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Sophisticated online surveys made simple

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Easiest to use online survey platform

Sophisticated yet simple

With Qualtrics Research Suite survey software, it’s a breeze to capture, analyze, and act on insights. Our popular online survey collaboration features make it easy for you to build and share a survey with peers inside or outside your organization. You are in control. Point and click your way to high caliber, branded online surveys that will impress you, your boss, and your audience.

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Ultimate flexibility

Serious power to propel your organization

Leverage 100+ question types, embedded data, branching, display logic, quotas, email triggers, mobile and offline compatibility, randomization, and all the advanced features you’ll ever need. You capture the insights you need to move the needle and your audience receives a “wow” experience every time. Win-win.

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Organization-wide scalability

All your data in one place

No data silos here. Your data should be transparent and actionable.
Standardizing on a single platform makes delivering insights to the right
people seamless. Qualtrics Research Suite allows you to easily integrate
with existing systems and collaborate across functional departments.

Whether you’ve got a small team or cross-functional global team,
Qualtrics Research Suite is built to scale. You’ll never outgrow it — guaranteed.

Lands' End

“We simply couldn’t find a better enterprise solution – once we saw the flexibility with Qualtrics, we were sold. We are getting tremendous value for our money. For the same cost as having multiple survey subscriptions, we have standardized on a superior survey platform.”

Real-time reporting

Make the right decisions with confidence

Real-time insights that drive better decisions. With Research Suite, anyone you’d like can access the insights they need to make accurate, informed business decisions.

Choose from over 30 different graph types, share real-time web reports, or export to Word, PowerPoint, or PDF to create a professional presentation in minutes.

  • +Triggered Email Reports
  • +Cross Tabulations
  • +Shareable Web Reports
  • +Export to SPSS
  • +Advanced Mobile Capabilities
  • +CRM Integration
  • +Custom Dashboards

Best-in-class security

Built to handle strict security requirements

We take security seriously so you can focus on what you do best. That’s why government agencies, banks, hospitals, and more than half of the Fortune 100 choose Qualtrics.

You’re the customer experts. We’re the technology experts.

Online surveys have never been easier. Qualtrics Research Suite Software makes it easy to master customer insights, drive strategy, and anticipate the needs of customers.

Lands' End

“Qualtrics is so user-friendly and efficient. We have been able to ask our customers about many topics; everything from evaluating and defining our shipping and service strategy based on consumer feedback to keeping a pulse on our overall customer satisfaction. We are a highly data-driven organization and the voice of the customer is one of the most valuable data points.”

You’re the research pro. We bring the tech mojo.

We make sophisticated research simple. Market insights challenge the status quo, elevate your brand, and change the world. Know more and do more with Qualtrics Research Suite.


“We’re all about innovation, so everything that comes from us needs to reflect our company and brand. The ability to create fun and innovative surveys creates a better customer experience and increases our response rates. With the ability to get real-time results in a matter of days, Qualtrics is helping us gain a better understanding of our consumer’s needs, which helps shape decisions when it comes to creating products and marketing them to golfers.”

You’re the academic genius. We’re the tech valedictorian.

Qualtrics Research Suite’s online survey solutions make it easy to capture academic insights. These insights empower faculty and students, create breakthroughs, and change lives. Your imagination is the only limit.

  • +Academic Research
  • +Experimental Design
  • +Student Satisfaction
  • +Alumni Outreach
  • +Program Administration
  • +Institutional Assessment
  • +Course and Professor Evaluation
  • +Student and faculty elections

“Qualtrics is the standard now. Everyone uses it. The solution has made research tremendously more convenient and by making it more convenient, it allows us to be more productive. I can’t imagine a situation where you wouldn’t use Qualtrics to run a survey. It’s not even a question; you can’t do what we do without it. Asking someone here if they’re using Qualtrics is like asking if they have a pen and some paper.”

Award-winning training and support

When you join the Qualtrics family, we take care of you.
From live trainings and online resources to our amazing
customer support team, we want you to be successful.