Back to business. The right way.

From small businesses to large corporations, no business has been immune to COVID-19. As things have developed, the conversations we have seen and been a part of are centering around how business will get going again. How do we bring back employees the right way? How and when should we engage our customers?

We are continuing our effort to help by offering these free trials for all companies. We hope this helps each of you get moving forward again, the right way.

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Return to Work Pulse

Meeting public health requirements is just the start. Getting to the new workplace normal means employees’ hearts and minds are back in business – with their top concerns addressed and logistical needs met. Return to Work Pulse is a free, fast way to accelerate better decisions on the timing and actions needed to reopen your workplace and re-engage employees.

When and who goes back onsite?
How will employees stay safe?
What will our employees expect?
What is our successful re-boarding experience?
What facilities, technology and policy changes need to be made?

  • Quickly assess employees’ concerns and confidence levels
  • Automatically summarise employee sentiment
  • Provide leadership with instant visibility into the needs and requirements of employees returning to work


Back-at-Work Employee Experience Solution

Whether reinstating old norms or creating new ones you’ll need to make adjustments. A continuous feedback loop for all teams re-entering the workplace will help you establish stability, productivity and resiliency in more teams, faster.

Ensure your employee re-boarding experience meets the needs of your organisational goals and your greatest asset – your workforce.

  • Ensure your employees feel safe and supported through the transition back
  • Deploy an on-going pulse that constantly surfaces changing needs
  • Surface employee experience gaps and automatically route recommended
    actions to the individuals in the best position to make changes


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Additional solutions for
managing through COVID-19

Staying connected with your stakeholders, and acting quickly on their feedback is mission critical during times of uncertainty. In partnership with the XM Institute, we’ve launched a series of free trials for governments, businesses, and academic institutions—along with a recommended timeline of execution.

Free Trials


Return to
Work Pulse

Qualtrics Return to Work Pulse helps you quickly and confidently understand how and when your employees should return to the workplace. Whether teams have been working from home, staying off-site due to temporary business closures or staying home due to health concerns, Return to Work Pulse helps address each employee’s unique needs to make a safe and positive transition back.

  • Assess employees’ concerns and confidence levels with, pre-configured questions
  • Automatically view critical sentiment from unstructured responses via pre-built report
  • Use real-time employee sentiment to make plans for your organisation and employees as you transition back to the workplace



When it’s tough to get insights from customers directly, go to the people who know them best – your frontline. Quickly get a sense of what’s going on with customers and what are the most important actions to take to retain them. As the situation evolves, keep a pulse on how customers are responding so you know what to do next. Learn more >

  • Get insights from frontline employees on customer issues
  • Identify and retain at-risk accounts through automated actions
  • Deliver recommended actions at scale directly to employees



These are uncertain times for your customers, and building confidence and trust with them is more important than ever. As you move your business forward, get continuous feedback on what they need, and take rapid action to meet their evolving preferences so you can build the confidence they need to keep doing business with you. Learn more >

  • Continuously monitor and quickly adapt to evolving customer expectations
  • Confirm that your response measures are effectively communicated and understood
  • Capture key insights to take targeted action on the most helpful solution


Open Door

Keeping communication lines open with your customers is more critical than ever. Quickly stand up a digital open door to ensure you always have an open, two-way line of communication with your customers. And optimise digital experiences to meet evolving customer needs. Learn more >

  • Deploy an always-on website listening post
  • Easily communicate guidance, available support, and updates to service
  • Improve the digital experience to meet changing customer needs


Remote + On-site Work Pulse

Whether you’re supporting a remote workforce, or protecting the health of essential on-site employees—it’s never been more important to check in with your people and respond to their needs. Keep employees connected, enabled, and feeling safe amidst the COVID-19 crisis with Remote + On-site Work Pulse. Learn more >

  • Quickly assess workforce morale and well-being
  • Understand employee needs as they adapt to changing work environments—whether remote or on-site
  • Identify what matters by geographic location and team then prioritise response actions
  • Reduce the impacts this disruption can have on culture, employee safety, and productivity


