Qualtrics Target Audience

The respondent experience just got personal

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Manage all of your organisation’s
respondents on one platform

A better way to understand your audience and improve the survey experience

Who are your respondents? How well do you know them? Do you track each interaction with them? Are you careful about who you contact, how often you contact them, and how you interact with them? Qualtrics Target Audience automates respondent management across your organisation to ensure that your relationships with respondents only get better with time.

  • Control global opt outs
  • Control contact frequency
  • Develop rich profiles for respondents over time
  • Store all of your respondents in one location
  • Target intelligently
  • Automate rewards
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Research smarter

Target Audience helps you do smarter research by providing a bigger picture of who your respondents are and how you interact with them. By improving respondent interactions, Target Audience generates higher response rates, deeper insights, improved research productivity, and better brand perception.

  • + Higher response rates
  • + Deeper insights
  • + Improved research productivity
  • + Better brand perception

Scalability across your organisation

All your data in one place

With Target Audience, you can build and manage a single directory of all your organisation’s respondents, keeping information up-to-date, accurate, and accessible to all of your users. You can also integrate with any third party vendor — including CRMs and email marketing platforms — to maximise what you know about each respondent and keep your systems automatically in sync.

training and support

When you join the Qualtrics family, we take care of you. From live trainings and online resources to our amazing customer support team, we want you to be successful.