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BHP + Qualtrics

“Our ability to track the entire employee journey, gain real-time insights into the challenges, and then act immediately to boost engagement, means the HR function is viewed as a critical business enabler delivering immense shareholder value.”

BHP achieved


Candidate Experience score since implementation


improvement in employee engagement

Decrease in new hire voluntary turnover


With a need to hire highly specialised (and changing) skillsets in some of the tightest talent markets, BHP needed to get every element of its candidate experience right. Here’s how BHP meticulously designed its candidate experience and modelled the correlation with long-term employee engagement. Helping them unlock productivity and performance gains.

Unlocking performance through better candidate experiences

Navigating talent shortage and changing skillsets

BHP needs specialist talent in some of the remote locations where employer reputation could determine its ability to hire for generations. It’s also facing a pivotal transition as it looks to industrial automation in the near future. To ensure BHP protects and builds on its reputation as an employer (where a candidate also has high likelihood of being a shareholder), BHP listened and redesigned their entire candidate experience with the help of Qualtrics.


Revving the data engine

As part of BHP’s wider employee engagement program, the team redesigned the candidate experience to gain a complete picture of the employee journey – from hire to retire. Using Qualtrics EmployeeXM, the team ingested data from a whole host of HR resources already in use, identified bottlenecks and made changes to a variety of touchpoints.

Linking candidate experience and ongoing productivity

BHP modelled the drivers that link how a candidate’s hiring and onboarding experience affect employee engagement, and how employee engagement affects productivity. This enabled it to measure direct productivity gains that could result by tracking the entire employee journey, gaining real-time insights into the challenges, and then acting immediately to boost engagement.


Why Qualtrics

Reduce attrition by delivering the right experiences
Build a winning talent brand, grow candidate pipeline, and accelerate hire rates by evaluating and improving processes throughout the talent attraction process.

Empower your managers to take the right actions at scale
Get automated pulsing for regular feedback and rapid action—without overwhelming employees and managers. Real-time trends help organisations adapt quickly while saving HR resources.

Unlock the power of connected experiences
Bring together all your employee listening programs, map out the end-to-end journey, and know exactly where to step in to support your people and improve their experience.



Candidate experience that drives long-term engagement

Nathan Wolyniec

Nathan Wolyniec

Principal, Organisational Development & Analytics - BHP

“Creating a successful candidate experience program requires collaboration and a diverse skill set. It took a collective effort involving experience owners, talent and business partners, process specialists, Qualtrics, and solution architects to establish and maintain the program. This collaboration was crucial in overcoming challenges and ensuring the program's effectiveness.”

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