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Brand Tracker Software Tool

Smarter, more actionable brand intelligence

Get real-time analytics and predictive insights to make smarter
and faster decisions that will drive your business forward.

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Act on insights
in real-time

Get a holistic, real-time picture of your brand on one platform and understand what’s driving your brand and marketplace results.
The only end-to-end system for research and analysis means you go from data collection to breakthrough insights in seconds, not weeks.
And with automatic alerts, you have your own early warning system so you can act on trends immediately.

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Instant analysis.
Available to anyone, at any time.

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  • The most advanced analytics and brand intelligence are built directly into the platform, saving you time and budget.
  • The only platform that automatically uncovers the key drivers that attract people to your brand, and makes powerful predictions about consumer behaviour.
  • Connect external data sources, suchas social and search, and let machine learning analyse text for changing sentiment and trends.
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The ultimate guide to
world-class brand tracking

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A holistic view of your brand
across your organisation

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  • Capture data from every touchpointthat matters – from communications to customer experiences – and understand which ones have the most impact on your brand’s health.
  • Link your brand metrics to the business KPIs like revenue andloyalty and see the actions youneed to take to strengthen and grow your brand.
  • Share dynamic role-based dashboards across the organisation with built-in filters to deep dive into any sub-group.
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Partners in building
your business

Choose the level of services and support you need to get deeper insights, faster – while maintaining control of your data.

Experts from our global Research Services team and our network of partners are here to design and implement your study. We offer as much support in storytelling and consulting as you need to help you tell the story from your insights, and take the right actions.

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tracking  software works?

Frequently asked questions

Q We currently have too many brand metrics and users don’t understand or use them. Will Qualtrics brand tracking be any different?

A We help brands build simple brand trackers that link to marketplace outcomes. Our XM Scientists and Brand Strategists work with you to align your metrics to your business objectives and help drive strategic decision making.

Q Our team spends a lot of time marrying up datafrom multiple systems. Are we able to consolidate data through the Qualtrics Brand Experience platform?

A We bring all your data together onto one platform to create a single system of record so that anyone in your organisation can easily and quickly uncover insights while there is still time to act.

Q Previous brand trackers have provided us with useful data but we found them not helpful in making forward looking business driven decisions.What can we expect from Qualtrics brand tracking?

A The traditional approach to brand tracking is slow and backwards-looking, producing data that is not actionable, and metrics that are not tied tobusiness outcomes. With BrandXM you have real time access to your data and can easily make adjustments or add in hot topics connected to the realities of your business, whenever you need it.

Q We have had a long standing connection with our brand tracking agency and are nervous to switch vendors and lose our brand experts. Does Qualtrics offer services?

A We are more than a technology company. Supported by over 200 experts and analysts globally, Qualtrics Research Services gives your organisation greater agility to get to actionable insights faster.

What is brand tracking?

Brand tracking is how organisations understand consumer perception and its impact on their business over a period of time, usually through quantitative measures of brand performance on a number of key dimensions.

While people are typically aware of many brands, it doesn’t mean they’re considering them as options in buying situations. Brand tracking uses feedback to help you measure brand awareness, brand loyalty, and brand associations. It allows you to not only understand the commercial value of your brand, but also to record changes and optimise your strategy to get more from your brand.

Brand tracking research entails surveying your target audience about your brand regularly. It allows you to track key metrics over time and learn what’s driving any improvements. And it gives you a way to correlate marketing activities with changes in awareness and preference, helping you to understand what you should do more and less of.

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