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The rise of people teams as a business growth driver


Over the last few years, HR has changed dramatically and transformed into a critical function for driving business strategy and growth.

To better understand the new role of HR, we asked 1,000 senior HR leaders around the world including from Singapore to report on the current state of HR, what’s important to them right now, and how they’re creating experience-centric cultures that meet employee and business needs. 

From the data, our employee experience experts identified four key insights about the future of HR and actionable next steps to help CHROs continue to evolve HR within their organisation.

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In this summary report you’ll learn…

  • How HR can unlock new avenues of growth, improve every core experience, and provide support through change 
  • Why HR leaders are “upskilling” to not just bolster employee development, but also drive business success 
  • The future of employee experience as organisations supplement employee engagement surveys with more holistic listening
  • Which obstacles stand in the way of successful EX programs as HR leaders look to redefine their work environments

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