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Government experience management

Build a government that works for everyone

Discover what matters most to citizens and civil servants, as well as anyone using public health services. With Qualtrics, you get actionable feedback on a single Experience Management Platform™, helping you shape policy, improve public services and reduce costs.

Create a better government experience for citizens
and employees

Every year, 3 billion people use the Qualtrics’ Experience Management Platform™ to give feedback on everything from customer service to how they feel about their employer. In the public sector, it allows you to collect and analyse experience data – how people think and feel – and combine it with operational data. Analysed together, organisations can provide a holistic view of what is happening and make data-driven decisions to better serve the public. And it’s all powered by Qualtrics iQ, our predictive intelligence engine.

Hundreds of public sector agencies use Qualtrics to improve services and increase employee engagement, while also delivering significant cost savings.

Secure data, only available to you


Your data is always protected, with secure data centres, user-based access, cloud infrastructure, advanced firewall technology and network security. Plus, our platform is Cyber Essentials and ISO27001-certified.


You own all of the data and select who can see it. It’s 100% yours, no ifs or buts – we never know what data you’re collecting.


With just one click, you can permanently delete an individual’s personal data if they ask to be forgotten. Plus, Compliance Assist will automatically identify and redact personal identifiable information.


Learn what your constituents think and feel

Conduct faster, smarter and more powerful research with Qualtrics – the world’s leading research platform. With Qualtrics, departments can do their own research internally and save money on outsourced agencies. You can take back control of your research, thanks to a flexible survey builder, advanced analytics and automated reports.

featured capabilities

  1. Unlimited users and surveys
  2. Public consultations
  3. Social research
  4. Online panels
  5. Advanced survey logic


Know what people want from their public services

Measure, monitor and optimise every touchpoint on the customer journey. From visiting government websites, to interacting with frontline staff and speaking with call centre agents, Qualtrics can help you identify the improvement areas that will have the biggest impact – all based on citizen feedback.

featured capabilities

  1. Service level improvements
  2. Channel shifting
  3. Reduced call volumes
  4. Website optimisation
  5. Closing the loop on customer issues
  6. Reduced cost to serve


Patient and staff experience management

With Qualtrics, NHS organisations can now measure both staff and patient experience on one platform. And by using automated analysis tools, you can highlight what you need to do to deliver the best outcomes.

featured capabilities

  1. Employee engagement
  2. Employee lifecycle
  3. 360 Feedback
  4. Leadership development
  5. Manager dashboards
  6. Expert consultants


Put people at the heart of every decision

Deliver outstanding local services with actionable feedback from your constituents and employees. We’ll help you get closer to the people you serve and build a complete understanding of their needs and wants. Plus, you can engage council staff to deliver citizen-centred experiences, all the while managing your program budgets.

featured capabilities

  1. Public consultations
  2. Call centre optimisation
  3. Research
  4. Resident & Ad hoc surveys
  5. Forms & data collection
  6. Integration with council systems


Understand what people want from the emergency services

Give members of the public a voice in how their blue light emergency services are run. With Qualtrics, you can create citizen-centric services that are shaped and governed by your constituents’ views.

featured capabilities

  1. Conversational surveys
  2. Automated alerts and triggers for vulnerable people
  3. Frontline dashboards for training
  4. Data driven insights for leaders
  5. Employee engagement

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