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Applying diversity, equity, and inclusion to your EX program

The most important next step with any DEI program is to get started. It’s easy to get lost in an attempt to do everything at once with an all-encompassing program. 

Real, lasting change requires many small changes sustained over a long period of time.This is where experience management (XM) technology and practices help you uncover these insights and direct you towards the highest impact actions to take, so you can close experience gaps for all employees within your workplace. 

This guide will leave you better equipped to be an experience management professional and HR leader that refines practices and identifies the highest leverage points to drive more inclusion, an increase in diversity, and a more equitable organisation for your employees.

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What you will learn:

  • The value of integrated EX programs compared to standalone DEI assessments
  • How to embed DEI practices into existing programs
  • 4 ways to apply systems thinking to DEI
  • Examples of how to use XM to create a more DEI workplace

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