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Connect the dots
the entire employee journey

From the candidate experience to employee development and everything in between, optimise experiences at every touchpoint across the complete employee lifecycle to drive engagement and optimise strategic business outcomes.

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Make candidate experience your competitive advantage

Discover and solve every point of friction along the candidate experience journey with end-to-end insights and recommended actions across your hiring teams.

  • Quickly uncover and understand key experience gaps across the candidate experience journey using AI-based text analytics and machine learning
  • Readily capture feedback from prospective employees at the most critical moments to help solve their issues faster, prevent lost hires, and reduce attrition
  • Empower teams to act on insights and close gaps with tailored dashboards, automated workflows and seamless integration with existing communication tools
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Capture every experience with automated lifecycle feedback

Analyse and holistically understand every single moment across the employee journey to see what’s working well, what isn’t, and how to accelerate employee ramp time, decrease voluntary attrition, and more.

  • Get started quickly with our expert-built lifecycle programs for onboarding and exit—or use the flexibility of our platform to capture any employee moment that’s critical for your organisation
  • Easily integrate with your ATS and HRIS to automatically trigger feedback invitations via email, SMS, workplace apps, and more
  • Empower teams to act on insights and close gaps in the moment with tailored dashboards, automated workflows, and seamless integration with communication tools


Employee lifecycle feedback: Understanding the moments that matter most to your employees

Learn how to get started with a lifecycle approach to employee experience that uses employee feedback at key stages in their journey with the organisation to understand, and improve, the moments that matter most.

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Grow your people, grow your business

Unlock employee growth and help them contribute more to business success with 360 Development. Empower your talent to build upon their skills, isolate individual challenges, and take the right actions to ensure impact.

  • Supercharge employee growth with detailed, personalised reports that highlight where they excel, improve, and what internal and external resources can help
  • Scale employee development programs at every level through easy and accessible automated workflows
  • View growth results and needs for the entire organisation, enabling teams to analyse trends over time, prioritise where to focus, and evaluate program effectiveness
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Understand the holistic
employee journey

Seamlessly merge data from key moments across the employee's journey to analyse the combined impact on metrics like employee engagement, experience, intent to stay, and others.

  • An easy point-and-click data modeling experience allows you to build new datasets for analysis without having to export, clean, and reimport datasets
  • Integrate previously isolated programs to unify the employee journey, reducing the effort and time needed for valuable insights into the employee experience
  • Leverage advanced analytics to detect patterns, potential hazards, and connections within employee journey experiences that influence subsequent stages of the journey

Upgrade your programs simply with flexible, scalable pricing plans

More about people lifecycle

People lifecycle — synonymous with employee lifecycle — is a model used to identify and understand the stages employees go through at an organisation: from the moment they’re onboarded to the moment they leave.

This model or framework makes it easier for organisations to develop experience strategies at the various stages of the employee or people lifecycle. For example, an organisation might choose to implement measures that streamline the onboarding process of the people lifecycle, helping to get hires up to speed and reducing time to value.

On the other hand, organisations might choose to implement more robust feedback cycles during the recognition or retention phase to help prevent unwanted attrition.

Ultimately, people and employee lifecycles make it much easier for organisations to take a holistic approach to the experiences they deliver.

Qualtrics People Lifecycle gives organisations the tools necessary to improve the experience at every crucial employee journey moment across the entire lifecycle.

This enables organisations to ultimately drive strategic business outcomes like improving candidate offer acceptance rates, decreasing employee ramp times, increasing employee retention and drive employee development at scale.