creating Moments in Culture

greg dzurik VP, Marketing + Innovation, Yum! Brands/Collider

Brands that truly create culture, not just reflect culture, have the edge. Greg Dzurik, VP of Marketing & Innovation at Collider/Yum! Brands will share why creating moments in culture matters for brands today, what it takes for brands to do it, and different routes brands can take to create cultural moments that stick.

Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience in a 24/7 World

jonathan ruchman Senior Director of CX, Brookdale Senior Living

Customers are more demanding and have more options than ever these days. Brookdale Senior Living takes it a step further than most, focusing on customer experience 24/7, because customers are actually in-care residents at all hours of the day. Whether you’re always open for business or have your customers top of mind at all times, you need to create experiences that delight them. Learn how Brookdale creates customer-centric experiences in an always on world.

How to Capitalize on the Evolution of Actionable Insights

aimee lucas Head of Research, Qualtrics XM Institute

You have data-driven insights, but how do you use them? The XM Institute has researched how high-performing organizations put their customer and employee insights to use. During this session, you’ll learn the path for maturity in building an action-oriented insights program and hear best practices you can put to use right away.

Beyond Satisfaction: How Feedback Helps Organizations Manage Risk

stephanie thum Head of Federal CX, Qualtrics

monica allen Dir. Strategic Planning, Mecklenburg County

kevin carter Bureaucracy Hacker, Defense Digital Service

Shonte Eldridge Deputy Chief of Operations and Smart City Strategist, Baltimore, Office of Mayor

ed bodensiek Chief Experience Officer, Cravety

From social media firestorms to shoplifting, fraud, and attrition, many organizations consider customers and employees potential sources of business risk. But what happens when government organizations use employee and customer feedback to get ahead of those risks? And what impact can that have on mission achievement, operational excellence, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and retention?

Why Connecting Customer Experience and Employee Experience Is Your Key to Success

jason bradshaw Chief Customer Officer, VW Australia

World-class customer experiences are fueled by happy and engaged employees. That’s why Volkswagen brought CX and EX data into a single platform to create a 360 degree view for every dealership. This change lead to the uncovering of new insights they used to address gaps in the employee experience and leverage improvements to revamp customer service training and dealership layout. Their CX and EX didn’t just yield higher customer and employee retention, it changed the way they do business at VW. Join us to learn how you can adopt these tested strategies for turning your employees into your most powerful driver of exceptional customer experience.

Five Elements for Building a World-Class Marketing Research Practice

mike murakami Research Manager, Airbnb

An experienced research leader's guiding principles for building credible and effective research teams.

How to Fix Your Customer Journey: What I Learned from Buying My Own Sofa

joan king VP, E-commerce, Crate & Barrel

Data silos are everywhere, but what are you doing to consolidate customer touchpoints and omnichannel experiences? Your product won't sell itself, and knowing how to leverage customer journey mapping and in-store and online research can help you maximize customer and product experiences, making the decision and purchase process both seamless and delightful. Learn how Crate&Barrel is engaging digital, product, and retail teams to deliver exceptional experiences.

Optimizing the Student Experience through Course Evaluations

virginia moench Social & Clinical Research, Winston-Salem State U.

Understanding course evaluations is an important element of understanding the student experience. See how Winston-Salem State has fine-tuned its program to give students a voice for each course – from always-on feedback to traditional evaluations for self-paced and time-limited classes. Learn how to apply these methods for your own organization.

How Expedia launched a game-changing product feature by building feedback into the development process

keela robison VP, Product Development, Expedia

A couple years ago Expedia launched one feature that differentiated if from every other travel booking site: bundling. They thought it would be game-changing. They found the opposite. Customers we're still buying a-la-carte and missing out on enormous savings. The research team and product leaders turned to customer feedback to figure out how to fix the broken experience. Keela Robison, Expedia's Global VP of Product takes you through this case study and how breakthrough insights about the product and consumer helped Expedia turn this product feature into a profit center.

Radical Reconciliation: Confronting Gender Injustice at Work.

kim scott Author, Radical Candor

Using experiences from her own career that left her gobsmacked, Kim Scott, author of the New York Times-bestselling Radical Candor, confronts one of today's most pressing experience breakthroughs. She breaks the problem of gender injustice down into its component parts: bias, belief, bullying, discrimination, harassment and violence. The talk will define each and guide you to the most effective way to confront each. Each of us has an essential role to play, and she examines the different obligations that leaders, up standers, perpetrators, and victims have to confront injustice at work.

Beyond Satisfaction Scores: The Future of Customer Experience Metrics

Kevin Neher Managing Partner, Denver, McKinsey & Company

Victoria Bough Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

REPEAT OF PRIOR SESSION // How can you use operational metrics, surveys, and predictive analytics to identify and address customer experience issues while they are happening? How can you get beyond a score to concrete actions and financial impact? Join Kevin Neher and Victoria Bough from McKinsey & Company in this interactive discussion of how to use technology to leapfrog to the next level in customer experience metrics.

Achieving Sustained Customer-centric Leadership: Conquering the Evil Trinity

Gerard du Toit Partner, Bain

Three pervasive forces work incessantly to undermine customer-centric strategies – the tyranny of accounting profit, the skirmishes between functional silos, and the distractions of misleading metrics. A handful of companies are leading a revolution against these forces, and creating truly enduring customer-centric organizations. Learn how they’re doing it, and how you can join the revolution!

The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty

Matt Dixon Chief Product & Research Officer, Tethr

The idea that companies must delight customers by exceeding service expectations is so entrenched that managers rarely even question it. Yet the careful research conducted by Matt Dixon and his team over nearly a decade proves that the “dazzle factor” is wildly overrated—it simply doesn’t predict repeat sales, share of wallet, or positive word-of-mouth. The reality: Loyalty is driven by how well a company delivers on its basic promises and solves day-to-day problems, not on how spectacular its service experience might be. Most customers don’t want to be “wowed”; they want an effortless experience. And they are far more likely to punish you for bad service than to reward you for good service. In this presentation, Dixon provides an overview of the research--including the four key pillars of a low-effort customer experience and how to apply the Customer Effort Score--and shares how he and his research team at Tethr are expanding on the original concepts, leveraging the latest AI and machine learning approaches to study hundreds of millions of customer interactions.

What Makes Your VoC Program Best In Class

Faith Adams Senior Analyst, Forrester

Voice of the customer (VoC) programs require structure and follow-through to be effective at driving customer experience (CX) improvements. To approach the VoC in a strategic way and drive toward a successful outcome, CX pros must assess their program, know where they stand, and strive to improve. This session will talk about how best-in-class VoC programs did just that – and achieved success.




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