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Welcome to your digital dashboard

This is your Digital Experience dashboard in the XM Platform. Here you’ll be able to dive into your KPIs, a breakdown of customer segments, key topics customers talk about, and a breakdown of each stage in the customer journey.

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Check out your notifications

The XM Platform is always working in the background. When something happens in your program, it automatically alerts you via the notifications icon.

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Spot issues early on

One of your KPIs, post transaction satisfaction, is trending down for a key customer segment - High Value Customers.

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Satisfaction is down

We’ve filtered the data by ‘High Value Customers’

Overall satisfaction for this group is 34%, which is down 23% over the last month.

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Track the customer journey

A journey map is a great way to pinpoint the exact moment of friction.

A green, high mark represents high satisfaction. A red, low mark represents low satisfaction. The 'Post Transaction' stage looks low.

Click ‘Next’ to filter the dashboard by those who left feedback their post transaction experience and see what they are saying.

Pinpoint the issue

With TextiQ, every open text response is automatically analyzed and assigned a topic and sentiment. The larger the topic size, the more often the topic is mentioned. Positive sentiment is represented as green, neutral in yellow, and negative in red.

It looks like 'Payment Options’ is something these customers talk about often, and it’s skewing negative.

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Know where to focus

The XM Platform uses Focus Areas to recommend adding Apple Pay to your checkout as your top opportunity.

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Close the experience gap with xFlow

xFlow is the workflow and automation engine built directly into the XM platform.

Click ‘Next’ to create a workflow that will solve the payment options issue you just found.

Trigger an action for your web team

With integrations into thousands of platforms, you can trigger actions across your organization.

Here, we’ve told xFlow to raise a ticket in Jira - your web team’s ticketing tool, when a high value customer is extremely dissatisfied with payment options.

Click ‘Next’ to save your workflow so it will run automatically, creating an alert for your web team to investigate the issue.

Your workflow is all set up!

Now, whenever a High Value Customer complains about payment methods, an alert will be sent to your web team via Jira.

Click ‘Next’ to see what the web team did with that Jira ticket.

You closed an experience gap!

Thanks to the workflow you set up, your web team was able to prioritize adding ApplePay to the website.

Now customers have the payment options they want at checkout.

Click ‘Next’ to see the impact.

Well done!

Here, we can see the positive impact of adding ApplePay.

Your post transaction feedback is looking positive again.

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