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Experience Management is the competitive advantage in each industry leading organisation
to drive business growth. Dive into how you can leverage XM in your specific industry below.


Drive quality improvement and elevate empathy in healthcare

Exceptional patient and employee experiences are key to quality improvement in healthcare. Getting it right goes beyond patient satisfaction surveys and requires a complete understanding of emotion, intent and effort across every interaction.


Improve student and staff experience across your institution

Understand the experience at every level of education, across every department, and take the right actions to attract and retain staff and drive student engagement, performance and outcomes.


Drive efficiency and growth with the #1 experience platform

In financial services, experience is a key competitive advantage. With Qualtrics, understand the experiences you deliver, to streamline operations and drive loyalty and retention to meet your operational and financial objectives.


Build community engagement and improve public trust

Capture feedback across every touchpoint and journey, streamline workflows and automate actions to continuously improve the experience for your communities and your employees.


Innovate with speed, agility, and confidence

Teams across high tech choose Qualtrics to design, build, and ship the products and experiences that are indispensable to the way we live, work, play, and learn.


A new era in B2B experience management

Qualtrics Experience Management is helping the world’s biggest and best B2B organisations transform customer, employee, brand, and product experiences to help increase sales, renewals and grow market share.


Transform the retail experience

The world’s most successful retailers don’t just sell products. They attract and retain loyal customers and deliver personalised experiences, recommendations and world-class services across every channel and touchpoint.


Deliver world-class travel experiences

When it comes to travel, experience is everything. Use real-time data, insights, and AI-powered recommendations to close customer and employee experience gaps and deliver breakthrough results that create lifelong loyalty.


Experiences that drive lifelong customer loyalty

Build relationships that will last with the Experience Management Platform™. Whether a customer is going for their first test drive, getting their new car delivered, or coming in for a service, make every experience matter.

The world's best brands turn to Qualtrics to deliver breakthrough experiences

The world's best brands turn
to Qualtrics to deliver
breakthrough experiences

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