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Go beyond engagement. Redefine your employee experience.

Empower leaders, managers and teams with robust, organisation-wide feedback and agile, in-the-moment insights, that help increase engagement, productivity and retention.

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Create employee experiences worth remembering

Practical, proven, backed-by-science. Qualtrics Engagement empowers every organisation – from start-ups to enterprises – to go beyond engagement and improve every aspect of employee experience at scale.

  • Measure the full employee experience with more than 300+ benchmarkable items and incorporate topics like intent to stay, inclusion, well-being, and more
  • Make decisions with confidence thanks to clear and curated, role-based insights and action recommendations, all proven by science
  • Access out-of-the-box customisations like listening cadence, distribution or organisational KPIs to build a program that suits your organisation, people, and industry
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Frequent insights and trends
that drive meaningful action

Designed by experts, our set-and-forget Pulse solution empowers everyone to access real-time, ongoing trends on how their workforce feels and double click on any feedback needed.

  • Easily set up and run automated pulse programs with ease and make changes when needed in just a few clicks
  • Get real-time, ongoing trends of how employees feel about topics like return to office or new processes – while mitigating survey fatigue
  • Quickly adapt to events that impact the entire organisation or specific departments and
    teams – without standing up a new program
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2023 State of HR Report

We talked to 1,000 top HR leaders about their thoughts on HR's new role. We found out what's important to them and how they're creating experience-based cultures for employees and businesses. Our experts identified four key insights about the future of HR and actionable next steps to help CHROs continue to evolve HR within their organisation.

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Highlight emerging issues
before you fall behind

With Qualtrics Employee Research you can read between the lines. Capture, consolidate and measure employee feedback that falls outside of your Engagement or Pulse programs.

  • Launch ad hoc feedback quickly with programs designed by experts, including assessments for CSR, ethics, DEI, well-being, safety, employee growth & development, and more
  • Reduce time to action with best-in-class I/O designed programs that are lightweight yet incredibly comprehensive. No need to wait for other departments to guide strategy or decisions
  • Protect employee confidentiality and anonymity with built-in enterprise security that’s both scalable and reliable
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Say goodbye to guesswork
for good

With Qualtrics Experience Optimiser, quickly uncover and weigh what matters most to your employees, whether that’s more vacation days, better healthcare or work-life balance.

  • Leverage powerful analytical models and cost-benefit analysis tools to identify what your employees value and where to focus to deliver the most impact
  • Get insights on employee preferences faster with rigorous, pre-configured analyses for benefits, office design, employer value proposition and more
  • Enable leaders to run programs with ease and glean insights quickly thanks to guided setups, all without compromising on quality
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Ready to see how Qualtrics can improve your employee experience?

More about People Engage

People Engage is the market-leading solution for foundational EX, empowering organisations of any size and maturity with a practical, holistic and continuous approach to employee engagement.

It has everything you need to not only begin, but expand your employee experience program including purpose-built solutions and flexible capabilities to support the following listening: employee engagement, employee pulse, ad hoc employee research, employee well-being, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) experience, environmental, social and governance (ESG) experience, workplace safety, employee experience design, employee benefits optimisations, workplace optimisation, employee value proposition optimisation, and more.

Foundational employee experience refers to the fundamental elements that contribute to an employee's overall experience within an organisation. It encompasses the basic building blocks necessary for a positive work environment, including fair and competitive compensation, a safe and inclusive workplace, clear communication channels, access to necessary resources and tools, and opportunities for professional growth and development. Foundational employee experience focuses on establishing a solid framework that supports employee well-being, engagement, and satisfaction, laying the groundwork for a positive and productive work culture.


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