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The year employees restructure their relationship with work

2023 Employee Experience Trends

Around the world, employees are restructuring their relationships with work — from scrutinising pay and benefits and reclaiming work-life boundaries, to seeking out organisations that actively demonstrate their values.

We spoke with nearly 11,000 employees across Asia Pacific & Japan, and in totality – 30,000 employees around the world to measure and understand how their experiences & expectations at work have changed. Our latest report highlights the most critical actions organisations can focus their investments on, to attract, retain and engage their people on a more human level in the wake of ongoing change and disruption.

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In this report, you’ll learn:

  • Exclusive insights on the top 4 EX trends for 2023 globally
  • Regional distinctions into the top 5 trends that your employees want you to know across Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ)
  • Where to focus your employee experience investments based on the needs and expectations of your people to attract,
    engage and retain top talent in an era of disruption


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