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A new era in B2B experience management

Qualtrics Experience Management is helping the world’s biggest and best B2B organisations transform customer, employee, brand, and product experiences to help increase sales, renewals and grow market share.

More than 18,000 organisations worldwide rely on Qualtrics

Manage every experience that matters to your organisation from identifying the sweet spot that makes you stand out from your competitors to transforming your employee experience around delivering a world-class service to your customers.

The Qualtrics Experience Management Platform™ helps you connect the dots and see how improvements in one area impact the metrics your business cares by combining your Experience Data and the Operational Data from your CRM, HRIS and ERP.

B2B is different from B2C — your XM program should be too. Working with some of the world’s leading B2B organisations, we’ve designed world-class programs and best practices to help you deliver breakthrough experiences for your customers and employees.

Qualtrics Customer XM™

Strengthen your most valuable customer relationships

Increase revenue and decrease churn with all your Experience Data (X-Data) and Operational Data (O-Data) on a single platform. The Qualtrics B2B Command Center gives you a complete view of every account — what’s going well, what’s not, and recommended actions to improve.

Account managers see all their accounts on a single dashboard and can drill down into individual accounts. Zoom out and see a bird’s-eye view of all your accounts including powerful churn predictions, key drivers and recommended next steps to reduce churn, increase loyalty and boost revenue.

With integrations into your existing CRM, you’ll always have the right information at the right moment to deliver breakthrough results.

Customers meeting and reviewing a tablet screen

4 benefits of CustomerXM

  1. Manage accounts strategically with a single view of clients’ X- and O-Data for each account manager
  2. See at a glance which accounts need urgent action to improve the experience
  3. Make powerful predictions about customer churn and take action before it happens
  4. Track every activity with powerful integrations into CRM systems from SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle and homegrown APIs
Integrations including Zendesk, Salesforce, and Slack

Out of the box

You can start delivering breakthrough experiences as soon as your CX program takes flight with certified XM solutions just for B2B. Straight out of the box and ready to use, they include expert designed content, best-in-class workflows, and automation programs.

Feedback distribution methods including email and web

Engage customers on their terms

Monitor and optimise each interaction over time, across every touchpoint, and every channel with dynamic data collection tools that seamlessly adapt to user behavior in real time.

Churn prediction model module within Qualtrics

Future-proof your business

Bring together X-Data and O-Data with integrations into your CRM to uncover insights deep inside your data and make powerful predictions about what your customers will do next with iQ, our predictive intelligence engine.

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Qualtrics Employee XM™

Your greatest asset in business is an exceptional employee experience

Employees are the link between your business and its clients, as well as the source of every innovation, product, and service you take to market. Ensuring employees are fully engaged and equipped is a key advantage.

Using Qualtrics EmployeeXM™ platform you can unlock the insights you need to create breakthrough experiences that turn employees into ambassadors, and keep and attract the best talent.

Employees reviewing a computer

4 benefits of EmployeeXM

  1. Rapidly locate the levers to pull to improve the employee experience
  2. Understand the entire employee journey — from onboarding to exit — to optimise every moment that matters
  3. Personalised 360 employee reviews to help boost employee productivity and loyalty
  4. Get frontline feedback to ensure your people are always able to serve your customers best
Qualtrics surrounded by logos including Workday, PeopleSoft, and Greenhouse

Scale with speed and ease

Feedback is integrated with your existing HR platforms so you can automate personalised actions at every stage, while pre-built and expert-designed programs are available at the click of a button.

Dropdown for manager hierarchy

Complexity made simple

Dynamic and visual dashboards deliver information to managers in an easy-to-understand way in the moments that matter so they can drive meaningful and lasting change in the workplace.

Regional filter for chart, including filters for Africa and Middle East

Meet demands before they even arise

Spot patterns and trends hidden in your experience and operational data and take action before issues arise with iQ, our powerful predictive intelligence engine.

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Qualtrics Product XM™

Pinpoint the products and services your clients want

To be the best in your industry you need to know the market, be able to rapidly identify emerging opportunities, and be the first to market with the products and services users want.

With Qualtrics, you can design new products and services with customer feedback at the heart of your product roadmap, automatically find the right price point and get ongoing feedback on product usage from your most valuable customers.

It means everything is designed with your customers in mind, helping you design products and services that boost your revenues and drive unwavering loyalty from your customers.

Two employees having a discussion at their desks

4 benefits of ProductXM

  1. Easily identify new market opportunities, and track trends to tailor and fine-tune your actions
  2. Fine-tune your products, services and pricing in a few easy steps and see the changes that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line
  3. Understand buyer behavior and preference with pre-built projects that guide you through the process from start to finish
  4. Build a tailored and seamless user experience across all channels, and make improvements based on feedback in real-time
Line chart on desktop computer with optimal price point identified

Optimise product development

Effectively pilot new products and services before committing to a full launch and optimise everything from product features to pricing and packaging.

Line charts with satisfaction of product outlined over time

Understand buyer behaviour

Understand why businesses buy from you — and why they don’t — so you can capitalise on key differentiators from the competition, personalise the buyer journey, and identify gaps in your offerings.

Product feedback example including needing a bigger screen

Prioritise investments and resources

Collect feedback from the entire user experience to identify the moments that matter, empowering you to take meaningful and lasting action that drives revenue, usage, and loyalty.

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Qualtrics Brand XM™

Build a brand famous for its user experience

Professionals want to work with companies that are easy to do business with. A positive user experience will see them return time and time again as they move throughout their career. And they’ll likely recommend you to their peers.

Qualtrics BrandXM™ helps you track and understand every brand metric that matters to your business — from awareness to loyalty and common pain points. Inspired by these deep insights you can create breakthrough brand experiences that keep professionals coming back for more.

Group of executives discussing

4 benefits of BrandXM

  1. Bring brand data into a single platform so you know exactly where to focus attention
  2. Locate and prioritise the key drivers of brand success, from what’s helping it to what’s hurting it
  3. Drive consistency across all engagements to optimise performance
  4. Track what competitors are doing and how they are perceived so you can capitalise and act
Brand awareness chart for 3 different brands

Build a unique brand

Predesigned research projects allow you to measure awareness, differentiation, and much more so that you can build a brand like no other in the market.

Branding methodology including Bain NPS, Usage, and Brand Identity

Tried and tested expertise

Pre-built methodologies and programs empower you to easily segment audiences, optimise target, identify and develop your value proposition, conduct brand research, and personalise communications.

Phone with feedback popup overlay

Make a lasting impression

Online and offline feedback tracks 20+ behavioral variables empowering you to drive brand consistency across all channels, ensuring a seamless and exceptional experience.

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