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Set your frontline employees up for success

Deliver exceptional in-person experiences, foster loyalty and grow revenue with Frontline Team Assist for locations teams. Our AI-powered omnichannel analytics solution captures and understands customer feedback, giving your teams location level insights that empower them to improve the experience in real-time.


Get closer to the customer with location-specific insights

Empower every frontline team-member to improve the customer experience with location-specific insights. Powered by omnichannel analytics, Frontline Team Assist is purpose built for those on the go, giving your teams relevant and recommended actions on the ground to connect directly with your customers.

  • Simple, intuitive UI to help frontlines quickly understand what actions to take specific to their location
  • Access in-store with the XM Mobile app so you can take immediate action
  • Understand specific customers preferences while in-store using (XiD)


Recognise and reinforce great customer experience

Make frontline recognition and reward easier than ever with on-the-spot-rewards. Designed to keep your employees engaged and consistently providing a great in-store experience

  • Help your frontline teams understand what it takes to provide excellent customer service and what behaviors your company values
  • See how many times your customers recognised members of your team for excellent service with a live leaderboard
  • Whether it’s a certificate or more, reward your team in a way that aligns with your company culture


How KFC is transforming the restaurant experience

Explore the new innovations and operating models that are helping companies make their frontline teams a key tool in keeping customers happy, and hear how KFC is tuning in to what customers are saying and using actionable insights to empower their frontline teams.


Increase performance across your stores using employee and customer feedback

Bring together feedback from your customers with the voice of your frontline employees and make sense of it all in seconds with our AI-powered platform. Understand and automatically send insights to your teams so they can focus on improving performance.

  • Analyse the performance of specific locations, broken down by shifts and time of day, and uncover the key drivers of the customer experience
  • Embed experience data into tools and systems your frontline teams already use, giving them personalised insights for their specific location that they can act on
  • Understand the employee behaviors that have the most significant influence on customer loyalty and churn so location leaders can prioritise and allocate resources for employee development
  • Identify what drives frontline productivity and engagement so you can reduce employee churn


Get the full picture by collecting frontline employee feedback

Improve the in-person customer experience by listening to those who know them best, your frontline teams.

  • Encourage employees to provide customer experience feedback in structured ways
  • Replace manual, time-consuming processes for feedback collection with our omnichannel listening tool
  • Encourage transparency and enable employees to easily surface and prioritise most-requested items


Find and fix poor in-person experiences

Prevent customer churn by enabling your frontline teams to intervene and fix customer issues in the moment

  • Enable bi-direction closed loop interactions between frontline employees and customers
  • Resolve every issue with real-time follow-up across every channel - email, online reviews, text and more
  • Implement a seamless process that standardises when and how you follow up with customers, creating a consistent experience

Upgrade your programs simply with flexible, scalable pricing plans

More about Frontline Team Assist & Recognition

Frontline team assistance is the support and guidance provided to frontline employees, making them more effective at solving problems, handling customer inquiries, and ultimately improving the customer experience. By giving your frontline employees the tools and information they need to succeed, the business also succeeds. Customer satisfaction improves, revenue increases and costs get reduced.
Frontline team recognition refers to acknowledging and appreciating the efforts and achievements of frontline employees in an organisation. When frontline employees showcase the behaviors your organisation wants to see, and they provide great customer service, it’s important they are recognised and rewarded for that. This is the purpose of Frontline team recognition programs, which recognise the hard work and dedication of frontline employees, with the objective of fostering a positive work culture and whilst driving performance and engagement.
Closed loop follow up is a process that involves collecting feedback, analysing it, and implementing improvements to enhance performance or achieve a desired outcome. It creates a continuous feedback loop that allows for iterative improvements and better results over time.
Frontline feedback refers to feedback that is provided by individuals who are directly in contact with customers everyday. They are often the connector between the organisation and the customers they serve. This feedback is given by employees who are in direct contact with customers, suppliers, or other stakeholders, and have firsthand knowledge about the experience giving them valuable insight that can be used to improve the experience. Frontline feedback is valuable for identifying areas of improvement, addressing issues promptly, and making informed decisions to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.