Turn customers
into FANS

Qualtrics CustomerXM™ is used by the world’s most iconic brands to optimise the customer experience and predict the actions that will have the biggest impact on their bottom line.

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Built to master the 3 core elements of CX success

Engage customers on their terms

Create natural conversations with your customers in the moments that matter most.

  • Get straight to the issues that matter to customers with dynamic data collection tools that adapt intelligently to feedback in real-time.
  • Start conversations with customers when and where it suits them with email, SMS, web, mobile app, wearables, and many more
  • Turn every customer interaction into meaningful insights with iQ Directory, which allows you to monitor and optimise each customer’s experience over time, across every touchpoint and every channel.

Predict what your customers will do next

Spot problems before they happen and react faster with iQ, our set of intelligent features built directly into the platform.

Text IQ™

Find insights hidden deep in open text responses with sentiment scores, trend reports, and automated alerts

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Stats IQ™

Become a stats genius with just a few clicks— Stats iQ automatically chooses the right statistical test and gives easy to understand results

More about Stats iQ™

Predict IQ™

Predict customer behaviour and receive alerts so you can intervene with at-risk customers before they churn

More about Predict iQ™

Activate the entire organisation

Now everyone can act on customer insights with intuitive interfaces and integrations with the tools they already use.

  • Put the right data in front of the right person with role-based dashboards for every stakeholder from the leadership team to the frontline
  • Collaborate across the organisation with action planning tools. Tag owners, set deadlines, and even supply step-by-step guidance to enable everyone to delight your customers
  • Make customer experience part of the daily routine by integrating with the tools and applications your teams are already using, such as Salesforce and JIRA

Powering customer experience for thousands
of the world’s leading brands

With Qualtrics, we’re creating a culture of customer centricity within our organisation.

Allison Windon

Global Practice Director

Our challenges were lack of consistent, actionable customer feedback that could be shared throughout the business. To solve that, we set up a business-wide VOC program with Qualtrics.

Mike Wayner

Customer Insights Manager

Qualtrics allows us to continually reinforce the link between employee and customer experience.

Expert-designed. Straight out of the box.

Get your CX program up and running faster with Certified XM Solutions—ready-to-use, expert-designed content, workflow and automation.

  • Built directly into the Qualtrics platform.
  • Includes all your surveys, dashboards and program roadmaps.
  • Tested in some of the world’s most successful organisations and customised for your industry.
  • Easily launch best-in-class relational, transactional and full journey customer experience programs.
What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience management is how brands design, optimise and deliver experiences for their customers that:

  • Improve customer retention and loyalty
  • Increase customer share of wallet
  • Optimise customer acquisition
  • Reduce cost to serve
  • Increase brand awareness and equity

The best customer experience management programs track every customer interaction and analyse the data to close the gap between what customers expect and what the experience currently being delivered. A recent study showed that “Customer Experience Leaders” grow 2x faster and maintain operations that are 15% leaner than the average company.

Qualtrics Customer Experience™ Platform