About Cross Tabulations

Cross Tabulations Overview

Qualtrics provides a cross tabulation tool for you to perform multivariate analysis. It includes numerous options to customize your cross tabs and will automatically calculate p-value and chi-square statistic.

This page explores all the options with the Cross Tabulation feature.

Creating New Cross Tabulations

  1. Open the Cross Tabulation page in the View Results tab.
  2. Click Create a new Cross Tabulation.
  3. Select the appropriate boxes in the Banner and Stub columns to choose which multiple choice or matrix questions will be the columns and rows in your Cross Tabulation.
  4. If necessary, select Use Embedded Data to include Embedded Data fields as rows or columns in your tabulations.
  5. If you are using Embedded Data fields, select the appropriate boxes in the Banner and Stub columns, and either enter the field values to be included in the tabulation in the Embedded Data Field text box, or click Autofill to bring in all values.
  6. Select Create Cross Tabulation.

Removing Stubs or Banners

  1. Point to the banner or stub you want to delete.
  2. Click the Actions arrow next to the banner or stub text.
  3. Click Delete Stub or Delete Banner.