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Build a resilient contact centre

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Contact Centres are a key pillar of XM. How you treat customers, in good times and bad, will have a lasting impact on their loyalty, spend - and your overall success. Use the tools below to see how...

How does your contact centre operate?

For many organisations, the contact centre is where sorry happens – agents apologise, compensate and move on…

But the world’s best experience brands understand, and use, the contact centre as a vital driver of loyalty and revenue. See how your contact centre compares below.

Do you enable agents to take action?

By not being able to take action quickly, this means the customer will have to call back again and hope for a different outcome – and the business will have to count the cost. Don’t leave it down to chance.

Successful Customer Care Centres help customers find solutions. This is done by understanding your customers’ needs, and enabling your agents to take the right steps to help. Getting this right is key to ensuring customers are happy and agents are empowered to make the most impact.

Contact Center Staff Experience Center Staff
Apologised to 246 customers this week. Unfortunately, this was all he could do. Took action to resolve 246 customer issues today. 245 of those customers said they’ll stay with the company.

Do agents have a channel for feedback?

In a typical contact centre, agent resources are being spent on an issue that could be easily fixed if there were effective communication channels. Feedback that is currently costing the business, could quickly be used to its benefit.

Your agents are often untapped sources of customer feedback. By giving your agents a reliable channel to share feedback, you can improve the four core experiences: customer, product, brand, and employee.

Contact Centre Staff Experience Centre Staff
Still taking calls about that poor battery life. Without a reliable way of sharing product issues with internal teams, calls about poor battery life are still coming in Shared feedback about battery reliability with the product development team. Changes to the battery are now on the product road map

Are agents given customer history information?

Contact centres often have customers who call many times about the same issue. This is a situation where nobody is happy. The customer just wants the issue resolved, and the longer it takes, the more it costs the contact centre.

Give your agents a head start with a history of each customer interaction across your channels, so they can be helpful from the start. Track customer satisfaction at every touchpoint, and help your customers, quicker. Reduce call resolution times, keep customers happy and lower churn.

Contact Centre Staff Experience Centre Staff
Spoke to customers who had called up multiple times this week to discuss the same issue. As this was the first time this agent had heard of it, several high value customers expressed frustration when asked to explain their issue all over again By intelligently routing customers to the right support channel based on their customer profile, agents had their full interaction history at hand and were well equipped to help. We were able to improve resolution rates and customer satisfaction, positively contributing to reduced customer churn.

Do you offer self-serve options?

Without self-serve options, there is a burden on agents to resolve all issues, instead of focussing on priority areas that will have the most impact. This is not an effective way of running business operations.

There are times where talking to a person is vital. But for straightforward issues, self-service e.g. the company FAQ section or an automated line, is a seamless way of routing customers to the right areas, giving your agents the capacity to focus on priority issues.

Contact Centre Staff Experience Centre Staff
Offered little to the business today because too much time was taken up dealing with everyday issues that could be easily solved through self-serve options. This meant that high priority customers have still not been helped. Effective support pages and chat system made it easy for low complexity issues to be resolved, so agents have time to thoroughly understand customer needs and offer expanded solutions to address their needs. Not only did this prevent customer churn, it increased upsells too.

Is employee turnover high?

Agent attrition is typically much higher in contact centres where performance is based on operational data, and neglects the human side. By acknowledging the context to this data, employee engagement can greatly improve.

Change the perception of front line customer care. Businesses can use customer feedback to bring the best out in their employees and give them a clear pathway to make a difference for the business and their customers alike. Voice iQ can help with this by gathering unsolicited, authentic insights at scale – by surfacing every live phone call.

Contact Centre Staff Experience Centre Staff
Shouted at repeatedly. This is a common occurrence as a front-line employee. The problem is that agent performance is measured using operational and CSAT scores that offer little context. So whilst managing to retain an unhappy customer, the call time was longer than the target set. Despite doing a good job in the circumstances, the agent is now seen as a lower performer. Going to give it another 3 months and then move on if things don’t improve Agents are measured using a combination of operational metrics, and customer satisfaction and feedback. This information is used to provide each agent with tailored coaching and concrete areas of focus so they know how to make a difference for their customers, and the business.

Dealing with a crisis you couldn’t plan for

Many Customer Care Centres are not ready to deal with a surge in demand. Would you be able to cope? How do you know? Take the following steps to make sure customers don’t suffer.

Customer care impact calculator

The most successful Customer Care centres are those integrated into the business, with every other function benefitting as a result. You’ll see happier staff that stay for longer, and happier customers ready to spend more, for longer – and tell their friends and family about it.

Tell us a few details about your operations to calculate the impact that going from customer care to customer experience can have on your business.

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