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Enterprise Survey Software: The Best Tool & Platform for Businesses

Better insights drive better results for enterprises

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Over 16K brands and 99 of the top 100
business schools use Qualtrics

Make it simpler and faster for everyone in your organization to uncover insights with the leading enterprise survey software. Trusted by more than 16,000 of the world’s biggest brands, your people get unrivalled research power all while complying with internal and external data collection regulations.

  • Easily manage data collection rules and permissions with advanced governance and administrative controls
  • Control data collection rules, like sensitive personal data
  • Empower everyone in your organisation to gather insights through a powerful, easy-to-use platform
  • Discover insights faster than ever through real-time analytics and intelligence features
  • Integrate your surveys into your existing systems like SalesforceMarketoAdobe and many more

Enterprise-grade is our standard

World-Class Security and Governance Controls

Control your organisation’s data collection efforts with a few clicks. Role-based security and brand controls give you granular permission controls, making it easy to ensure everyone has the right level of access.
Prohibit users from collecting sensitive personal data and automatically comply with data collection policies.

One Platform. Any Use Case.

Empower any user to collect and gather insights, no matter their role. With flexibility built in, you can create projects for any use case from product research and employee benefits to the Friday lunch poll – all in just a few clicks.

Now Everyone is an Insights Expert

Whether you need survey methodology recommendations while designing your study or you need a stats expert to help you find insights, we have you covered.
Qualtrics iQ is your always-on automated expert to provide recommendations or run analysis in real time. So now any user can uncover insights with confidence.

Power insights across your organization

Automatically comply with internal and external data policies

Prevent unauthorised personally identifiable data (PII) data collection automatically. ExpertReview Compliance Assist alerts users when they ask sensitive survey questions, warns respondents if they are about to submit it, and redacts any PII so that no one ever sees it. You can further customise the tool too, for industry-specific controls and alerts.

Get to breakthrough insights faster with XM Solutions

More insights drive better decisions. Qualtrics XM Solutions make it easy for anyone in your company to launch expert-designed research studies. Simply fill in a few fields and let the pre-built projects, complete with all the workflow and automation you need, do the rest.

Enterprise-grade survey research needs enterprise-grade analysis

Machine learning makes your research smarter, better, and faster than ever before. From survey design and statistical analysis to sentiment analysis and churn predictions – it’s all done for you at the click of a button, so now everyone is a stats genius.

Top rated survey software

The crowd has spoken. Qualtrics is proud to be the XM pioneer and survey software category leader in the top right quadrant on the #1 independent software review site.

Read unbiased reviews from real customers and compare for yourself.

Read Qualtrics Core XM reviews on G2

What makes enterprise survey software different?

Enterprise survey software gives organisations the power of sophisticated online survey tools, backed by data and security controls that help to reduce the organisation’s exposure to risk when collecting data. It makes it easier for an organisation to comply with everything from GDPR to internal and external security standards, and typically includes access controls that allow administrators to keep a check on how the platform is being used. These survey software tools are designed to give employees the freedom to conduct powerful research while having complete control over their data.

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