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Customer Experience Masterclass

16 May 2024 // 8.30am - 4.00pm
Hilton Hotel Auckland, Aquamarine Room
147 Quay Street
Auckland, New Zealand

In the age where customer experience (CX) differentiates market leaders from the rest, mastering the art and science of CX has become essential.

Most organizations are sitting on a goldmine of customer feedback data that they are not using and relying mostly on survey feedback which is not representative of the entire customer base. CX methods and metrics need to evolve and technology can help us do this at speed and scale. This interactive masterclass is designed to equip business leaders, CX professionals, and marketers with the knowledge to leverage data, technology, and customer insights to deliver exceptional customer experiences that drive business impact.


8.30am  |  Registration & Networking Breakfast 

9am – 12pm |  Mastering CX Excellence: Leveraging data, tech and insight for business impact

This session is tailored for professionals eager to mature their company’s customer experience (CX) programs by harnessing the power of omnichannel insights, advanced AI technologies, and taking action to drive value. As businesses strive to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market, this masterclass offers a deep dive into the strategies and tools required to transform customer interactions into impactful experiences that drive loyalty and growth. 

This practical, in-person masterclass will enable you to:

  • Identify where to start to listen to unsolicited feedback and unstructured data across different channels of insight & identify behavioural cues to understand how customers really feel

  • Understand how you can empower your teams to act in real time- take the right insights and bring it to life in the rest of the organisation which ultimately drives action and innovation

  • Learn practical ways to increase you & your teams productivity and efficiency leveraging AI automations and technological advancements

  • Connect CX with strategic priorities and business outcomes that demonstrate tangible benefits of investment reducing costs, increasing revenue and mitigating potential risk.
12pm – 1pm – Networking Lunch

1pm – 4pm |  Building your XM business case

The continued success of your experience programs relies on demonstrating the organisational value created by these investments. But here’s the catch: even if your employees and customers are happier as a result of your work, it can be difficult to effectively quantify or communicate the enormous ROI of experience management.

Now’s the time to change all that. During this highly-interactive masterclass crafted by experts from the Qualtrics XM Institute, you will discover how to construct your business case for experience management.

This practical, in-person masterclass will enable you to:

  • Define and communicate the value of CX and EX programs

  • Develop personalised action plans through guided interactive exercises

  • Build a compelling business case for your XM program

  • Interact with other XM professionals and XM Institute faculty

Key Speakers

Lisa Khatri, XM Strategy and Solutions, APJ

Lisa Khatri is a lead in Customer and Research Strategy for Qualtrics across APJ. Drawing on more than 15 years’ experience across Asia Pacific and the Americas, Lisa provides customers with expert advice and consulting services to guide, enable and support best-in-class Customer Experience Management programmes. At Qualtrics, she is responsible for helping our customers be wildly successful by helping to unlock and integrate the insights needed to grow in the experience economy, introduce new innovations and build a community within the region.

Ivana Papanicolaou, Head of Customer Experience Solution Strategy ANZ at Qualtrics

Ivana is a customer experience leader with over 15 years of experience in designing and implementing large-scale customer experience measurement systems that drive impact, retention, and growth. As the Head of Customer Experience Solution Strategy ANZ at Qualtrics, Ivana helps customers gain the most from the Qualtrics technology and deliver superior customer outcomes.

Dr Cecelia Herbert, Principal Behavioural Scientist at Qualtrics XM Institute

Cecelia is a Doctor of Organisational Psychology with a career as a practitioner, academic, and consultant that spans more than two decades. After years as a senior leader in employee engagement & DEI at Google, she joined Qualtrics in 2019 to establish and lead Employee Experience Advisory Services in Asia Pacific, partnering with organisations across the globe to design, mature, and grow their experience management programs. As part of the global XM Institute team, Dr Herbert is focused on building a thriving community of Experience Management professionals, who are empowered and inspired to radically improve human experiences.



16 May 2024

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8.30am to 4.00pm NZST


Aquamarine Room
Hilton Hotel Auckland
147 Quay Street, Princes Wharf
Auckland, New Zealand

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