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The market-leading solution to
transform employee engagement

Get to the heart of what your people care about and build world-class employee experiences with Qualtrics’ holistic and easy-to-use platform.

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The world’s best brands trust Qualtrics
to power their employee experience programs

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Hear every experience
with our holistic approach

Understand the end-to-end employee experience, capture continuous feedback on emerging topics at scale, and create and deliver an engagement strategy fit for your people, workplace, and market.

  • A complete view – Measure beyond engagement to understand metrics such as well-being and inclusion
  • Future-proof your program – Our pre-built, yet flexible approach helps you build a program fast—and adapt as needed
  • Reduce survey fatigue – Flexible distributions and automated reminders to connect with your people the right way
  • Know where you stand – Full engagement library (300+ items) comes as standard, and is equipped with robust benchmarks
  • Decrease admin time – Automate and streamline people data reliability with built-in connectors for any HRIS
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Deepen understanding by focusing on the most impactful insights

Through advanced analytics, Qualtrics automatically uncovers the
most acute experience gaps so you can focus on driving impact. Plus, with feedback mapped to your organisational hierarchy, leaders and managers get access to personalised,
easy-to-understand insights that are actionable
and meaningful.

  • Real-time analysis – Automatically uncover employee groups with statistically proven experience gaps
  • Meaningful qualitative feedback – Advanced AI and NLP deeply understands employee sentiment of open-text comments
  • Tailored insights – Role-based dashboards help senior executives, people analytics, and managers know exactly where to focus
  • Confident decisions – Connected datasets across the employee journey offers predictive insights and impactful improvements
  • Maintain trust – Granular governance
    controls uphold employee data confidentiality
    and privacy
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Scale results by empowering everyone

to drive change

Qualtrics’ comprehensive action tools— including, configurable action planning guidance, idea crowdsourcing boards, and reporting—have everything you need to make the process of taking action on employee feedback successful at scale.

  • Democratise action – Purpose-built workspaces empower executives to the frontline with actionable insights
  • Streamline results – Automatically deliver action plans based on organisational hierarchies
  • Helpful guidance – Use our IO-based best practice content, or bring your own, to accelerate improvement
  • Hear every voice – Crowdsource ideas
    for improvement from employees to
    support inclusion
  • Close the loop – Action plan reporting makes progress tracking easy and shares accountability with HR
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See how our
employee engagement
software works

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Help managers build stronger teams

Qualtrics Manager Assist™ ensures people leaders can easily identify what’s working well and guides them on where — and how — to take
immediate action to keep teams engaged, healthy,
and productive.

Featuring an all-in-one workspace with personalised team engagement results, narrative-based insights that automatically surface EX drivers, and built-in idea boards to crowdsource team suggestions for improvement, you can equip your managers with the tools they need to drive meaningful and employee-centric change.

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ManagerAssist - Discover insights, ideate together, and turn ideas into actions
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Employee engagement expertise out of the box

Launch a world-class employee engagement program in no time, with Certified XM Solutions – pre-packaged expert content including surveys, workflow, automation and action planning built directly into the platform.


The top rated employee experience software

The crowd has spoken. Qualtrics is proud to be the XM pioneer and category leader in the top right quadrant on the #1 independent software
review site.

Read unbiased reviews from real customers and compare for yourself.

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Employee Engagement Software FAQs

Employee engagement software (also referred to as employee engagement tools) empowers HR teams and people leaders to capture employee engagement data, uncover opportunities for new initiatives, measure the impact of manager action programs, and much more. It’s an essential part of a HR team’s toolkit.
Employee engagement is a measure of someone’s attitude at work; how they think, feel and act towards helping their employer meet their goals. Employee engagement is a holistic way to measure employees’ feelings toward their employer and role. Employee engagement can take into account satisfaction, happiness and commitment to helping their employer reach its goals. Highly engaged employees, coupled with the right skill set and proper role leads to employees and companies meeting and exceeding their goals. Employee engagement software is a proven driver of revenue, quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction. With only 30% of employees engaged in their work, it’s more important than ever to measure and improve engagement. That’s where we come in. With Qualtrics Employee Experience software, we make it easy for you to figure out which levers to pull to increase employee engagement — and we do it in real-time.
If you want to increase employee engagement, company culture and create high-performance teams, employee engagement software is vital.

Employee engagement software helps HR teams and people leaders to gauge how employees feel in real time. Most platforms have the ability to conduct comprehensive employee engagement surveys, analyse the results and provide detailed action plans and recommendations. You can also track employee feedback to help structure performance reviews and wider evaluations.
As mentioned, most employee engagement tools will offer surveys, engagement analytics (such as overall employee satisfaction), listening capabilities to capture and measure feedback,
and more.

Sophisticated solutions go a step further and integrate predictive intelligence and machine learning to uncover insights from employee feedback and sentiment, surfacing key topics and trends for you to tackle. As well as this, they’ll come with preconfigured dashboards, allowing teams to filter and personalise engagement data for specific managers and/or teams.