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Mitre 10 NZ + Qualtrics

“With the quantity and quality of data that we have now, we can be confident of what we need to do to further enhance customer experience.”

Mitre 10 achieved


points increase in in-store NPS


increase in “Brand love” metric


points increase in Click & Collect NPS


From gardening inspiration and DIY advice to thousands of quality tools under its roof - Mitre 10 New Zealand (Mitre 10) has always bet big on putting customers’ needs first. Having been named New Zealand’s most trusted brand in home improvement (for the 13th year in a row!), here’s how they’re continuing to build on their customer relationships to drive growth and retention.

Making CX contagious

A need for real-time insights

Mitre 10 is New Zealand’s largest home improvement and garden retailer with 84 cooperative-owned stores. With a legacy NPS program in place, there was no way to track customer service experience across its stores to prevent service issues and improve advocacy. Data was not shareable, and PDF reports used to be sent to stores, relying on busy store managers making time to decipher results and presume the next best action to take.

Staying ahead of competitors and meeting changing needs

Like for many retailers, Covid-19 instigated and accelerated digital transformations to meet changing customer expectations. Mitre 10 embarked on a multi-year transformation programme (of which CX transformation is a large part) and with the help of Ipsos, implemented its new Voice of Customer program “Your say” on the Qualtrics platform. This allows Mitre 10 to capture evolving customer behaviours and preferences across a range of touchpoints including in-store, Click & Collect and Delivery.



Made for taking action

Mitre 10’s VoC includes closed loop actioning to identify and surface root causes of problems to aid service recovery. Every single store has a designated team member monitoring dashboards and customer feedback. Store teams celebrate awesome feedback, track metrics, and constructively share learnings. Many departments across the organisation have access to the dashboards to dive deep into relevant customer insights.


Organisation-wide culture of customer obsession

The implementation of Qualtrics as a single source of truth has embedded a culture of customer-centricity, making insights available to those who can make a direct impact on customer experience. Mitre 10 further executed a range of programs to build the culture including making CX metrics part of KPIs, employee learning series, a “CX Legends” initiative which highlights how stores and employees were differentiating and improving on customer experience and more.

Why Qualtrics

Engage and support customers on every channel
Deliver powerful, personalised recommendations for every customer straight to your frontline teams to increase usage, drive upsell, and reduce churn.

Surface frictions and guide teams in the moments that matter
Drive company-wide improvement—across processes, products, and digital properties—to increase customer lifetime value.

Design experiences that drive revenue and loyalty
See how every action and improvement drives bottom-line impact so you can focus on the experiences that grow your business.


Driving growth through better CX

Mark Vaughan - Head of Customer Insights Mitre 10 NZ

Mark Vaughan

Head of Customer Insights, Mitre 10 NZ

“By linking our VoC program to transactions, Qualtrics has opened up whole new possibilities in driving customer experience in the future by bringing together the rich X and O data.”

Mitre 10 New Zealand
Mitre 10 has been a part of New Zealand's home improvement culture since 1974. New Zealand owned and operated with stores across the country, Mitre 10 is a Kiwi success story and is the country’s largest home improvement and garden retailer. The Mitre 10 Trade business is also steadily growing, with more and more trade professionals seeking to partner with a locally owned merchant. Mitre 10 places a strong focus on customer service and team training and is committed to providing the inspiration, advice, tools and materials our customers need to see their projects through to completion.





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