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Bankwest + Qualtrics

Building a better
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reduction in site exit rate


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Bankwest committed to improving the financial wellbeing of their customers and communities with a range of support initiatives. To ensure the company could keep pace with modern customer demands and ahead of its competitors, Bankwest selected Qualtrics to improve the user experience on their website through Site Intercepts.

How Bankwest is closing the experience gap

Reduction in exit rate

Bankwest were experiencing a 19% site exit on its credit card online application form. The site was redesigned based on feedback captured by Qualtrics to improve the user experience, helping reduce the exit rate by 48%

Site feedback across the digital journey

The bank captures site feedback at many touchpoints across the digital customer journey. Insights are used to make it easier to find key information and make digital experiences more effective, easy, and enjoyable.

Changes made in hours

Using Site Intercept, Bankwest is able to build, configure, and launch customer engagements in-house in hours. Bankwest’s website is constantly updated with optimal usability based on the needs of website visitors, which has generated increased website conversion and revenues.



Qualtrics allows us to understand the “why” behind website visitor behaviour.”

At Bankwest, we believe everyone deserves a simple, friendly, and safe and secure banking experience and that people want, well, less bank in their life. So, we're dedicated to being just the right amount of bank, without the gimmicks.


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