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Government & Public Sector

Learn from the public sector innovators transforming their organizations
with XM


See how leading public sector organizations are using XM to improve access to public services, deliver better value to the public, and retain the
best talent.


  • Hear firsthand from leaders at the U.S. Air Force, the City of Corona, The State of Utah, and many more, and get inspiration and practical tips for your programs
  • Explore XM from every angle with exclusive thought leadership covering everything from employee experience to community engagement
  • Get hands-on with the latest innovations for the government on the XM Platform

15+ Curated Sessions, Including:

Spencer Cox
Governor of Utah

Join the Qualtrics Government team, as well as special guests, to find out how public sector organizations are transforming the way they operate, focusing on the employee and customer experience to bridge the gap between citizens and the governments that serve them.

Colt Whittall

Faced with an employee campaign to #fixmycomputer
going viral, leaders at the USAF knew they needed to take action. Their solution has not only boosted overall satisfaction by 30 points, but has led to an overall mindset shift in the organization.

Chris McMasters
Chief Information Officer

The City of Corona used customer and employee feedback to help them take the right actions for every resident, instead of just a small group of ‘squeaky-wheel’ residents. The team designed a system of action that is earning the trust of their residents and improving employees’ sense
of fulfillment.

Antonio Pangallo
Principal XM Advisor, Qualtrics

Your engagement surveys tell you what your people think – but how do they really feel? Join us to uncover a new approach to employee listening that builds on your employee surveys, and brings in new data sources that help you get ahead of issues, and take action before start walking out the door.

Juliana Holterhaus
Senior XM Advisor, Qualtrics

In the rush to digitize everything and drive operational efficiency, many companies are creating digital experiences that don’t really resonate with or meet the expectations of those they serve. We’ll unveil our latest research to give you the lowdown on what your consumers want and how digital leaders are meeting the challenge.

Sydney Heimbrock, Ph.D
Chief Industry Advisor, Qualtrics

From misinformation and burnt-out employees, there are more barriers to mental and physical health support than ever. Find out how XM, and a whole lot of empathy, is improving health and wellness outcomes for communities and government employees.

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