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Align new ways of working to attract, engage & retain talent in APJ

Four day work week, or Greater Flexibility? Discover what people really want from flexible work.

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Over the last two years, employees and employers have endured unprecedented levels of uncertainty, a global pandemic, an increasing cost of living, and geopolitical pressures. The psychological impacts of this ongoing stress must not be underestimated.

Having become accustomed to flexible work arrangements and adjusting their work schedules to fit the demands of their lives, people are now looking for their employers to align with their needs and expectations. 

In a competitive hiring environment which has left many industries short-staffed and in a constant race for talent, rethinking traditional ways of working will play a huge part in attracting and retaining employees.

We surveyed over 9,500 employees across a number of industries throughout Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ) and share our findings from the study here to help leaders identify what people really want at work and to ensure the programs being delivered align with the needs and expectations of valued employees. 

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What you’ll learn from this guide…

  • Exclusive insights on what employees in Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ) want when designing a flexible employee experience program 
  • Top 4 suggestions on how employers can shape a culture of wellbeing in the workplace to help improve mental health
  • A new way to measure: How to ensure you’re moving your EX programs upstream by tackling root issues to meaningfully deliver on employee needs & expectations 

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