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DesignXM Video // Product launch

Accelerate your path to market leadership with Qualtrics

As organisations around the world look to re-think the experiences they deliver moving forward, we’re excited to announce DesignXM — a powerful new research and testing engine for experience design to help organisations design the experiences people want next.

With DesignXM, you can have access to a complete suite of pre-built solutions, including:

  • Market Landscape Assessment
  • Customer and Market Segmentation
  • Experience Drivers Analysis
  • Idea Screening
  • Concept Testing
  • Optimum Package Analysis
  • Product Naming Research
  • + many more

Watch our DesignXM Video to discover how...

  • Qualtrics is helping organisations design and deliver innovative products by taking action on consumer preferences
  • Qualtrics Expert Review can help you identify survey design flaws for better data quality & survey design through PHD qualified recommendations
  • Qualtrics is making complex and sophisticated research accessible to anyone in any organisation
  • Qualtrics’ pre-built XM Solutions can help you deliver results you can trust

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