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The inclusive leader’s guide: 7 skills and behaviours needed to champion your people

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More than ever, employees and customers expect to see meaningful progress on inclusion from the companies they engage with. But inclusion isn’t just a look-good, feel-good initiative. It has quickly become a differentiator between a positive working culture and a negative one, And it’s a key performance indicator of the employee experience.

A true commitment to inclusion is genuinely transformative, driving competitive advantage by powering growth, accelerating innovation and increasing profitability. 

Who can help drive these efforts at your organisation? In short, leaders.

From hiring to development, decision-making to meetings, leaders are on the frontlines, translating and navigating organisational culture and norms for employees.

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What you’ll learn from this guide…

  • 3 dimensions of inclusive leadership
  • How to build and develop inclusive teams
  • Guidelines for more inclusive decision-making and meeting etiquette
  • What it means to be an anti-racist leader

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