Healthcare Workforce Pulse

Frontline healthcare workers and those who work within healthcare systems, hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics are facing unprecedented challenges associated with the rapid spread of COVID-19. This Healthcare Workforce Pulse is designed to help healthcare organisations stay connected with their frontline workers during this challenging time. Learn more >

  • Identify and respond to healthcare worker safety concerns
  • Identify and prioritise support, resources, and supplies needed for healthcare workers to do their jobs
  • Enable better communications and facilitate resiliency of frontline healthcare workers



Many businesses are facing the challenge of maintaining delivery of products and services during this time of disruption. The Supply Continuity Pulse helps you understand if your suppliers expect to meet delivery timelines and helps you identify areas to optimise Business Continuity and Recovery Plans. Learn more >

  • Understand your suppliers’ business state and their confidence in meeting your business needs
  • Learn what factors are affecting supplier confidence or ability to fulfill contractual commitments
  • Identify what help suppliers need to meet current orders and mitigate future risks



As more schools across K-12 and higher education shift to a remote learning model, staying connected with your frontline teaching staff is more critical than ever. The Remote Educator Pulse is a companion to the Remote Work Pulse to help you ensure that faculty are prepared to deliver remote learning programs, while connecting you to their ongoing experiences so you can drive continuous impact.  Learn more >

  • Determine issues with remote teaching and learning
  • Identify blockers to remote learning and key areas of investment needed
  • Keep an ongoing pulse and act in real-time to keep students learning and thriving


K-12 Remote

K-12 / primary and secondary schools must continue to provide educational and other vital services while closed. The Remote Learning Pulse helps you understand student issues with remote learning, and needs to succeed in this new environment. This solution also helps you identify areas for improvement so that teaching and learning can continue. Learn more >

  • Assess how prepared students and families are to participate in remote learning
  • Identify blockers to remote learning and key areas of investment needed
  • Keep an ongoing pulse and act in real-time to keep students thriving


Higher Ed
Remote Learning

Colleges and universities are facing the difficult challenge of keeping students safe, while minimising disruptions to teaching and learning. The Remote Learning Pulse helps academic institutions with remote learning readiness, and to identify areas for continual improvement.
Learn more >

  • Determine health of students, and remote learning readiness
  • Identify blockers to remote learning and key areas of investment needed
  • Keep an ongoing pulse and act in real-time to keep students learning and thriving


COVID-19 Dynamic Call Center Script

A dynamic call center script that supports public health organisation staff to deliver accurate, up-to-date information to callers about COVID-19. It also includes automatic reporting showing caller trends, patterns and gaps in information requests. Learn more >

  • Rapidly enable public health staff to respond to incoming calls regarding COVID-19
  • Direct citizens to the right COVID-19 resources based on their responses
  • Automatic reports that outline caller trends and where information gaps exist


Pre-screen &

An online, guided COVID-19 pre-screen questionnaire to identify high-risk citizens, provide recommended actions, and collect information from visitors about their current symptoms and circumstances. Additionally, public health organisations can then route visitors to the most appropriate resources. Automatic reports identify visitor demographics and gaps in current information availability. Learn more >

  • Reduce congestion on public health resources with online questionnaire
  • Automatically route at-risk citizens to available COVID-19 resources
  • Automatically direct citizens to the information they need based on their answers


COVID-19 Brand Trust Pulse

In this time of intense uncertainty, brand trust is evolving rapidly. The COVID-19 Brand Trust Pulse helps assess consumer trust in your brand, and prioritises actions you can take immediately to earn and maintain that trust.
Learn more >

  • Understand rapidly evolving consumer sentiment
  • Benchmark your brand against the most important drivers of trust
  • Prioritise actions that build trust during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond
  • See results in days, not weeks


We hope you find our Here to Help Solutions useful. Our team of XM Scientists works hard to make them as convenient and effective as possible. That said, we have customers around the world with unique and complex needs and circumstances, so we can't guarantee these solutions are fit for your particular purpose or that they comply with applicable laws in your location. You should check with your own legal and other advisors when deciding the appropriate solution and implementation for your circumstances.