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Turn employees into ambassadors

Qualtrics introduces the first and only Employee Experience Management platform that helps companies reduce unwanted attrition, improve employee engagement, develop top performers, and build strong teams, by optimising the employee experience. Read More

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Qualtrics Employee Experience helps companies understand the employee journey, automatically prioritise key drivers of engagement and experience, and enable organisations to take action by making it drop dead simple to...

Measure & Baseline

Measure employee experiences at every major milestone of the employee lifecycle and establish baselines to measure future performance.

Prioritise & Predict

Prioritise and predict key drivers of engagement and experience. Drive action throughout the organisation with role-based dashboards and action plans.

Act & Optimise

Continuously track and optimise employee experiences to build stronger teams, improve productivity, and cultivate a winning company culture.

Eliminate organisational blindspots

See your organisation’s entire employee experience like you’ve never seen it before. With a holistic view of every lifecycle touchpoint, Qualtrics makes it easy to seamlessly measure and connect insights across the entire lifecycle—from recruitment to exit. View comprehensive workforce health and engagement data in real-time and automatically populate key employee data from your HRIS or ATS into a single dashboard view.

Predict experience drivers with Qualtrics

Spend less time analysing and more time acting. Qualtrics predictive intelligence technology eliminates tedious manual work by automatically identifying and prioritising key employee experience drivers.

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Qualtrics helps your organisation work on the right HR initiatives by automatically identifying and prioritising the most impactful action items and linking them to action plans.
The deepest insights about how people feel about their workplace come from employees writing in their own words. Qualtrics allows you to analyse open text to identify key themes and emerging issues.

Organisational hierarchy made simple

Qualtrics Employee Experience is the only solution with patented smart view technology that simplifies the unwieldy process of managing complex org charts, user permissions, and reporting. All it takes is a few clicks to deliver tailored and relevant experience to the right people in real-time. Qualtrics changes with your organisation, making it easy to make changes on the fly.

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  • Upload organisation hierarchies and map relationships with just a few clicks
  • Automatic configuration of role-based access and report views for every participant and dashboard user
  • Easily slice and dice your data by drilling down and rolling-up throughout your organisation instead of applying 20+ filters
  • Allow unique access to HR leaders while still protecting employee confidentiality with built-in security settings

Understand employee experiences in real-time

Unlike traditional vendors, Qualtrics gives you results in minutes not months. Now every people manager gets real-time and relevant engagement and experience results for their teams.

    Engaged 74%

    Neutral 6%

    Disengaged 20%


  • Identify at-risk employee populations with low engagement and attrition issues in a single glance
  • As results come in, all analytics are automatically processed in real-time
  • Individualised reports and dashboards are immediately ready for review
  • No need to format reports or data— every dashboard visualisation reacts and loads relevant data as you click

Ultimate control. Drag-and-drop simplicity.

We’ve designed our platform to be the most intuitive and user-friendly on the planet so you can easily measure and act on the experiences that matter most to your organisation.

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  • With our point-and-click interface and intuitive survey builder, creating forms and making changes requires no coding or complicated processes.
  • We don’t hold your content hostage or require any specific question sets. Our technology flexes to meet your content, process, and reporting needs.
  • Drag and drop dashboard widgets and easily change the view to meet your organisation’s reporting needs.
Transform employee feedback into a data driven employee experience strategy.

Improving the Employee Experience for more than 9,000 brands

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“From employee participation to leadership action—the results show. Our attrition model has improved by 10X.”
“Before this process, there was uncertainty around the state of talent. Now, we can provide reporting and results immediately.”
“We are providing a fantastic solution for our employees to develop their careers – easily, quickly and cost-effectively.”
“With Qualtrics, managers now know exactly which levers to pull in order to increase engagement among their teams.”

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