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Employee Engagement Software

Real-time employee engagement insights and action planning

Empower every manager in your organisation to improve employee engagement with real-time insights that show them exactly where to focus their efforts to increase employee performance.

Qualtrics employee engagement software platform makes it easy to pinpoint experience, engagement and productivity drivers, so you can act in real-time to create a world-class company culture.

  • Improve employee engagement across the organisation
  • Act quickly on real-time data to address problems
  • See how your actions impact employee productivity and organisational KPIs
  • Enable managers with data and action planning
  • Reduce unwanted and costly attrition

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"Qualtrics employee engagement surveys are
the fastest, most effective we’ve ever done."
"At the end of the day, the insights gained from Qualtrics data are moving the needle and changing the way we do business globally."
"Qualtrics is the difference between success
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Meet your world-class engagement program


Understand every experience that matters to your employees and automatically deliver real-time insights to their managers so they can take action. Employee feedback automatically maps to your organisation’s org chart so everyone can see the insights that matter most to them.


Create a digital open door by enabling your employees to give feedback how and when it suits them. Our scalable employee software, complete with pre-packaged expert content and surveys, helps you capture ongoing employee feedback to drive organisational change.


Turn your employee feedback into genuine improvements with analytics designed to drive actions. As data flows into the platform, you’ll see which key drivers to focus on so you can have the biggest impact on engagement, as well as the ability to track your improvements with action-planning tools and follow-up pulse surveys.


Measure and improve employee experiences at every stage of the lifecycle

Turn data into actions with the world’s most agile employee experience platform.
Powered by iQ - our predictive intelligence engine - Qualtrics Employee Experience automatically surfaces deep insights and predicts the key drivers of your employee experience to:

  • Eliminate organisational blindspots
  • Understand the employee experience in real-time
  • Develop your top performers
  • Reduce unwanted attrition
See how our employee
engagement software works
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