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bolttech + Qualtrics

“By leveraging the powerful feedback and AI analytics capabilities of Qualtrics, we have created a customer-centric ecosystem that drives NPS improvement, operational efficiencies, and increased sales revenue.”

bolttech achieved


increase in NPS


percentage points decrease in detractors


increase in attachment rate


For an industry that traditionally faces issues of consumer trust, complex pricing, and tedious claim processes, bolttech’s key to success is its unique ecosystem that makes insurance seamless and simple. Here’s how they elevated customer-centricity within the organisation to new heights, helping them drive revenue and cost-efficiencies.

Insights and actions powered by AI

Winning through better experiences

bolttech’s innovative platform connects insurance providers with businesses that want to offer easily accessible insurance to their customers, without taking on additional insuring risks. As an inherently customer-obsessed organisation, bolttech wanted to continuously improve the experience delivered to its insurer partners, businesses, as well as end consumers – to drive growth and retention.

Action-oriented CX, seamless integration

boltech implemented a comprehensive program using Qualtrics XM for the Frontlines, providing 360° view of their B2B2C customer experiences across 30 markets globally. Through a single API integration leveraging Google Apigee with Qualtrics, bolttech can analyse customer feedback and insights in conjunction with customer and operational data from CRM systems, including product, service channel, service levels, and CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value) metrics.


Insights powered by AI

Qualtrics’ customisable dashboards and workflows enable bolttech to understand customers at an aggregated and market-specific levels – helping it surface similarities and nuances between geography, demography, product, channel and service levels. More than 200 business stakeholders and 70+ customer service agents can easily access insights. From C-suite executives who lean on real-time NPS to make mobile application decision, or its agile, cross-functional squads who review specific customer journeys and touchpoints in their daily huddles. Through Qualtrics’ Text iQ, bolttech leans on our AI capabilities to analyse sentiment and report on results at scale.

Empowering frontline action

By strategically integrating Qualtrics throughout the customer journey and engagement cycle, bolttech has achieved significant cost efficiencies and revenue growth. It has developed new service offerings based on customer insights, and also moved claims processing from call centres / emails to digital channels which drove significant cost-efficiencies. bolttech also implemented closed loop tracking to resolve customer frustrations and address feedback within the same day.

Why Qualtrics

Engage and support customers on every channel
Deliver powerful, personalised recommendations for every customer straight to your frontline teams to increase usage, drive upsell, and reduce churn.

Surface frictions and guide teams in the moments that matter
Drive company-wide improvement—across processes, products, and digital properties—to increase customer lifetime value.

Design experiences that drive revenue and loyalty
See how every action and improvement drives bottom-line impact so you can focus on the experiences that grow your business.

Turning CX impact into business impact

Andrea Linander

Andrea Linander

Group Customer Experience Lead, bolttech

“Through Qualtrics, we have strengthened our customer-centric culture and built a customer experience management framework that empowers us to deliver exceptional experiences, drive meaningful insights, and foster continuous improvement across our organisation.”

About bolttech
bolttech is an international insurtech with a mission to build the world’s leading, technology-enabled ecosystem for protection and insurance. bolttech serves customers in more than 35+ markets across the United States, Asia, Europe and Africa.

With a full suite of digital and data-driven capabilities, bolttech powers connections between insurers, distributors, and customers to make it easier and more efficient to buy and sell insurance and protection products.


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