Qualtrics for Human Resources

Drive engagement and reduce unwanted attrition

“Before this process, there was uncertainty around the state of talent. Now, we can provide reporting and results immediately.” - Whole Foods Market

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Qualtrics Employee Experience makes it easy to pinpoint experience, engagement, and productivity drivers so you can act in real-time and drive changes in the places that matter most.

    Outcomes we deliver

  • Reduce unwanted and costly attrition
  • Increase employee engagement and productivity
  • Identify and develop top performers
  • Increase employee lifetime value

Measure and improve employee experiences at every stage of the lifecycle

Eliminate Blind Spots

To drive the outcomes that matter most to your organisation you need real-time feedback at every stage of the employee lifecycle — from recruitment to exit.

Real-Time Analysis & Insights

Whether you’re measuring engagement, development, or any other experience, Qualtrics gives the right leaders and managers access to real-time results. With configurable, role-based dashboards and key driver analysis, analysing employee data is drop dead simple.

Flexible Surveys & Reporting

We give you an intuitive survey builder, easy org hierarchy management, configurable dashboards, and HRIS integrations so you can easily customise your employee experience management program and make changes as often as you need.

Visualise the entire employee experience

See your organisation’s entire employee experience like you’ve never seen it before. With a holistic view of every lifecycle touchpoint, Qualtrics makes it easy to seamlessly measure and connect insights across the entire lifecycle—from recruitment to exit.

Employee Engagement

Give supervisors real-time access to the levers and hierarchical insights they need to improve employee engagement.

Pulse Surveys

Gain more frequent access to employee engagement, performance, and satisfaction levels to manage organisational change.

Multi-Rater Assessments

Enable entirely configurable 360, 180, and self-assessment evaluations to drive employee performance and development objectives.

Exit Surveys

Collect honest insights and uncover key drivers of unwanted attrition to help you develop and keep your best employees.

Onboarding Feedback

Capture actionable insights to address the elements of your onboarding process that need improvement.

Training and Assessment

Understand how to improve internal training and development programs based on real-time feedback.

Qualtrics’ Flexible Service Model

We know that sometimes you need someone else to manage a project so you can allocate energy to other initiatives. Other times, you need the flexibility and agility to manage the details yourself. Our offering gives you the freedom and power to dial up or dial back the services at any time during the program.

Customer Success

Dedicated customer success managers help you realise value from our technology. From training and best practice sharing to solution consulting, we can ensure you are always on track.


You won’t have to do it alone—our experienced implementation staff can help you get your program up and running and ensure full operational integration.

Client Engineering

Our client engineering team can build any solution you can imagine, including HRIS or ATS integrations, historical data imports, custom widgets, and more.

Online Tutorials

Get answers to every question with detailed, self-guided videos and content designed to help you become an expert quickly.

24/7 On-Call Support

Need to talk to a human? Call anytime day or night and a product specialist will answer. We’ll ensure you and your organisation are never blocked.


Need expert help with program design, complex surveys, best practices, or results training? Our team of survey scientists and market research subject matter experts have the end-to-end expertise to deliver.

Improving the Employee Experience for more than 9,000 brands

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From employee participation to leadership action—the results show. Our attrition model has improved by 10X.
Before this process, there was uncertainty around the state of talent. Now, we can provide reporting and results immediately.
We are providing a fantastic solution for our employees to develop their careers – easily, quickly and cost-effectively.
We needed a technology platform that would allow us to quickly and easily collect feedback from employees. That feedback also had to be actionable for our managers. Prior to Qualtrics, we performed an annual employee engagement survey that took months to create, distribute, and analyse. We needed an online platform that allowed us to take control and speed up the process.

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Four applications to manage the four key experiences of business

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Delight customers at every touchpoint. Monitor, respond and improve every interaction along the customer journey.

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Drive employee excellence by measuring and optimising every stage of the employee lifecycle.

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