SAP + Qualtrics

SAP intends to acquire Qualtrics, combining operational data and experience data to shape breakthrough experiences and business results across the globe.

Powering the experience economy, together

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Welcome to the Experience Management PlatformTM

Four core experiences of business.
Four applications to get them right.

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What is Experience Management (XM)?

Experience Management is how you manage the four core experiences of any business. It’s how you build awesome products that people love. It’s how you delight customers at every touchpoint. It’s how you build a phenomenal employee culture. And it’s how you build iconic brands. Read more

Measure, prioritise and optimise.

All on the world’s first experience management platform

Build amazing products people love, delight customers at every touchpoint, develop an incredible company culture and turn your brand into an icon.


Measure & Baseline

Measure the experiences you deliver across all touchpoints.


Predict & Prioritise

Know what’s coming next, so you can work on the experiences that matter most.


Act & Optimise

Have your finger on the pulse of experience so you can do more of what’s working and less of what’s not.

Why choose Qualtrics?

All your data
in one place

Connect all your data with APIs with Salesforce, Tableau, Marketo, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and more.


With secure data centres, access control, cloud infrastructure, high-end firewalls and network security, all your data is safe and available for your eyes only.

Advanced features
made simple

In just a few clicks, view your data on customisable drag-and-drop dashboards, powered by some of the most advanced analytics on the planet.

Access and upload data from anywhere

With a cloud infrastructure, you can access and upload data wherever your customers are. With redundant data storage and 99.7% uptime since 2010, you’ll always have access.

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